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Myths and Facts about VOIP By Mark Etinger

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is still a foreign term to many phone users, but as the technology continues to improve, and the prices keep falling, this new-way-to-phone stands to make big noise in the coming years as customers continue to give up their land line phones in search of better, more cost-effective options. What follows are some common myths about the VOIP technology and the real information you need to know. Myths and Facts about VOIP: Myth: The sound quality is poor. Fact: The first generation of VOIP technologically did have its share of issues, but all these services have since upgraded their technology significantly in the past two years. Now, VOIP customers can enjoy crystal-clear conversations that are on par with any traditional carrier. Myth: You can only save money by calling other VOIP phone numbers Fact: One of the biggest VOIP selling points continues to be free user-to-user calling over the network, however there are also considerable savings to be found in calling packages with VOIP service providers. In fact, many are competitively priced well below the large long-distance carriers. Myth: The service is unreliable. Fact: Individuals using VOIP for the calls reports no more dropped calls or service gaps than those using traditional cell phone or land line services. While some companies experienced a rough start in this regard, additional testing and better hardware/software has helped make the service run smoothly. Myth: Setting up a VOIP system is too complicated

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Fact: For most VOIP systems, setting up is as easy as "plug and play." In fact, if you have been able to get your cable TV or wireless in-home Internet working properly you should have no problem getting the VOIP system set up as well. Also, VOIP providers have spent time expanding their customer service departments. Customers who felt intimated by the technology can count on round-the-clock service and support centers to help answer their questions about VOIP installation, troubleshooting or general use. Myth: Nobody is using VOIP for their calls. Fact: On the contrary, more and more people are switching to VOIP for their personal and business use. According to industry sources, VOIP users are expected to grow in number by over 21% in 2008 with addition growth projected for 2009. Myth: You can't use a cell phone with VOIP Fact: Initially, one of the biggest challenges facing the VOIP industry was giving people the ability to use their own phones when accessing the technology. Seeing that any real growth would be tied to this issue, VOIP providers are now offering dual handset capability which allows the user to seamlessly switch between their cell phone's network and a wi-fi network carry the VOIP service.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
How to Choose the Best VOIP Provider for You By Mark Etinger

So you've been feeling a little overwhelmed by all the information about VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service in the media lately. Everything seems to indicate that this is the best way to make calls on the cheap, but again, with such a new technology it is hard to separate the real facts from the corporate propaganda. The following represents some essential tips that every new VOIP customer should know. Choose the Right Service Plan Whether or not you save money with your VOIP phone is based entirely on the service plan you select. Choosing the plan that best meets you calling needs is important, because if you were to go over your allotted minutes, the cost would begin to rise quickly. Conversely, if you choose a plan with too many minutes, you are not to going to enjoy the most savings because you will end up overpaying each month. To help gauge which play is the right one, go back and look at your landline and cell phone bills from the past year. Pay special attention to the calls made from your home phone, or those made near your computer with your cell phone. By totaling these minutes, you will get a more accurate assessment of the VOIP plan that is perfect for you. Selecting the Right Hardware When it comes to VOIP hardware, not all boxes are created equal. Do your homework online to get information about customer satisfaction and durability about the devices. Also, some VOIP boxes come with extra features such as built in WI-FI connectivity and other capabilities. Make sure you get the most bang for your buck. Making Sure you get all the "Extras" Because VOIP is still a relatively new technology, providers are going to do everything they can to bring in new customers. That's a huge benefit for the new user because they will be in line for a variety of perks offered as incentives. These extras can include: - Free VOIP Box - Free calling Introductory rates More Tips about selecting a VOIP provider - Beware activation fees that could be hidden in the "fine print" of your contract. Most companies are currently waiving their activation fees in an effort to bring in more customers. - Make sure get a FREE VOIP box. With competition high, there's almost no reason you shouldn't get a free VOIP device with your new service. - Ask around. If you've got friends who have VOIP service, ask their opinion about their current provider. You can also find plenty of customer reviews online, so do your homework!

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
For reliable, affordable VOIP service in the New York area, visit .  Unparalleled customer service and amazing price packages are what helped ITP VOIP be rated #1 in customer satisfaction in New York and the #1 VOIP provider in the United States by users.  Every day, ITP VOIP strives to bring you the best service is the country.  Contact today for more information about how to get started.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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