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What is in your mind when reading a headline in the print media "ABCDEFG A department official and secured an affair proved apparatus"? Surely that comes to mind is playing adalahpejabat affair with someone who is not authorized and captured couples. What if it is not the case, but the fact is that officials caught embezzling money was corruption. Is there something wrong with these headlines? Actually there is nothing wrong with these news, it's just rampant commercial pop songs with the theme of infidelity in a relationship of love between human beings are unconsciously making people understand the meaning of the word treason affair confined to her lover. While in KBBI cheating in the broad sense described as follows: se · ling · kuh a 1 likes to hide something for its own sake; not come clean; not honest; dirty; oblique; 2 darkens like money; corrupt; 3 love affair; was · a · ling · kuh v act or to do an affair; per · se · ling · kuh · an affair v p.; me · nye · ling · kuh · v take dng's not good intentions, MSL for self-interest; embezzling: he - corporate cash to gamble; per · se · ling · kuh · an n about cheating: not all the discotheque as a place -Well, if you follow the meaning of the word "cheating" on top, then not only unfaithful deeds but also corruption, embezzlement of goods and information, even cheating during exams are also included part of the group of people who had an affair. If you like this, it means not only married couples are legally able to enter the category of cheating, high school students can also say that cheating is not cheating during exams?

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