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									   ProSyst and Fraunhofer IMS                                             Success Story

Intelligent Solutions                        for         technology and market experience. ProSyst delivered
Home Networking                                          the required OSGi framework and the related design
                                                         tools. This is a contribution to the integration of diverse
The Fraunhofer Institute of Microelectronic Circuits     local devices and their connection to the outside world.
and Systems (Fraunhofer IMS) is a leading research
                                                         The Applications
and development organization with recognized
competence in the area of intelligent, embedded          With ProSyst’s OSGi software technology, Fraunhofer
network systems and components (incl. microchips).       IMS has developed different bundles for integrated
This know-how is demonstrated in the “inHaus”            applications that make for clear customer value. This
Intelligent Home Innovation Center, which draws on       included the development of intelligent living services
long-term cooperation with leading building and          such as:
vehicle technology companies in order to develop,             · food management
test, and demonstrate and market solutions for                · networked home appliances
smart           networked            environments.            · residential management services
(,               · family management
                                                              · and information management
The Challenge                                            As a middleware layer residing between lower-level
In the course of more than 10 years of activity in the   communication protocols / transports and higher-level
field of home network technology and applications,       applications, ProSyst’s software provides a simple
the Fraunhofer IMS has created a range of                integration point for previously isolated home services.
innovations to benefit consumers. However, growing       Dr. Viktor Grinewitschus, Group leader at Fraunhofer
market requirements and the need for a
                                                         IMS, comments:
comprehensive and open total solution required a
new approach to applications for the “smart home”.       “This cooperation helps us and our customers to
Previously isolated developments had to be               position in new markets, in which success depends on
integrated into a state of the art system based on a     flexible, dynamic and completely controllable networks.
secure communication network, using open                 The usage of ProSyst technology and tools makes it
standards and allowing for modular extensibility of      possible for manufacturers and service providers to
applications and services.                               save time and money during development, and to
                                                         satisfy their customers with innovative services and
The Solution                                             optimized information appliances.”

The Fraunhofer IMS aimed at finding the right
                                                         Fraunhofer IMS inHaus Innovation and
partners to create an ecosystem of innovation in its     Application Center in Duisburg, Germany
inHaus development and application center in
Duisburg. This project relies on the combined
expertise of participants such as Miele, Sony,
Deutsche Telekom, Liebherr, Siedle, Ackermann,
Honeywell, Viessmann, Merten, Henkel, Geberit,
Kaldewei, Burg-Wächter, Winkhaus, Stadtwerke
Duisburg, and Volkswagen. When searching for a
partner with specialized know-how and competence
in applying OSGi technology to integrated home
systems, the IMS chose to work with ProSyst. This
step was sealed in May, 2002, with an official
cooperation agreement covering the joint promotion
of embedded networking projects in the
marketplace. The IMS selected ProSyst because of
its outstanding combination of highly professional
     ProSyst and Fraunhofer IMS                                Success Story

The Residential Gateway Solution
                                                           ·    Best support, rapid professional services
The residential gateway is the platform for the OSGi            and active technology transfer
software layer and is a central element of the
Fraunhofer IMS smart house system solutions. Using     The Fraunhofer Institute’s areas of research focus
ProSyst technology, the Fraunhofer Gateway acts as     and ProSyst’s key technology together provide an
an intelligent handler of information between          excellent foundation for innovative projects.
networked devices and the user, enabling a new         ProSyst ensures the insider OSGi and software
level of comfort and convenience.                      competence that Fraunhofer IMS needs to enhance
The following products are included in the solution:   its solution, reduce its development risks, simplify
                                                       the user experience and accelerate the deployment
    ·    certified  OSGi   Framework      (ProSyst     of its applications.
         mBedded Server)
    ·    back-end management platform (ProSyst         Klaus Scherer, Head of the Fraunhofer IMS System
         mPower Remote Manager)                        and Applications Technology (SAT) division and
    ·    software development environment (ProSyst     inHaus Center, adds:
         mBedded Builder)                              “We have chosen ProSyst as a strategic partner for
                                                       our development activities due to their broad
Advantages of the inHaus OSGi System                   portfolio of key software technologies and their
                                                       expertise in OSGi gateways – which lets us
The Fraunhofer IMS gateway solution including          concentrate on our core business of creating
ProSyst technology provides numerous benefits for      compelling solutions for intelligent living.”
the intelligent home:
                                                       The Conclusion
    ·    Innovative services upon consumer request
    ·    Interconnection of diverse home devices       The first results of this collaboration between
    ·    Remote control, maintenance & diagnostics     Fraunhofer IMS and ProSyst are expected to be
    ·    Communication between car and home            available on the market starting in 2003. Consisting
    ·    Support for multiple visual interfaces &      of special application packages and system
         control points for home system                solutions, they will enable features such as remote
                                                       access, integrated local home control, smart home
The various appliances in the home (e.g. white
                                                       shopping and teleservice/maintenance. With the
goods, multimedia, productivity, security) can be
                                                       integration of ProSyst’s OSGi certified software, the
integrated seamlessly into one system, and are
                                                       benefits of a connected home, that can be
controllable using the most convenient device –
                                                       enhanced and modified to meet ever-changing user
whether a PDA, web pad, PC, TV, or mobile phone.
                                                       needs, can be accessed by all.
Why ProSyst?                                           For more information and to learn more about what
Fraunhofer IMS chose to partner with ProSyst           ProSyst can do to make your project a success,
Software due to the following advantages:              please contact ProSyst at or
    · Highly stable standardized solution              Phone +49-221-6604-0.
    · Modular and scalable integration platform
    · Broadest variety of ready to use
        components and tested platforms
    · Stacks, drivers and services upgradeable
    · Highly scalable and configurable remote
    · Best track record in the connected home
    · Compliance and openness to 3 party

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