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Seeing is beli-~rg
D O YOU EVER GET THE FEELING YOU just know what someone is thinking despite having only just met them? Or when you are sat alone in a room that there is someone else with you even though you cannot see them? Do you sometimes hear voices you don't recognise talking to you even when there is no one else around? To some this may sound obscure, t o others it may seem entirely plausible. Rut top TV medium and psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker believes even the most sceptical of people harhour psychic abilities. And now the Rishopstoke based spiritualist reveals in his new book, Openrng To The Other Slde, the secrets behind how everyone, including hardened cynrcs, can take those weird experiences they have never been able to explain and become a psychic. You may think it sounds unlikely. The mere prospect may even scare the life out of you. But you can't deny there isn't something at least mildly inrrigurng about whether you can speak to the dead or not. "I think having psychic ability is quite a natural thing, hut a lot of the time people's self doubt stops it," explains Craig. "There's so much ignorance about this. I used to go to battle with sceptics all the time over it, but you can rationalise it till


There's more to this worl~ ' 0 than meets the eye and (Ince you know that, the worlc1 transforms into a com~le telv new place.

klngdom come, and you're not golng to convlnce certarn people. "A person IS usually conv~nced by personal experrence. If you're grven something by a medrum that there's no way thev could have known. other than berne In communication with someone in the spirit world, then that's transformative "There's more to this world than meets the eye and once you know that, the world transforms into a completely new place." Craig's own world was transformed 16 years ago when he traded a pressure cooker career running his own advertising company in Winchester for life as a full-time psychic. Sensing things a bit out of the ordinary was something that had been with him since childhood, when he says he used to scare his mum by picking up on people's thoughts and seeing his deceased grandad in his


hedroom. And when he reached his mid-20s, he decided to hone those sensations with the help of a psychic policeman named Peter Close, the brother of legendary England cricketer Brian Close, who taught hrm accuracy and evidence was the key to any good reading. In 1988, and divorced with.a young daughter, Craig married Jane Willis after meeting his future wife at Eastleigh Spiritualist Church on March 6, exactly as had been predicted by famed medium Doris Stokes some six years earlier. And the cou~le.convinced thev were also . .

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Psychic Seeing Article
together in a previous I~fe,began making rhe~r pastame rhe~r Ilfe. They toured around spiritualist churches, some as far afield as London due to Crai~'s wariness of his advertlslng cllenrc' possible xeptlclsm abnut hl\ involvement w ~ t h cupernarural. the Meanwhllc, after closing h ~ s advcrtlslng huslness, Cra~g ctartcd generating Income from dnlng tarot readlngc and icr up psychlc schools to tcach young people how to develop at first in thc ciry ccnrre and larterly in Shirley, Southampton. I t was, he admits. a huge decls~on. 'It was a massive drop for me from a very good wage, hut it was calling. I a mched the point where Ihad rn make a decision m carry on with the agency or do what Ireally w a n d m do, which was the mediumistic work. 'Jane and Idid it f r years unpaid, she also o gave up her job as a psychiamc nurse and for a ,. . long time it cmt us more rh,,. - Lc ,,-de in cxpcnws. We live well now hut we had some
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Opening TO T ~ Ofhcr C Side 15 launched ~n the UK 1" A R S after uut success In the US

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tough L".. "I'mplc ofrm moan at us and say we shouldn't make money out of thee thinp. Rut we make money out of our wehcite and the books I've written, so we have an alternative income so we can do a lot of mff for free as well where we can." The coup& buqpning reputation in the psychlc world saw them lnvlred $P ' fnrawular ,.s* kslot on -$:,.1. &4 Channel 4's ~
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Psychic development's something that comes if you mix with the right people

-,,,,ngly more vivid by his same coloured shirr, rarely lock off mine. He says pmplc frnm all walks of life come to his development p u p s , which are now run from the Grnve G m in Pornwood. n Southampton and include a lawyer, donor and ex-convicr hnxer, and is adamant even a passing interest in the suhjm can be focused to help sommnc bccome a medium. psych^ develnpmcnrk something that comes if you mix w ~ t h right pmple. I f you want to the be an ama, mix with amcn, if you want to be , ician, mix with pmple in muic, if you want rn k psychic, mix wlrh psychic pmple. "Some pmple come very much wlth their heam, some with thcir head5 and each p e m has m he tau& to put as~dc them ratlonal rhinking and nru get t w emotional. You can't develop mediums like a load of robors. you havc to bring your own penonaliry to it. 'It's rremendously rewarding if you can make people understand theret more to this life than m m the rye. I f Ia n wt wmmne off on a path thatt not a theoretlcnl religion, hut a d ~ n n roure to start tn discover things for thcmwlvcs then Ithink the world bccnmcc a k n c r plaa." Mavbe the inmpue is an itch worth urxch~ng:





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Breobfust In thc early 1990s. wh~le their ,' American TV ', d a n a to contact ' Princess Diana waccccn by some I 30 mllllon people worldw~de. b. .lhcv were also recently the firus of a sene~ t h m of m k rune RRC 2 drrumcnmr~cs showcaq~ng their work r Sat In the I~ght, alry conservatorv of rhelr R~shopsroke home, the Ham~lrnn Parkcrs are warm, hmp~tahlc people who have a a l m alr of serenlry surrounding them. When I amve. Cra~g ~mmedlately heads m thc kltchen to make tea whlle Jane, dressed m whlre and w ~ r h long, alm~nt plannum blonde haw, chamly d~xucces rhe~r c n t holiday m a well a a read~ng finlshed shonly c c she I before my arnval The clues of rhelr splntual arnund frnm the Far Eastcr calming use of water. Whln throughout the prnpeny Cra~fi b ~ on eye contact and as w talk Is g e ahnut the vanous facers of med~umsh~p ~ncludlng tarot, auras, clalrvoyana. fomnc tell~ng and dreams, h ~ s bnghr blue eyeS made












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