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Author: Erica Stone Follow these instructions to do a reverse cell phone search free and get the name and address of the person who owns the cell phone. Unlike white pages listings for land line phone numbers that give a number for a name, a reverse cell phone search gives you the name when all you have is a phone number. This absolutely will not work for every number, but if the person who owns the phone number has entered their cell number, name and address anywhere online, you may find it with some unique internet searches. I'll walk you through the steps you need to follow to get this information for free where possible.

The only way to do a reverse cell phone lookup and get free results that include a name and address is to use the internet. Here's why you can't just go to a reverse cell phone directory and get the information without paying anything:
• Unlike with land lines, no directory of cell phone numbers has ever been published. Privacy laws enacted by lobbyists and consumer groups prevent wireless carriers from publishing the names and address associated with each cell phone number without first getting each subscribers permission through an opt-in agreement.


• Wireless carriers have decided that putting out a directory could harm the
relationship they have with their customers and lead to lengthy legal issues. That’s okay, though – we’re going to use some internet tricks to see if we can get

the information for free. Here’s how:


1. Type all 10 digits of the cell phone number into an internet search engine. If the number was indexed by a search engine online, a match should pop up towards the top of the listings. 2. Type just the last 7 digits of the phone number and the state name determined by the area code into the search engine and see if a match comes up. If you were searching for the owner of (602)555-5555 you would type this into the search engine: a. 555-5555 Arizona 3. The mobility of cell phones can mean that a person with a cell phone number in one area code actually lives in another. Type just the last 7 digits of the number into the search browser. You may get multiple matches. You might need to check all of them to see if any give you a clue that they are the same person as the one you are investigating. 4. Narrow your focus to just social networking sites and auction sites where people might be more forthcoming with entering a phone number. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay and Craig’s List might have the information you want. To do a site-specific search type the following into Google (replacing 555-5555 with the number you are trying to reverse): a. 555-5555 The internet holds a wealth of information, but most people protect their cell phone numbers because the billing structure can rack up large amounts of minutes or fees with wasted calls. If the number you are trying to reverse hasn’t been entered online anywhere, your only chance of being able to get a reverse cell phone search will be in an online reverse cell phone directory. However, some reverse cell phone directories give some basic information for free. If you don’t need the name or the number, you can get some map information, wireless carrier name and the issuing location for that number from these directories. For more reverse cell phone search free tricks and tips, see


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