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					Issue 1 April 2009

Ashley Down Infant School Governors
Contents: School Travel Group Parental Questionnaire Governing Body Structure Welcome to the first Newsletter from the Governors at Ashley Down Infant School. We have been trying to think of better ways for us to let you know about any new developments and what work the committees have been up to. We hope that you find the Newsletter useful and we look forward to your feedback in the parental questionnaire. Best wishes, Pat Cummings Chair of Governors

Show you Care Park Elsewhere!
We are planning a major campaign on safe travel routes to and from the School and we are asking parents to help. The School Travel Group no longer exists and we we would like to hear from any parents willing to work with the School to revive the group and contribute to the campaign. Please see Helen Heap to sign up for the School Travel Group working party. Lets make sure we keep our children safe by not parking illegally on the zig-zag lines. Health & Safety Governor, Helen Woodcock

Parent governors
are launching a parent action plan and the attached parental questionnaire is going to provide vital feedback to the governing body and the School on what you think it is doing well and where you think there could be improvements. Please help us by completing and returning the questionnaire and we will report back to you in the next Newsletter. Visit the new Governor’s page on the School website for policies and guidelines. We will also make sure that all the minutes from the Governing Body meetings are available there too. Our two new parent governors Rosella and Sally would like to say a big thank you to all who voted for them. The team of parent governors are: Rachel Dams, Carmen Garcia, Rosella Thomas, Sally Tutton and Helen Woodcock.

Issue 1 April 2009

Ashley Down Infant School Governing Body
Pat Cummings (Local Authority Governor) Chair, Rachel Dams (Parent Governor), Carmen Garcia (Parent Governor) Vice Chair, Helen Heap (Staff Governor), Maureen Randolph (Local Authority Governor), Tiara Sharif (Community Governor), Amy Sood (Staff Governor), Bryan Swallow (Local Authority Governor), Johnny Swingler (Community Governor), Roger Thomas (Associate Governor). Rosella Thomas (Parent Governor), Sally Tutton (Parent Governor), Helen Woodcock (Parent Governor) Vice Chair

Finance Committee Chair – Bryan Swallow Helen Woodcock, Maureen Randolph and Helen Heap Premises, Health and Safety Committee Chair – Helen Woodcock and Tiara Sharif Jean Maggs, Bryan Swallow and Helen Heap

Curriculum Committee Chair – Rachael Dams Jane Robinson, Helen Heap and Carmen Garcia

Staffing Comm ittee Chair – Pat Cummings Maureen Randolph, Johnny Swingler, Rosella Thomas and Helen Heap

Child Protection Health and Safety Special Educational Needs Sally Tutton Helen Woodcock Carmen Garcia

Head Teacher Performance Exclusion Panel Complaints Panel Pat Cummings, Bryan Swallow and Carmen Garcia Bryan Swallow, Johnny Swingler and Rachael Dams Helen Woodcock, Bryan Swallow, Johnny Swingler and Rachael Dams

Ashely Down Infant School Olveston Road Horfield Bristol BS7 9PE

Phone: 0117 3772179 Fax: 0117 3772180 E-mail:

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