Information about Psychological Services Provided by Dr. Woody by danman21


									                  Information about Psychological Services
                      Provided by Dr. Woody Childress

Overview                                        Appointments
Psychological services include a wide           Appointments for services are usually
range of services. Consultation, therapy,       scheduled during the evenings or
and psychological assessments (including        weekends so that the student will not miss
Independent Educational Evaluations) are        school. In the case of an Independent
the most common services provided by Dr.        Educational Evaluation, a teacher will
Childress.                                      usually be interviewed by phone or in
                                                person. When appropriate, the student
This information is provided to the client      will be observed at school. In some
to help communicate some important              situations, the evaluation may be
details about the therapist/client              conducted at the school facility.
relationship. Dr. Childress encourages
clients to ask questions for clarification or   Cancellation of missed appointments
to obtain more information.
                                                The client (or parents or guardians when
                                                appropriate) is responsible for keeping the
Confidentiality                                 scheduled appointment. If the
When therapy is provided, there is a            appointment needs to be canceled or
confidential relationship between the           rescheduled, then 24-hours notice is
client and psychologist. The two                requested. If the client (or parent or
exceptions are; (1) when the client is a        guardian when appropriate) does not give
danger to self or others and (2) when there     prior notice and does not show up for the
is evidence of child abuse.                     appointment, then the client (or parent or
                                                guardian when appropriate) will be
When a psychological assessment or              expected to pay for one-half hour of
Independent Educational Evaluation is           professional services. If the client (or
conducted, any information provided is          parent or guardian when appropriate)
subject to being included in the written        does not appear at the appointment site
report. The client (or parent or guardian       within 30-minutes of the time scheduled
when appropriate) must provide a written        for the appointment, then the session will
release before the psychologist can release     be considered a “no show”.
the report.
When psychological consultation is
provided, the psychologist will often share     In case of an emergency where the client
information about the client with the           is a danger to self or others, call 911 for
consultee. The client (or parent or             assistance. If the client may need
guardian when appropriate) must provide         hospitalization, contact your HMO or
authorization before the psychologist can       insurance company or tax supported
provide information during consultation.        hospital (John Peter Smith hospital in
                                                Tarrant County and Parkland Hospital in
                                                Dallas County). Dr. Childress does not
                                                provide Emergency coverage. If you need a
                                                psychologist who has the resources to
cover emergencies, please ask Dr.
Childress to help refer you to an agency or    Expert testimony in court, a due-process
professional who is equipped to handle         hearing or a deposition is billed from the
emergencies.                                   time the psychologist is requested to be
                                               available until the time released. All time
Duration of Services                           related directly to the case will be billed.

Services will begin when the client (or        Phone calls longer than 5 minutes will be
parent or guardian when appropriate)           billed, including the initial 5 minutes.
agrees to the terms of this contract and       Travel to a location more than 10 miles
will end when the psychologist                 from downtown Fort Worth will be billed
recommends terminating the services or         on the basis of mileage rather than time.
refers the client to another provider.
                                               In rare cases, the Dr. Childress will file an
Payment of Professional Services Rendered      insurance claim for the client. Since filing
Payment of psychological services is the       insurance claims is a very time consuming
responsibility of he client (or parent or      process, Dr. Childress offers a 20%
guardian when appropriate). For several        discount to any client who pays at the
reasons, Dr. Childress has chosen to not       time services are rendered. In cases of
join any HMO’s. In most cases, the client      extreme financial hardship, Dr. Childress
pays for services provided by Dr.              may waive a portion of the client’s fee if
Childress when the service is provided. In     evidence of financial hardship is provided.
the case of an Independent Educational
Evaluation, the student’s school district is   Follow-up services
responsible for payment only when the          Dr. Childress can be reached at (817)731-
district agrees in advance to contract for     2468 for follow-up services.

Services are typically billed on an hourly     Training, certification and licenses
basis. Assessment involves the time spent      Dr. Childress completed a in Ph.D. in
conducting the evaluation as well as time      Educational/School Psychology from the
spent scoring and interpreting the tests       University of Texas at Austin. He has an
and writing and editing the written            M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the
report. These services are billed on the       Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology
basis of a 60-minute hour for all services     and a B.A. in Psychology from the
involved in the assessment.                    University of Houston. He is licensed by
                                               the Texas State Board of Examiners of
Therapy is typically billed as a 50-minute     Psychologists as a Licensed Psychologist
hour. The remaining 10 minutes of the          and as a Licensed Specialist in School
hour are spent completing notes and other      Psychology. (The TSBEP can be reached
paperwork related to the case.                 at (512)305-7700.) Dr. Childress is a
                                               Nationally Certified School Psychologist
Consultation is billed for the time            and is listed in the National Register of
required for the case. This includes time      Health Service Providers in Psychology.
spent reviewing records, collecting
information and writing reports.

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