Health Literacy + Excellent Care = Patient Satisfaction and

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					Minorities would be better off if they understood more about the
medical conditions that affect them. Unfortunately, physicians are
not compensated well for patient education. Yet, we know that
education is one of the keys to quality health care. Patients say that
physicians do a poor job in this area, often using words they don’t
understand and having no real desire to educate. In my experience,
health literacy is one of the major reasons health disparities exist
and will continue. Excellent care means different things to
different people, but it should mean always doing what is best for
patients. That is difficult to do. Sometimes patients will not let you
do what is best, but the attempt must be made. Patient satisfaction
includes the relationship that you have with your personal
physician. If the relationship is poor, then you have No
relationship. I am Dr. Thaddeus John Bell closing the gap in health
care. 1/28/06