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									I   mproving Quality of Life
                                            Indian Telecom
 Access to modern telecommunications
 services is critical to the successful       Initiatives
 development of all communities. Among
 other benefits, telecommunications
 access enhances:

        Educational and learning
        opportunities through access to
        the Internet;

        Employment and business

        Public safety services, including
        access to emergency services                  For
        and long distance medical
        services; and
        Access to government services.
                                                    on Indian
The FCC is committed to facilitating               Initiatives,
increased access to telecommunications
                                                visit our Web site,
in Indian Country. Through ITI, the FCC
fosters partnerships to target specific
concerns, identify potential solutions,          or contact the
and bring affordable, quality
telecommunications services to               Federal Communications
American Indian tribes and Alaska                Commission
Native Village Communities.                         Toll-Free
                                            1-888-CALL-FCC (voice)
                                            1 -888-TELL-FCC (TTY)          Federal Communications Commission
                                                                      A Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau Publication
                                               (1-888-835-5322)                    445 12th Street, SW
                                                                                  Washington, DC 20554

                    4                                    5
I  ntroduction                                       Inform consumers in Indian Country
                                                     about financial support available
                                                                                                 One-On-One Meetings
                                                                                                 FCC staff are available to meet with
The Federal Communications Commission                through federal government                  individual tribes to address their unique
(FCC) regulates the nation’s                         programs, including Universal               telecommunications issues. Meetings
telecommunications services, including               Service discounts.                          provide a forum for an individual tribe to

traditional telephone service, wireless and                                                      explore FCC rules and programs
satellite telecommunications services, cable                                                     affecting the provision of
services, television broadcast, and radio          TI Elements                                   telecommunications services to its
services. The FCC seeks to ensure all                                                            members.
Americans, including those living in tribal    Interactive Regional Workshops
communities, have access to affordable,        The FCC offers interactive regional               Educational Materials
quality telecommunications services.           workshops to provide “how to” information         The FCC distributes educational
                                               about telecommunications services and
To achieve this goal, the FCC designed the                                                       materials to tribes and tribal
                                               telecommunications infrastructure
Indian Telecommunications Initiatives (ITI),   development. Workshop participants include        organizations about issues of interest,
a comprehensive FCC program that seeks         tribal, federal agency, and communications        including Universal Service Low-Income
to promote understanding, cooperation, and     industry representatives. The workshops           programs like enhanced Lifeline and
trust among:                                   address telecommunications issues facing          Link-Up.
                                               Indian Country with the goal of providing
                                               clear, practical information tribes can use to    The FCC mails information to more than
                                               gain access to critical telecommunications        560 federally recognized tribes and 20
       American Indian Tribes and Alaska       services. Regional workshops acknowledge          tribal associations.
       Native Villages,                        different tribes are at different stages of
       Tribal Organizations,                   economic development, and their experiences       Other Programs
                                               with telecommunications deployment vary.          In consultation with tribal governments
        the FCC and other government
                                                                                                 and tribal organizations, the FCC
        agencies, and                          FCC Outreach                                      continues to analyze and explore other
        the telecommunications industry.       Senior FCC officials and staff attend and         initiatives that will assist it in fulfilling ITI
                                               participate in conferences, meetings, and         goals and objectives.

                                               other events sponsored by American Indian
                                               tribes, tribal organizations, and others
    elecom-Related Goals                       interested in Indian Country issues. These
                                               outreach activities provide the FCC with an
        Increase the telephone penetration
                                               opportunity to establish beneficial                   Eastern Lakota deerhide coat with quilled
        rate - the number of people who                                                              decoration, ca. 1890. Photo by Katherine
                                               relationships with tribal governments,
        have telecommunications services                                                             Fogden, Courtesy, National Museum of
                                               organizations and their members, and to listen
   -    - among American Indian tribes                                                               the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution.
                                               and learn about the telecommunications
        and Alaska Native communities.
                                               needs of these constituencies. They also
        Increase telecommunications            provide an opportunity for the FCC to
        infrastructure - the installation of   distribute information about rules and policies
        telecommunications equipment -         affecting telecommunications services in
        necessary to provide                   Indian Country.
        telecommunications services.
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