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the International Library of

Series Editor: DAvID CAnter, School of Psychology, University of Liverpool, UK. Director of the Centre for Investigative Psychology, University of Liverpool
Psychology is a diverse and vibrant discipline which connects with virtually every area of scientific and professional life. Consequently, psychologists publish in a wide range of journals and psychologists specialising in one area need access to other areas. This series, by bringing together in one place the definitive journal articles on specific topics in psychology, provides a major resource for libraries and ensures that scholars and professionals can gain ready access to original source material. Each volume editor is an internationally recognized authority whose selection of articles is accompanied by a specially written introduction, which is in itself an important statement about the field.

Volume 1: Parapsychology
Edited by RichaRd Wiseman and caRoline Watt

Volume 2: Hypnosis
Edited by michael heap and iRving KiRsch

Volume 3: Human Perception
Edited by maRco BeRtamini and michael KuBovy

Volume 4: Psychology and Law
Edited by Ronald Roesch and nathalie gagnon

Volume 5: Clinical Forensic Psychology and Law
Edited by Ronald Roesch and Kaitlyn mclachlan

Volume 6: Interpersonal Development
Edited by BRett lauRsen and Rita ŽuKausKiene

Volume 7: Counseling Psychology
Edited by FRedeRicK leong and maRK leach

Volume 8: Psychology of Aging
Edited by maRtin oRRell and aimee spectoR

the International Library of Psychology
Edited by richard Wiseman, University of Hertfordshire, UK and Caroline Watt, University of Edinburgh, UK
This collection of articles provides readers with a general sense of the methods used by researchers into people who believe that they have experienced paranormal phenomena or claim to possess psychic abilities.They cover a wide range of issues, including the psychology of paranormal belief, investigations into ghosts and hauntings, laboratory research into extra-sensory perception and psychokinesis, and controlled tests of psychics and mediums. An introductory essay sets each of the selected papers in context and provides additional references for those wishing to delve deeper into the issues surrounding each of the areas covered. Contributors inClude: John Palmer, Caroline A. Watt, Christopher C. French, Ian Stevenson, Pim van Lommel, Ruud van Wees, Vincent Meyers, Ingrid Elfferich, Richard Wiseman, Paul Stevens, Emma Greening, Ciarán O’Keeffe, Michael Daniels, George P. Hansen, John Beloff, Erlendur Haraldsson, Karlis Osis, Ray Hyman, Sybo A. Schouten, Joseph Banks Rhine, Charles Akers, Irvin L. Child, Daryl J. Bem, Charles Honorton, Julie Milton, Michael Faraday, Helmut Schmidt, Dean I. Radin, Roger D. Nelson, William Braud, Donna Shafer, Sperry Andrews, Marilyn Schlitz, John A. Astin, Elaine Harkness, Edzard Ernst, James E. Alcock, Susan Blackmore.
InCLuDes 26 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2005 526 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2450-9 £145.00

Counseling Psychology
Edited by Frederick t.L. Leong, Michigan State University, USA and Mark M. Leach, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, USA
The International Library of Psychology
This book introduces readers to counseling psychology by presenting its history, emphases, trends and relationships to other areas within psychology, followed by seminal articles that have significantly influenced counselors and researchers. The volume is organized around the six general themes of history and professional development, personal counseling, career counseling, cross-cultural counseling, counseling process and outcome and internationalizing counseling psychology. Contributors inClude: Louise F. Fitzgerald, Samuel H. Osipow, Allen E. Ivey, Stephanie S. Rude, Michael Weissberg, George M. Gazda, Donald E. Super, Lisa Y. Flores, S. Craig Rooney, P. Paul Heppner; LaVonne Douglas Browne, Mei-Fen Wei, P. Paul Heppner, George S. Howard, Albert Ellis, Edward S. Bordin, Charles J. Gelso, Jean A. Carter, Carl R. Rogers, Stanley R. Strong, Ronald P. Matross, Helen S. Astin, Fred H. Borgen, Itamar Gati, Mina Krausz, Samuel H. Osipow, John L. Holland, Laurel W. Oliver, Arnold R. Spokane, Mark L. Savickas, Donald R. Atkinson, Chalmer E. Thompson, Sheila K. Grant, Janet E. Helms, Frederick T. L. Leong, Joseph G. Ponterotto, Brian P. Rieger, Ann Barrett, Rickey Sparkes, Derald Wing Sue, Joseph E. Bernier, Anna Durren, Lawrence Feinberg, Paul Pedersen, Elsie J. Smith, Ena Vasquez-Nuttall, Stanley Sue, Gerald A. Gladstein, Clara E. Hill, Maureen M. Corbett, Adam O. Horvath, B.Dianne Symonds, Jeffrey H. Kahn, John A. Achter, Erika J. Shambaugh, James W. Lichtenberg, Kara B. Wettersten, Holly Mull, Rebecca L. Moberley, Katherine B. Merkerly, Amy Tiongson Corey, David L. Blustein, Mark M. Leach, Anthony J. Marsella, Paul Pedersen.
InCLuDes 36 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2008 584 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2544-5 £160.00


Human Perception
Edited by Marco bertamini, University of Liverpool, UK and Michael kubovy, University of Virginia, USA
The International Library of Psychology
It takes little or no effort for us to gather information by means of our senses, but it would be a mistake to take this as a sign that perception is simple. This important volume gathers together a selection of articles and essays that represent some of the most interesting discoveries and theories by cognitive psychologists in this fascinating area. Contributors inClude: Anne M Treisman, Garry Gelade, Michael I. Posner, Charles R.R. Snyder, Brian J. Davidson, Steven Yantis, John Jonides, Jeremy M. Wolfe, Todd S. Horowitz, Bruno G. Breitmeyer, Leo Ganz, Nikos K. Logothetis, Jeffrey D. Schall, Melvyn A Goodale, A. David Milner, Gaetano Kanizsa, Philip J. Kellman, Thomas F. Shipley, Renée Baillargeon, Barbara Tversky, Kathleen Hemenway, D.D. Hoffman, W.A. Richards, Martha J. Farah, Kevin D. Wilson, Maxwell Drain, James N.Tanaka, Daniel Kahneman, Brian J. Gibbs, Michael Kubovy, David Van Valkenburg, Marco Bertamini, Camilla J. Croucher, Saul Sternberg, Roger N. Shepard, Stephen Grossberg, Ennio Mingolla, Steven P. Tipper.
InCLuDes 21 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2006 516 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2607-7 £145.00

Theory, Research and Application
Edited by Michael Heap, Wathwood Hospital, UK and Irving kirsch, University of Connecticut, USA and University of Plymouth, UK
‘...recommended to both practitioners and researchers with an interest in altered states of consciousness.’ The Psychologist ’A new volume in Ashgate’s outstanding series..... A valuable tool for every researcher and student in this field. A must for any scientific or psychological library.’ Acta Comparanda
With a comprehensive introduction tracing the historical development of hypnosis, and the cultural and scientific practices that prevailed at various times, this book brings together the most important previously published papers which reveal how a scientific approach to understanding hypnosis as a psychological phenomenon has emerged over the last seventy years. The volume also includes a selection of reports on clinical applications and on legal and forensic issues. Contributors inClude: Clark L. Hull, Robert W. White, Theodore R. Sarbin, Marin T. Orne, Theodore X. Barber, Ernest R. Hilgard, Kenneth S. Bowers, Nicholas P. Spanos, Irving Kirsch, Arlene H. Morgan, Auke Tellegen, Gilbert Atkinson, Donald R. Gorassini, Nicholas P. Spanos, Steven Jay Lynn, Judith W. Rhue, Carlo Piccione, Philip G. Zimbardo, Irving Kirsch, Wayne Braffman, Hugh Macdonald, Deborah M. Flynn, Maxwell I. Gwynn, William C. Coe, Anne S.E. Sluis, Amanda J. Barnier, Kevin M. McConkey, Helen J. Crawford, Pierre Rainville, Gary H. Duncan, Donald D. Price, Benoît Carrier, M. Catherine Bushnell, John Gruzelier, Mary W. Jenkins, M.H. Pritchard, Guy Montgomery, Guy Sapirstein, W.M. Gonsalkorale, V. Miller, A. Afzal, P. J. Whorwell, David R. Patterson, Mark P. Jensen, Timothy G. Lock, Bryan Myers, David G. Payne, Michael Heap, Alan Scoboria, Guiliana Mazzoni, Leonard S. Milling.
InCLuDes 31 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2006 522 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2454-7 £145.00

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the International Library of Psychology
Clinical Forensic Psychology and Law
Edited by ronald roesch and kaitlyn McLachlan, Simon Fraser University, Canada
The International Library of Psychology
This collection of recent and classic articles from the field of clinical forensic psychology and law, samples the major areas of the discipline, including criminal and civil forensic assessment, forensic treatment, youth assessment and intervention, and professional and ethical issues in forensic practice. Contributors inClude: K.S. Douglas, C.D. Webster, K. Heilbrun, D.J. Cooke, C. Michie, S.D. Hart, R.K. Hanson, K.E. Morton-Bourgon, R.J. Bonnie, P.A. Zapf, R. Roesch, J. Legemaate, P.S. Appelbaum, T. Grisso, P.C. Robbins, J. Monahan and E. Silver, W.J. Koch, M. O’Neill, K.S. Douglas, R.E. Emery, R.K. Otto, W.T. O’Donohue, F.T. Cullen, P. Gendreau, R.T. Salekin, J. Abracen, J. Looman, C. Friendship, R.E. Mann, A.R. Beech, H. Belfrage, M. Cosden, J.L. Schnell, Yamini-Diouf, M.M. Wolfe, S.R. Penney, M.M. Moretti, R. Loeber, D.P. Farrington, L.A. Teplin, K.M. Abram. G.M. McClelland, M.K. Dulcan, A.A. Mericle, C.L. Odgers, N. Reppucci, E.P. Mulvey, E. Cauffman, L. Steinberg, J.L. Woolard, E. Cauffman, E. Scott, S. Graham, F. Lexcen, N. Reppucci, R. Schwartz, C.M. Borduin, R. Borum, R.K. Otto, D. Bersoff, J. Goodman-Delahunty, V.P. Hans, N.G. Poythress, S.A. Greenberg, D.W. Shuman, R.A. Nicholson, S. Norwood.
InCLuDes 28 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2007 598 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2619-0 £165.00

Psychology and Law

Criminal and Civil Perspectives
Edited by ronald roesch and nathalie gagnon, Simon Fraser University, Canada
The International Library of Psychology ‘ intriguing collection of attractive text for a graduate level course..’ Metapsychology
This rich collection features recent and classic articles covering the major areas in the field of civil and criminal experimental psychology and law. The broad range of topics includes eyewitness testimony, memory, civil and criminal jury research, police investigations, lie detection, and false confessions. Contributors inClude: Elizabeth F. Loftus, Jennifer E. Dysart, R.C.L. Lindsay, Tara K. MacDonald, Christopher Wicke, Gary L. Wells, Mark Small, Steven Penrod, Roy S. Malpass, Solomon M. Fulero, C.A.E. Brimacombe, Avraham M. Levi, R.C.L.Lindsay, Amina Memon, Linsey Wark, Angela Holley, Ray Bull, Guenter Koehnken, Brian Cutler, Gail S. Goodman, Jennifer M. Schaff, Paul Ekman, Maureen O’Sullivan, Samantha Mann, Aldert Vrij, Ray Bull, Klaus Fiedler, Jeanette Schmid, Teresa Stahl, Saul M. Kassin, Elizabeth A. Olson, Gary L. Wells, Nancy Mehrkens Steblay, Jasmina Besirevic, Solomon M. Fulero, Belia Jimenez-Lorente, Lara Donik, Trevor I. Case, Kipling D. Williams, Marisa E. Collett, Margaret Bull Kovera, Ana M. Martin, Martin F. Kaplan, Jose M. Alamo, Paula L. Hannaford, Valerie P. Hans, G.Thomas Munsterman, Samuel R. Sommers, Edith Greene, Elizabeth F. Loftus, Michael J.Saks, Lisa A. Hollinger, Roselle L. Wissler, David Lee Evans, Allen J. Hart, Marios C. Adamou, Anthony S. Hale, Craig Haney, Melissa B. Russano, Bradley D. McAuliff, Daniel W. Shuman, Stuart A. Greenberg, Marijke Malsch, Ian Freckelton, Ronald Roesch, Stephen L. Golding, Valerie P. Hans, N.Dickon Reppucci, John Monahan, Laurens Walker, Craig Haney.
InCLuDes 29 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2007 558 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2625-1 £155.00

Interpersonal Development
Edited by brett Laursen, Florida Atlantic University, USA and rita Žukauskiene, Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania
The International Library of Psychology
This volume brings together for the first time the papers which have shaped and defined the field of interpersonal development. The twentyseven essays describe developmental changes in interactions within specific close relationships: parent-child relationships, friendships and peer relationships, romantic and spousal relationships, and sibling relationships. The essays are accompanied by an introduction which offers a brief history of the field, a review of relationship definitions and a detailed preview of the articles. Contributors inClude: Henry T. Reis, W. Andrew Collins, Ellen Berscheid, Brett Laursen, William M. Bukowski, Roy F. Baumeister, Mark R. Leary, Richard Q. Bell, L. Alan Stroufe, Everett Waters, Patrick T. Davies, Melissa L. Sturge-Apple, Marcia A. Winter, E.Mark Cummings, Deirdre Farrell, Grazyna Kochanska, Nancy Darling, Laurence Steinberg, Brett Laursen, Katherine C. Coy, W. Andrew Collins, Wyndol Furman, Duane Buhrmester, Gary W. Ladd, Robert B. Cairns, Beverley D. Cairns, Holly J. Neckerman, Scott D. Jest, Jean-Louis Gariépy, Christina Salmivalli, Kirsti Lagerspetz, Kaj Björkqvist, Karin Österman, Ari Kaukiainen, Denise B. Kandeln, Wyndol Furman, Donald F. Rahe, Willard W. Hartup, Catherine L. Bagwell, Andrew F. Newcombe, William M. Bukowski, Cindy Hazen, Phillip Shaver, David M. Buss, David P. Schmitt, Dexter C. Dunphy, Inge Seiffge-Krenke, John M. Gottman, Robert Plomin, Denise Daniels, Judy Dunn, Nina Howe, Harriet Petrakos, Christina M. Rinaldi, Amanda Kowal, Laurie Kramer, Jennifer L. Krull, Nicki R. Crick, Bernadette Marie Bullock, Thomas J. Dishion, Gene H. Brody, Zolinda Stoneman, J.Kelly McCoy.
InCLuDes 27 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes 2007 506 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2738-8 £145.00

NEW Psychology of Aging
Edited by Martin orrell and Aimee spector, University College London, UK
The International Library of Psychology
This volume offers a collection of classic, original and often widely-cited papers, including some older papers which may be hard to find through conventional searches. They address a broad range of key issues such as cognitive changes related to aging, social and emotional changes, lifestyle factors, dependency on carers and related mental health problems in old-age. Contributors inClude: Ian J. Deary, Lawrence J. Whalley, Helen Lemmon, J.R. Crawford, John M. Starr, Patrick Rabbitt, Peter Diggle, Fiona Holland, Lynn McInnes, Paul B. Baltes, Ulman Lindberger, Yaakov Stern, Margret M. Baltes, B. Nygren, L. Aléx, E. Jonsén, Y. Gustafson, A. Norberg, B. Lundman, Jennifer B. Unger, Gail McAvay, Martha L. Bruce, Lisa Berkman, Teresa Seeman, C. Donald Sherbourne, L.S. Meredith, W. Rogers, J.E. Ware Jr, Laura L. Carstensen, Derek M. Isaacowitz, Susan T. Charles, Hui-Xin Wang, Anita Karp, Bengt Winblad, Laura Fratiglioni, Richard B. Lipton, Mindy J. Katz, Charles B. Hall, Carol A. Derby, Gail Kuslansky, Anne F. Ambrose, Martin Sliwinski, Herman Buschke, Nalin A. Singh, Karen M. Clements, Maria A. Fiatarone Singh, Tom Kitwood, Kathleen Bredin, R.T. Woods, Lucille R. Taulbee, James C. Folsom, Bob Woods, Lindsay Royan, Steve Davies, Margaret Butterworth, Martin Orrell, Jiska Cohen-Mansfield, Florence Pasquier, E. Moniz-Cook, E. Gardiner, Robin G. Morris, Lorna W. Morris, Peter G. Britton, Leonard I. Pearlin, Joseph T. Mullan, Shirley J. Semple, Marilyn M. Skaff, Steven H. Zarit, Karen E. Reever, Julie Bach-Peterson, Henry Brodaty, Alisa Green, Annette Koschera, Mary S. Mittelman, David L. Roth, David W. Coon, William E. Haley, Judith Rodin, Ellen J. Langer, Sheryl Zimmerman, Philip D. Sloane, Christianna S. Williams, Peter S. Reed, John S. Preisser, J. Kevin Eckert, Malaz Boustani, Debra Dobbs, Dan G. Blazer, V. Kraaij, E.J. de Wilde, Ken Laidlaw, Larry W. Thompson, Dolores Gallagher-Thompson, Sharon Tennstedt, Jonathan Howland, Margie Lachman, Elizabeth Peterson, Linda Kasten, Alan Jette, Larry W. Thompson, Andrew Futterman, Michael J. Gilewski, James Peterson, A. Hautamäki, P.G. Coleman, J.Q. Morse, T.R. Lynch.
InCLuDes 33 PrevIousLy PubLIsHeD journAL ArtICLes noveMber 2009 440 PAges HArDbACk 978-0-7546-2789-0 £125.00

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