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Spring Newsletter

Spring 2009

Introducing Grahame Haley: Honorary Chairman
Following the AGM in November I have been given the Chairman’s hat to wear for the next 12 months. This is at a time when interest in allotments has never seemed greater, those of you that remember the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are already challenging that statement but the current waiting lists across all our sites demonstrate that there is now a very high demand for a limited source. With a degree of co-operation from the weather I’m sure we will have a great growing season, but there are some serious challenges on the way. The ever expanding house building programme in the area seems to be pushing the deer in our direction at an alarming rate. We have already spent thousands of pounds erecting deer fencing in an effort to keep them out. This and a number of other projects will be my main focus this year. Other projects include a new hedge cutting contract for all sites and the continued roll out of water stand pipes at Hunts Pond Road. We are working to provide more mowers for general use this year and, finally, there are the new Tenancy Agreements that come into effect this year. I am also committed to updating and promoting the website with the Webmaster Keith Taylor. We hope to encourage more members to have direct input into the content and the information that the site offers. The website should be an ongoing, ever updated forum for members to keep abreast of current issues and to share their knowledge to the benefit of us all. See page 4 for details. As the new season unfolds there are always issues and concerns that may detract from the enjoyment of working our plots. We have some great site managers around to help and advise. All issues raised are discussed at the bi-monthly committee meetings and it goes without saying I am available for anyone to contact me directly. Good growing Grahame Haley 01489 578111

Inside this issue:

Editor’s Note


Inspirational Allotment Feathered Friends Trading Hut News News from the sites





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Snippings & Prunings


Trading Hut needs your help
The trading hut on the Hunts Pond Road site provides a valuable resource for all WWAA members. A wide range of products are available from the hut at very competitive prices but it is a resource that needs to be used to remain viable. The hut is now managed by John Parsons but it is essential that other members become involved with serving in the shop. It need not be every weekend but all help will be greatly appreciated. Contact John and see what you can do to keep this handy facility running smoothly. John Parsons: 01329 665008

Editor’s Note:
A new growing year begins and time for the newsletter again. Firstly, you will notice that this newsletter is not in the same format as before or colour printed. The company that was printing this for us each year were doing it for free as a favour but are no longer in a position to offer this and efforts to find another sponsor in this ‘credit crunch’ time have come to nothing….so for the time being at least it’s back to black and white! The recent lovely weather has brought us all out onto our plots in much increased numbers. Perhaps, this year more of our members will enter their plots in the Fareham in Bloom competition there are some really well tended, beautiful plots across the association’s five sites. The introduction of chicken on some sites has provided not only eggs but a focus for some fun, see page 3… and the range of fruit and vegetables grown on the plots gets wider each year. Keep us posted on your year… Jess Knowles

An Inspirational Allotment at Warsash

The annual Fareham in Bloom competition has a category for allotments and last year the winner was none other than the site manager at Warsash Steve Fauchon. Steve’s neat, attractive and very productive allotment is a real treat to see and an inspiration to us all.

Steve receiving his prize at the Fareham in Bloom Awards 2007 Fareham in Bloom Allotment Competition is open to anyone who is resident or has a business within the Borough of Fareham. The final judging day is 15th July 2009.

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Feathered Friends at HPR
This is the group known as “Feathered Friends” who are collectively owned by a flock of 19 lovely hens on the Hunts Pond Road site. Not unusual to see hens on our sites these days but this is Christmas morning at 8.30am and I am told that the formal wear was for the hens’ benefit! I am also told that the plan to toast the feathered flock was nearly scuppered when someone forgot to bring the promised sherry but all was saved when a bottle of Tia Maria was produced from someone’s allotment shed! The hens had tinned sweetcorn as a treat. Despite the antics of their keepers the hens are doing very well and providing plot holders around them with quite a talking point.

Trading Hut News
First of all I want to pass on thanks from us all to Bill Jacob who has finally given up running the shop after many years of service. As Bill reported in the last newsletter the cost of fertilisers, and some other items, has risen this year. We are also subject to EEU rulings on the use of chemicals in gardens and can no longer stock either derris dust or liquid derris after October last year. It should also be noted that it will be unlawful to stock or use these products after October 2009. As usual we will be stocking a wide range of gardening supplies at competitive prices so do come and have a look in the trading hut as you can buy many things loose in the quantities you find most useful. As mentioned above we would really value some help in the trading look forward to seeing you . John Parsons 01329 665008

Sarisbury Green:
The deer fencing is now complete, our thanks to the committee for their support in this matter. All plots are taken and there is a long waiting list. However, plots are being worked with enthusiasm and are looking good. Special thanks to Roy Deal, Dave Kirkland, Pam & John Barber and Keith Thompstone for their help, support and hard work. It is much appreciated. Wishing you all happy growing. Ray Baldwin 01489 584182

Posbrook Road:
Every plot is taken and we have a waiting list of 13. Earlier in the year the ground was like concrete but a few brave souls were there working their plots. Now all plots are being cultivated. Please keep the pathways cut as these are subject to inspection this year. New contractors will be cutting the hedges this year and they will be responsible for removing the clippings which should prevent the damage which occurred last year. Let me know how this goes. John Parsons 01329 665008

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‘Snippings and Prunings’
80% Cultivation It is part of our contract with the council that 80% of all plots are under cultivation. So please remember this and use yours to the full! WWAA on line Have you checked out the webpage for WWAA? Go to to find a host of useful information and ideas. You can post pictures of your allotment and show other members what you have achieved. The webmaster is Keith Taylor and he would welcome your contributions and comments. Email him at or phone 01489 601467 Curious Findings Sue Whitehead has asked what is the strangest thing you have dug up on your plot? Keys, metal buttons and broken blue and white crockery seem very common. Let the editor know if you have had any interesting finds.

Chairman: Grahame Haley 01489 578111 Secretary: Gill Rock 01489 576628 Treasurer: John Francis 01489 576546


Next Committee Meeting 6th May Speak to your site manager if there is anything you want raised.

News from the sites: Warsash, Lodge Road & Hunt’s Pond Road
All allotments are let and everyone is working hard to get them ready for planting. There is a waiting list. The plots are look amazing!! The best I’ve seen them in the 4 years I’ve been at the Warsash site. Sadly, we had a break in and some in machinery was taken but ,hopefully, in the summer the site will get a new fence next to Warsash road carpark. Keep the good work up.
Steve Fauchon (Strawberry Steve) 01489 578772

Hunts Pond Road:
This site has a waiting list of about 50 and there are still enquiries being made regularly. We have new site managers David and Carol, their contact details are below. There seems to be a growing interest in keeping chickens on some of the plots and it is nice to see such diversity. There is much activity on the plots and good results are showing. A recent visitor from allotments in a nearby town commented to Linda that the HPR site was neater and tidier compared to her own site. So keep up the good work and talk to us if we can be of any assistance.
Spencer Fowlie 01489 577722 Linda Tomlinson 01489 575945 Carol Smethurst 01489 588225 David Morgan 01489 589516

Lodge Road:
All plots are taken and being worked with enthusiasm.
Sandra Milam 01489 582054

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