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Background Information
A compost heap is full of life and activity, forming a complex food chain. There are millions of organisms living in a compost heap, working in many different ways, but all contributing to the decomposition process to breakdown our fruit and vegetable scraps and garden waste, creating rich compost. This activity helps demonstrate the activity inside a compost heap. For background information with full colour pictures of each composting creature, including the correct food chain, see Section One.

Science QCA links
Unit 3C Characteristics of materials Learning objectives. Children should learnthat materials decompose at different rates. Learning Outcomes. Children – to Identify how long it takes for different material to decompose.

Teaching Activity
1. Explain what a food chain is and how a compost heap is a habitat for lots of creatures involving lots of food chains. 2. Split the class into groups of 4. 3. Give each group a blank food chain sheet and a set of pictures. 4. Ask them to work out who eats who and stick the pictures in the correct box on the blank sheet. 5. Go through the answers with the whole class giving each group two points for every creature they put within the correct group. 6. Create a display showing the food chain inside the compost bin.

Pupil Worksheet

1. 2. 3. 4. You will need a set of 12 composting creature pictures. Decide who eats who and which group each creature belongs to. Once you have decided stick the pictures down. You will get 2 points for each creature in the correct group.

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