Grants support present and emerging needs in
       WHAT IS THE IRETON                        the areas of arts and culture, community                     WHAT FUND OPTIONS
     COMMUNITY FOUNDATION?                       betterment, education, environment, health, and           ARE AVAILABLE TO DONORS?
                                                 human services.
A charitable foundation initially created by a                                                        You may contribute to the unrestricted
gift from the Erlene Kading Estate. The          The Ireton Community Foundation Advisory             Community Endowment or establish a separate
Foundation now serves as a vehicle to            Board makes grant recommendations based on           component fund bearing your name or a name
receive gifts from individuals, families,        identified community needs and the proposing         of your choosing. All grants will be made in the
businesses, and organizations. Gifts are         organization’s capacity to effectively enhance       name of the fund you establish.
carefully invested with the income from          the quality of life in Ireton.
endowments used to make grants to public                                                              • An Unrestricted Fund provides the greatest
charities that best meet the needs in Ireton.                                                         flexibility to respond to the ever-changing needs
                                                        WHY GIVE THROUGH THE                          in Ireton.
      WHAT IS THE COMMUNITY                                                                           • A Designated Fund allows you to name one
      FOUNDATION’S PURPOSE?                                                                           or more charitable organizations to perpetually
                                                 The Foundation serves as a vehicle to carry out      receive grants of income from the special fund
                                                 the charitable objectives of donors and offers       you established.
The purpose of the Ireton Community
Foundation (ICF) is to connect donors who
                                                 distinct advantages.                                 • A Field of Interest Fund allows you to
care with causes that matter and to enhance      • Simplicity - One contribution can address a        specify a field of personal interest – arts,
the quality of life in Ireton.                   wide range of donor interests to benefit one or a    education, health, youth, or recreation, for
                                                 number of community needs.                           example, toward which grants will be directed.
                                                 • Permanence - A gift to an endowment fund           • A Donor-Advised Fund provides you with the
          WHO MANAGES THE                        will continue to provide benefits in perpetuity.     opportunity to recommend the charitable
            FOUNDATION?                                                                               organizations to receive grants from your fund.
                                                 • Flexibility - Donors can realize nearly any
                                                 charitable intent by choosing from among the         • A Scholarship Fund may be established to
                                                 variety of fund options offered (see next column)    help students pursue post-secondary education
An Advisory Board representing the varied                                                             or training.
interests of Ireton is responsible for           and the variety of assets that can be used to
governance.                                      make a gift.                                         • An Agency Endowment Fund can be
                                                 • Tax Benefits - All contributions are               established by the organization itself to build a
The Ireton Community Foundation is an            deductible to the greatest extent allowed by law.    permanent source of support.
affiliate of the Siouxland Community                                                                  • A Special Purpose (non-endowed) Fund
                                                 • Shared Interests - We work with you, the
Foundation which provides administrative                                                              can be established to benefit a specific cause or
                                                 donor, to guarantee that charitable support is
and technical assistance.                                                                             fundraising campaign.
                                                 distributed according to your intent.

                                                         HOW CAN I GIVE TO THE
                                                                                                       The Ireton Community Foundation provides a
The Ireton Community Foundation Advisory                                                                   simple, powerful and highly personal
Board is charged with carefully reviewing                                                                           approach to giving.
                                                 You may make a gift of cash, securities, real
grant proposals and recommending grants to
                                                 estate, life insurance, personal property . . . or
be awarded.
                                                 by a bequest, trust arrangement, or retirement
                                                 plan assets. Memorial gifts are also accepted.          We invite you to create a lasting legacy.
             AN INVITATION

We invite you to find out more about the
Ireton Community Foundation and how you
may use it to accomplish your philanthropic

You don’t have to be wealthy to make a
difference. You can have a lasting impact on
the quality of life in Ireton, right here, right
now, and for years to come.
           HOW CAN I GET MORE                                                                              COMMUNITY

Bonnie Sewick, Advisory Board Chair
  (712) 551-4073

Dennis Van Oort, Advisory Board Vice-Chair
  (712) 278-2321

Or contact:
ICF Administrative Office
c/o Siouxland Community Foundation                                                                        Created by and for the people of
Attn: Debbie Hubbard, Executive Director                                                                     Ireton to connect donors
505 Fifth Street, Suite 412                                                                                    who care with causes
Sioux City, IA 51101
(712) 293-3303                                                                                                      that matter.

                                                                                                                Serving Ireton . . .
                                                                       Ireton                                  For good. For ever.
                                                   COMMUNITY FOUNDATION
                                                     An affiliate of the Siouxland Community Foundation


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