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Building Self confidence The Basics What is Self-Confidence by lpx20272


									                                Building Self confidence

The Basics
   •   In all sports, and for every athlete, self confidence is important
   •   It’s important to remember that self confidence isn’t the only winning factor for an athlete
   •   Top sailors build on their self confidence when ever they have an opportunity
   •   Don’t base confidence on just your results. If you do your confidence will go up and down
   •   Self confidence is not something you are born with, you can improve your confidence
       with hard work over time.

What is Self-Confidence?
   •   An inner belief. A trust in yourself.
   •   The feeling that you can do it no matter what the challenge.
   •   The feeling that keeps you calm and ready when under pressure.
   •   Being able to make decisions and race your race under pressure.
   •   The feeling of being in control, not being controlled.
   •   Having no psychological limits (believing it is possible)

Building Confidence: Performance Accomplishments
Strategy 1

   •   Remember your past achievements!
   •   Give yourself a pat-on-the-back for getting were you are
   •   Remember your finest performances! (knowing you’ve done it before means you can do it
       again, or even better)

Building Confidence: Modeling
Strategy 2

   •   Have a role model, or the best bits of a few.
   •   The benefit of having a role model: you know what to aim for, know how hard you should
       be working, and you know what’s possible when the right attitude.
   •    How would your role model act in a situation, try to do the same in your own sailing.

Building Confidence: Verbal Persuasion
Strategy 3 – ‘Countering’

   •   Talk yourself into a positive frame of mind, and away from feeling bad
   •   Talking to yourself is a good and powerful way
   •   Turn negative words and phrases into positive ones
   •   Stop negative thoughts at the start
   •   Replace negatives with positives

When developing your 'countering' skills you need to go through 3 main phases:
      1) Identify negative thoughts
      2) Stop yourself from thinking negatively
      3) Reframe - replace a negative thought with a positive thought

Being the Best…

•   Are you prepared to prepare?

•   How important is it to be the best you can be?

•   Are you willing to make sacrifices to be the best?

•   If you want to feel like a champion, you had better start training like one!

Building Confidence – Summary
Build the bubble of self-belief:

             Focus on aspects of sailing that give you confidence – don't let uncontrollable factors

             Prepare mentally for races - use positive reminder sheets

             Imagery – replay your best performances in your mind

             Counter – turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts

             Model yourself on successful, confident, performers who stay positive under pressure

             Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

                                      Enjoy the Challenge ! ! !


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