Information on the projects supported by the European Commission by danman21


									                                                                                          CCFP 06a 2007 – EN - Annex

Information on the projects supported by the European Commission under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme to test and
                                                  develop the EQF

                                             Overview of the projects
                                                                                                                             CCFP 06a 2007 – EN - Annex

Overview of the projects

Nr. Title                       Acronym        Co-ordinator Countries       Summary
1   Developing key               EQF by NQFs   ACPART, RO ES, FR, IE, To develop modular grids of competences and methodological units for the EQF
    methodological units for the                          NL, UK, RO and NQFs in sub-sectors ICT and economics and to support pathways between
    implementation of EQF by                                          HE and VET, and to transfer the results to other sectors and countries in order to
    means of NQFs                                                     relate frameworks to EQF levels and descriptors.
2   EQF Network Testing         EQFNET-T       AFDET, FR      BE, ES, FR,   Test EQF in 4 areas: readability of EQF through different NQFs, validity of tools
                                                              IT, PL, UK,   to place qualifications in NQFs and EQF, develop principles to develop and
                                                              RO            disseminate NQF and EQF approaches.
3   Trans-European              TransEQFrame BIBB, DE         DE, DK, DE, Ensure a strong European dimension in NQFs by enhancing articulation between
    Qualifications Framework                                  NL, AT, FI, NQFs of partners, using EQF as a translation device; ensure EQF reflects
    Development                                               BG, (CH)    national realities.
4   Competence Orientation and HE_LeO          DUK, AT        DE, ES, HU, Link European and national developments in EQF/NQF (competencies, learning
    Learning Outcomes in Higher                               AT, BG      outcomes) to the Bologna process in HE
5   Qualified for Europe        Q4E            European       AT, BE,DE, Evaluate experience of existing EMU pass against EQF, in order to develop
                                               Metal Union    HU, IT, NL recognition of relationships between formal, informal and non-formal learning,
                                               (EMU), EU                 and the facilitation of individuals' mobility.
6   Implementing the EQF        Implementing   European       EU, BE, DE, Develop agreed "guides" on contents, methodology and principles to: establish a
    in the sports sector        EQF-Sports     Observatoire   ES, FR, NL, common European sports sector and occupational standards, linked to the EQF;
                                               of Sport -     PT, UK      to provide effective cooperation between NQSs/Fs and authorities and
                                               EOSE, FR                   representatives of the sports sector at national and European level; to integrate
                                                                          into the sports sector the EQF principles, methods and tools (incl. credit transfer
                                                                          and accumulation, validation of non-formal and informal learning, QA to assess
7   Towards a EQF -             EQF -          ESIB - The     BE, DE, IE,   NQF/EQF - Stakeholder perspective (students, higher education institutions,
    The Stakeholders` views and Stakeholders   National Union SI, NO        students in secondary schools, trade union, employer organisation) - mutual
    experiences                                of Students in               exchange and discussion of experiences in setting up a NQF, in particular
                                               Europe, BE                   examining challenges in establishing an NQF, the impact of an NQF on the wider
                                                                            qualifications system, benefits of NQFs, and key supporting instruments.
                                                                                                                            CCFP 06a 2007 – EN - Annex

Nr. Title                       Acronym    Co-ordinator     Countries       Summary
8   Approach for the Matching   AMOR       Forschungsinstitut BE, DE, LU,   Testing the practical feasibility of the learning outcomes approach in describing
    process of Outcome-based               f. Berufs-bildung AT, PL         qualifications and to develop a methodology to link qualifications to NQFs and
    curricula to the EQF in                im Handwerk                      the EQF. They will start by examining the curricula in two technical
    vocational education                   (FBH), DE                        occupations, which will be used to develop principles applicable in other craft
9   EQF Flexible References and EQF-       Malta            EL, ES, IT,     Development and testing the EQF against existing qualifications in the tourism
    Methods of Evaluation       FRAME      Qualification    MT, AT, SI      sector: a) comparative study of such qualifications including level descriptors,
                                           Council                          course programmes, quality assurance policies and assessment procedures; b)
                                                                            analyse such qualifications from the EQF level descriptors points of view and in
                                                                            terms of the knowledge, skills and competence required; c) identify and develop
                                                                            specific learning outcomes for all programmes of studies of course descriptors
                                                                            pegged to EQF level descriptors; d) creating a model for translation of
                                                                            qualifications to EQF; e) user`s manual, interactive tool
10 The exchange of experience EQF          NSZI (NIVE),     CZ, EL, ES, Exchange of experience regarding the development of national or sectoral QFs
   during the creation and      Embodiment HU               EE, HU, SE, and testing QFs of 8 or 5 selected sectors, using the EQF as a common point of
   testing of sectoral                                      RO          reference; the following topics will also be addressed: measuring, evaluating and
   qualification frameworks and                                         accrediting informal and non-formal learning, transparency and transfer.
   their drawing near to each
   other, in the light of EQF
11 Nordic co-operation between EQF-Nordic SE ministry of    DK, FI, SE,     EQF/NQF (incl. ECVET) in the context of the Nordic countries - exchange
   Ministries on the European ministries    education       IS, NO          experiences among the partner countries, in preparation for the potential
   Qualification Framework     co-operation                                 adaptation of national qualifications systems to the EQF
12 European Auto Sector         EASCMF     DEKRA, DE        BE, DE, FR, to create conditions for the establishment of a sectoral competence framework
   Competence Meta                                          IT, AT, SI  for the European automotive sector. The proposed framework is intended to
   Framework                                                            support the development of the EQF and to be aligned to it. The project will
                                                                        seek to describe profiles and qualifications in EQF terms and initiate sectoral
                                                                        EQF-based standardisation.

                                                                                                                             CCFP 06a 2007 – EN - Annex

Additional related projects funded under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme

[Note: the following projects are not part of the 2006 EQF Call]

Nr. Title                       Acronym      Co-ordinator     Countries      Summary

    EQF in Chemistry -          EQF in       Europäisches      AT, CZ, DE,   Referring to the EQF, the project intends to find concrete answers to questions
    Permeability within         Chemistry    Bildungswerk für HU, IT, NL,    regarding permeability in VET between different competence levels in non-
    vocational education with                Beruf und Gesell- SE, UK        academic education and further education as well as regarding permeability on
    respect to the chemical                  schaft e.V. (DE)                the interface between academic and non-academic education and further
    industry (D/06/B/F/PP-146                                                education in chemistry (production, laboratory).
    EFA – European Financial    EFA          €uropean         NL, UK, DK,    Introduction of competence-based qualifications to the European financial
    Advisor                                  Financial        DE, ES, IT,    sector, improving and harmonising the training and qualifications for financial
    (NL/06/B/P/PP/157613)                    Planning         PL, CH         advisors across Europe by establishing a core competence framework and
                                             Association (NL)                educational competence assessments for the ‘€uropean Financial Advisor’


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