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									St. John’s Pre-School The St. John’s Centre 222 Epsom Road Merrow. GU4 7AA www.saintjohnspreschool.org.uk

Newsletter 1 – Sept 2009

Head of Pre-School: Amanda Bazley

Welcome back!
The Autumn term is always a very busy time at pre-school. We have lots of exciting things coming up and we hope to see you all at our Harvest Celebrations.

Fundraising updates & other news

Will be held on Thursday 22nd October at 11.30am. Our celebrations will last approximately 15 minutes during which time the children will provide entertainment for us. Please can children who do not normally attend on that day, be brought to the preschool at 11.15am. There will be a harvest table and we kindly request that each child brings in a non perishable donation for this. Please check use by dates! The donations will be delivered at the end of the celebrations, to residents of The Willows (retirement flats off Kingfisher Drive). Delivering these gifts with the children was great fun last year, so do bring your child along. Please come to or stay for the mini Harvest fair, 10.30am till 12.30pm in the foyer, with the usual tea/coffee and cakes for sale. There will also be a toy stall and the opportunity to purchase a personalised craft item made by your child. Any profits made will be used to purchase equipment and toys for the pre-school. If your child is ill or you need to advise about collection please send a TEXT to 07880813344

Contact Details
Please make sure that all your contact details held at the Pre-School are up to date, especially your email address.

Important !!

If you need to contact Pre-School for any other reason, emailing is the best option!

(amanda.bazley@saintjohnspreschool.org.uk) Emergencies: 454625 amanda.bazley@saintjohnspreschool.org.uk) amanda.bazley@saintjohnspreschool.org.uk

Yellow Moon Catalogue arriving soon!
The Yellow Moon Christmas catalogue will be handed out to all parents before the half -term holiday (26th to 30th October inclusive). It is filled with great little craft ideas and goodies. You are not obliged to buy anything but the pre-school will receive a percentage from all orders made.


We need you!
There are lots of ways to make the Harvest celebrations run smoothly…you can help in the following ways: Bring a Cake. Make or buy and bring on the day Toy donations. Good quality toys please, needed between Tues 13th and Tues 20th Oct. Help out. We need a couple of people to get involved on the stalls alongside a seasoned parent! Delivering gifts. Bring your child along to The Willows to hand gifts to the residents. Please volunteer by using the sign up sheet on the notice board when it arrives!

This year the children will be bringing home a printed out leaf which they can decorate for the Harvest Festival Competition. The entry price is 50p, all entries will be rewarded and displayed in the hall for everyone to see. The winner will receive a prize.

Tempest Photography
The School Photographer will be taking individual photos of your child this term. Please watch the notice-board for the date! If your child does not normally attend that day, you can bring them in from 9.45 to 10am, for their picture to be taken.

Autumn term ends on 11th December, Half term 26th to 30th October Spring term Monday 4th January - Friday 26th March, Half term Monday 15th
- Friday 19th February

Summer term Monday 19th April to Friday 16th July, Half Term Monday 31st - Friday 4th June ALLERGIES
We have children with quite severe food allergies, so please review the food that you send into Pre-School. Snack boxes should contain fruit or vegetables only and no food should be left in a child’s bag – anything that staff consider to be a risk will be confiscated. Nut allergies can be very severe so if your child has enjoyed peanut butter for breakfast please ensure their hands and face have been thoroughly washed. Any medication, including creams or inhalers, should be given to Mandy!

The closing date to apply is 22nd Oct 2009. You can apply online at www.surreycc.gov.uk/admissions you If you do not have access to the internet then please call 0300 200 1015 for a hard copy.
Jewellery All children take part in physical activity during their preschool sessions, so in line with health and safety recommendations, we request that children come to preschool without jewellery of any kind (including watches – water play ruins them!!)

We also request that children don’t bring sweets in to hand out when it’s their birthday – again, this poses an allergy risk, and we do operate a ‘healthy school’ policy which we request that you support. If you wish your child to hand out something on their birthday, why not try stickers instead?

Parking, pushchairs and other health and safety reminders!
This is the term in the year where we seem to have most germs around, so for cases of diarrhoea or vomiting, please keep your child at home for at least 48 hours after the symptoms have gone! …And finally in this section… a reminder that you can use the pub car park and Merrow allotments car park as alternative parking venues when dropping off your child – parking in unmarked bays or on the road (or in the spot marked ‘clergy’!) is not recommended as the community police officer is very vigilant. Also, if you do need to leave a pushchair at pre-school, please fold it up and store it carefully flat on the floor (so the board doesn’t fall over!) behind the Pre-School noticeboard, as leaving it anywhere else is a security (and health and safety) risk.

Please ensure that all your child’s clothing, shoes and bags (labelled on the outside) including spares, are labelled. The Pre-School cannot take responsibility for any items of clothing that go missing. If you would like to purchase name tags and stickers you can do so through www.easy2name.com The Pre-School will receive a percentage of the cost of your order if you type “St-Johns Pre School GU1” into the Name of fundraising group section of the checkout page, or there are still some order forms available from the notice board.


Supermarket and Nestle Vouchers

We will be collecting Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Nestle box tops vouchers. Please ask all your friends, relatives and work colleagues to save their vouchers for the pre-school and pop them in the boxes in the foyer.
Want to advertise here? For a small fee, it can be arranged! Please speak to our secretary, Miranda for more details.

St. John’s Pre-School is a registered charity - no. 1026264

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