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									Gloucestershire Healthy Living Partnership Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 5 July 2005 9:30 – 12:30 pm Oxtall’s Indoor Tennis Centre, Gloucester

Present Jeanette Hughes Bren McInerney Frank Baynham Shona Arora Diana Billingham Cllr Ray Apperley Phil Park Cllr Rowena Hay Angela Gilbert Apologies Carole Topple Margaret Ogden Margaret Edney Ian Gregory Hendrik Chapel Maureen Rutter Phil Lane Tim Poole Bill Wragge Christopher Peachey John Edmonds Margaret Sheather Mary Newton Cllr Andrew Gravells Sonia Phillips Hugh Annett Jonathan Beckett Caroline Fowles Belinda Heaven Rachel Cheshire Chris Hickey Toni Smith Hasnah Sheriff Adrian Jevans Sally Pearson Gill Saunders Michael Heap Mary Dignan Kathee Coonerty Sarah Scott

Items Discussed Welcome and Introductions


Minutes of the last meeting Minutes were accepted as accurate. Selection of the GHLP Core Group The choosing of the Core Group members had to be deferred at the last meeting due to eminent elections. BM goes over role of Core Group and what members the group should consist of. SA asks DB whether she counts as one of the two health representatives that need to be on the core group. DB explains that she will be an addition to the group. SA stresses the importance of having Local Authority representation and suggests at least one of the members be at a county level. BM brought to everyone’s attention that BM to there is still no confirmation of the new county councillors. clarify this Hasnah Sheriff explains the Volunteer Sector needs more time to decide on how to choose members for the Core Group. Michael Heap asks if there will be a wider Terms of Reference. DB answers yes. DB is looking for one member from the District Council and an officer who will know what’s going on. BM asks for GHLP’s general feeling on having a Core Group. BM makes it clear that the Core Group will not be making decisions for the whole of GHLP Group. BM thinks Core Group will be the ‘drivers’. BM thinks we need to get some action on this. It was asked whether a lot of work would be involved in this. BM answers saying there would be a lot of work but the Core Group will not be on their own to make decisions for the partnership. SA reflecting back on Core Group membership and the question on how much extra work will be generated from the Core Group is not the importance but the quality that needs to be brought into GHLP. It will be a time for people to get ideas and get things happening. Action: Send e-mail around again asking for volunteers for the Core Group and DB highlight where we have gaps. County LSP Manager Update: DB circulated briefing paper yesterday on ‘Towards a Smoke Free Gloucestershire’. DB did a short presentation to GSP where they did agree to endorse it; this will be leading up the GSP Stakeholders Conference on the 14th July. Michael Heap asks if the partnership will take a position in this. Michael thinks we could take a lead on this and make a total ban of smoking. It is not about political agreement. Cllr Ray Apperley thinks it is important that we get the message across to the government by leading by example. Northern Ireland smoke ban has been successful. DB will circulate presentation. DB thinks if this is the feeling by the whole GHLP group then this should go in to the report. SA feels we need to take on more of a campaigning role asking individual organisation to feed into this.

Items Discussed Toni Smith picking up on SA’s comments says advocacy will fall into place. Kathee Coonerty (BHF) feels it’s better to say ‘no smoking’ everywhere, rather than disadvantaging on person. KC feels the government is giving out mixed feelings. Having a complete smoking ban will make it easier to police. Cllr Ray Apperley thinks GHLP’s approach will have to be a positive one. BM thinks we should make a clear statement about this and need to put some action to this. BM then proposes to GHLP that they adopt this policy and get it around to all members electronically. SA feels GHLP need to agree on it at the meeting. GHLP then agree in making Gloucestershire Smoke Free. DB to complete the DOH consultation document on the Smokefree Elements of the Health Improvement and Protection Bill on behalf of GHLP. Position Statement: The Gloucestershire Healthy Living Partnership support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Gloucestershire. DB updates on the Suicide Strategy priorities. The first meeting to discuss ‘Raising Awareness of Suicide will take place next month. DB to distribute notes from the last GSP meeting. DB asked if any GHLP members could go to the GSP Stakeholder Conference to represent GHLP. DB and CT will be going. Michael Heap, Adrian Jevans will be going on the 14th July. GSP’s priorities Action Plan – BM would like to ratify today. GHLP need to refer back to the Community Strategy. With county mapping there seems to be no mechanism for organisations to feed back to GHLP. DB asks for people’s comments on the action plan. GHLP agree they prefer DB’s version of the action plan, as it is easier to use than the GSP format. HS asks for lead organisations to be identified in the action plan. DB to take on points made and will email updated version along with the presentation for GSP. Coffee Break DB to use alternative version with a new column on leading organisations. DB to do more research on this and then email it to GHLP. This will go to GSP conference next week. SA asks about whether GHLP could discuss how to make links shown on the LSP map more ‘alive’. People to let DB know if they are involved in these organisations and then discuss at the next GHLP meeting. Angela Gilbert thinks GSP’s front-page template is useful. DB to keep this. FB on healthy eating, says there are a lot of linkages to be made. AJ asks if DB could email GHLP membership list to everyone. GHLP members to let DB know of any other organisations they are involved in. Healthy Schools Partnership Presentation Jan Urban-Smith and Kirsty Pritchard give a presentation on Healthy Schools explaining how their role is changing. They spoke about what has been done around change for children. After the presentation JU-S and KP invited members of GHLP to make any comments or pose any questions.


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Dave Cullum Partnership and Project Development Manager from MAIDeN gives

Items Discussed presentation on ‘Mapping the Health of Gloucestershire Residents’ based on MAIDeN data After the presentation AJ expressed his concern over deaths under 75. DC thinks the order of data can be changed. It would be up to GHLP to decide on what columns there should be. AD asks how much would this cost and how would we know it has not been done before. DC suggested he looked at the MAIDeN Website. DC then explains that there would not be a charge unless it is for the public. A time scale needs to be given and then MAIDeN would give a time when the work would likely to be completed. BM reminded everyone that there are 2 themes and a third one is needed. SA thought it would be good to choose the third from the Choosing Health Agenda like Tackling Health Inequalities and Obesity. BM thinks it would be good to use MAIDeN and to identify all areas. Any Other Business SA on the GHLP Core Group said it might be useful to have these meetings after GHLP and therefore reducing the amount of extra meetings. BM thinks this would be for the Core Group to decide. At the next meeting GHLP Terms of Reference will be looked at and core group members will be chosen Date of Next Meeting 13 September 2005, 9:30 – 12:30 at the Civil Service Club, Cheltenham


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