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									Auto Club South

Dear AAR Owner/Manager,
Here’s some great news for you. Effective immediately, AAA Auto Club South and CARFAX are joining forces
on a program designed to drive new and repeat business to your service location through FREE advertising on
CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports™.
As you probably know, CARFAX Vehicle History Reports offer used-car buyers an opportunity to review a
vehicle’s history. Each year, millions of consumers rely on CARFAX Reports when making a vehicle purchase
decision. You now have an opportunity to list your shop on the CARFAX Reports every time you service a
So, take a significant step toward increasing customer retention, generating new business and providing a
valuable new service for your customers by participating in the Free CARFAX® Service Link™ advertising
and marketing program.
What is CARFAX® Service Link™?
It’s a FREE program that enables Approved Auto Repair facilities to add their service records to the CARFAX
Vehicle History Report. Each record turns into an advertisement listing with your shop name, phone
number, location and website listed alongside each maintenance and repair service record.
How does it work?

   Upon signing up for the CARFAX Service Link program you will have an ad created for you reflecting the
    maintenance and repair service work performed on each vehicle you service.
What does my facility get from the CARFAX Service Link program?

   Free advertising. Upon sign up, each time your facility services a vehicle it turns into an advertisement
    listing on the CARFAX Report. The listing includes your facility name, phone number, and a link to your
   Increased sales. Service Link ads will drive new and repeat customers to your location.
What does my Customer get from the CARFAX Service Link program?

   Added value for customers. Keeping current service records on a vehicle increases the resale value on
    average by $300 by creating real-time records documenting that the vehicle has been regularly maintained.
   Service records report. CARFAX Service Link becomes your customer’s “virtual glove box” by maintaining
    customers service records in one place, the CARFAX Vehicle History Report.
How do I sign sign-up?
Simply complete and fax back the enclosed application to 800-856-8095, or call CARFAX at
888.453.6688 x 4214 and speak with Alan Batcheller.


Pete Candela
Director, Automotive Repair
                                       CARFAX SERVICE LINK FAQ’s
                                       (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.   Does CARFAX share or sell customer information?

A.   No, personal customer information is not collected through the CARFAX Service Link program. CARFAX does not
     sell or share any information with a third party other than VIN specific information which is delivered on CARFAX
     Vehicle History Reports.

Q.   How is the data collected?

A.   With your permission, CARFAX will receive data directly from your shop management system.

Q.   Is this program compatible with my shop management system?

A.   CARFAX works with many of the major aftermarket management systems, such as Mitchell1, as well as smaller
     manufacturers. To determine if your system is compatible call CARFAX at 888.453.6688 x 4214 to speak with
     Alan Batcheller.

Q.   Can a customer "opt-out" of having their information reported to CARFAX?

A.   Yes, the consumer or the service facility can call CARFAX and request full suppression of their service records.

Q,   What type of data is provided to CARFAX and how frequently is it provided?

A.   Only vehicle specific data (VIN, vehicle license plate #, date of service, vehicle mileage, and a high level
     description of service) is sent directly to CARFAX on a weekly basis.

Q.   How much does the CARFAX Service Link Program cost?

A.   The CARFAX Service Link program is, and always will be, FREE.

Q.   Why should I sign up for the CARFAX Service Link Program?

A.   Advertising on CARFAX Vehicle History Reports gives your shop a new way to help increase your repeat
     business and drive new customers to your shop.

     By participating in the program, your shop name, location, phone number and website will be placed in front of the
     43 million plus consumers who visit every year.

Q.   Do other repair shops tell customers that their information will be provided to CARFAX?

A.   CARFAX receives information from thousands of repair locations, none of which notify consumers. CARFAX
     complies with all federal and state privacy laws.

Q.   Are VINs required in order to participate in the program?

A.   VINs are preferred, but are not required to take part in the program.

Q.   By participating in this program, would CARFAX be collecting any personal consumer information that
     would violate any personal privacy laws?

A.   No, CARFAX does not collect person consumer information through the Service Link Program. CARFAX has
     developed and grown its VIN-based vehicle history service for over 20 years. Today, CARFAX works with more
     than 20,000 public and private data sources. CARFAX follows all government regulations and privacy laws
     pertaining to personal information and only uses VIN specific data, which does not include personal information.

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