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Christmas 2007


Pupil Absence Reporting lines:
Key Stage 3 (Years 7— 9) 0161 921 2096 Or 0161 921 2102

Beauty and the Beast.
The ICCHS school production of Beauty and The Beast was a huge success, playing to a sell-out audience for three consecutive nights from 4th - 6th December. Over 50 students and staff went through months of rigorous rehearsal to bring the show to the stage. The rehearsals were tiring but rewarding, and took place most evenings and some weekends for weeks. The production involved all areas in the school from acting to building the sets and making the costumes. It was clear to see the dedication and efforts that were put in and showed what fantastic people we have at ICCHS.

Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11)

0161 921 2091 Or 0161 921 2092

Sixth Form

0161 921 2108

Children in Need
Rebecca Poll took the title roll of Belle and revealed what an amazing voice she has, and Robert Burgess played The Beast with such confidence. All performances were fantastic and all students put their hearts into the characters and it all came together in the end. The students were superb and worked very hard—they couldn’t be faulted on their commitment. Well done to all the cast and everyone involved, without them the production would not have been a success.

Children in Need was on Friday 16th November and ICCHS students did their bit for the charity and raised £1,224.00 Cake were made a sold during breaks, there was a non-uniform day on the Friday and everyone brought in a £1. T-Shirts, badges and key-rings were made a sold from the English Department. Thank You & Well Done to all that made a donation.

Head Boy & Head Girl
Our Head Boy and Head Girl this year are, Robert Burgess and Megan Fisher. Their deputies are Ben Stanford and Kate Keen. We congratulate them and wish them all the best this year in their vital roles within the school. Senior Prefects: Luke James Jade Price Josie Culshaw Ryan Cooper Jack Davison Deborah Whittaker Amy Hurst Keely Cook Gemma Smith Brendan Wu Rebecca Round

Head Boy & Girl on the left and their deputies on the right with the Key Stage 4 Manager & Director

Harvest Poem & Hamper Winners
Year 7, 8 & 9 form tutor groups all participated in designing and making a Harvest Hamper. Students took great care and attention decorating in a bid to make theirs the best looking hamper. Photos of the winning hampers were captured on camera. All hampers were distributed to St John’s Court, The de Trafford, St John’s Church, The Meadows, Cadishead Labour Club & New Life Church in the local area. Thank you and well done to everyone involved from Mrs May, Mr Cornwell & Miss Griffiths
Harvest is….. The wind whistling through the trees Harvest is waiting for the winter breeze Harvest is help for the people in need Harvest is plants which has grown from seeds Harvest is the leafs falling down from the branch The delights of harvest is nigh again By Ben Rice, Rory Chadwick & Connor Bradshaw 7ES

The leaves start falling from the trees The red and brown blowing in the breeze The petals fall from the flowers that bloomed Throughout the summer their beauty loomed. The farmers work all year to grow the corn Long days that started with the dawn And ended when the sun went down To end with fields all golden brown Corn swaying in the summer breeze And in insects dancing between the flowers they tease. Now its time to bring in the yield The once healthy sight is now an empty field The farmers rejoice as they finish there work And harvest ends with a celebration in the church. By Rebecca Foster - 8HS At harvest time the trees are brown The little leaves come tumbling down They do not make the slightest sound

7ES - Mrs Cullen’s form were the winners of Year 7

9HT - Mrs GarnerDowney’s form were the winners of Year 9

But lie so quietly on the ground Until the wind comes puffing by And blows them off towards the sky. 8HS - Ms Larsen’s form were the winners of Year 8

By Mitchell Clarke - 9ET

BBC Blast
BBC Blast Festival was an opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience of many activities including the following. Film-making, where the group learnt how to edit film footage they had taken. Art on Perspex painting onto perspex sheets that were then displayed in the Lowry as part of the Blast exhibition, Stage Combat which involved learning how to choreography fight scenes for film and TV and got the chance to work with the National Youth Theatre. Mobile Movies where they did research on healthy eating, shoes, etc then made a movie about it on their mobile phones. Meeple was a new kind of technology which allowed them to place a special card in front of a webcam and create a virtual image on the computer screen.

French Dept “Langtech “ visit
Our French department spent another very successful day at “Langtech” (Standish High School in Wigan). Our pupils, a mixture this time of Year 11, 10, 9 and 8 took part in various language activities. “Langtech” is a specialist language college which provides pupils with many opportunities to communicate in French. The pupils were given a shopping list and were expected to shop and ask for the items in French. There is a purpose built/mock street with shops set up there. The pupils also had to proceed through passport control, change their money into Euros and write a postcard in French to be delivered back home. Another session was spent in their ICT suite, this tested our pupils and awarded them a level in French accordingly. The final session was group language based activities. This was a very challenging and rewarding day and we are sure that the pupils involved will have benefited enormously from this experience Madame Rouillon.

Each month our CCA (Curriculum Continuity Area) choose 2 pupils to be CCA Superstar of the Month. These are pupils that within the month have worked extremely hard and been well behaved whilst in the CCA. They are given a certificate and a small prize. Winners are: September - Tammie Bleakley Matthew Finch 7ET 8ET October - Robert Burgess Keely Holroyd 11HR 11HR November - Oliver Chaplin 7HT Emma Croft 11EB

CCA Superstar of the Month

Going to a new school is always a mix of excitement and apprehension, especially if you have been used to the same surroundings for 6 years. End of October saw over 200 hundred potential students coming to ICCHS to attend our ‘Taster Lessons’ to give them a ‘taste’ of life in the High School. Pupils met some of their potential future teachers and were given the opportunity to attend 2 taster sessions from 10 different subjects, they all certainly seemed to enjoy the morning and threw themselves into the lessons and activities with great enthusiasm. In Music they warmed up with musical follow the leader, mirroring, rhythm and pulse games. The group then learnt and African Call & Response song called CHE CHE KOOLAY. They looked at different musical elements and how they could apply them to the new song. Then finally they learned their first keyboard tune! All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session and all left singing! In Maths the morning began with a real buzz of excitement as pupils played a probability dice strategy games they finished off with a game of splat, using times tables. It was boys v Girls! The Boys won! Pupils from Cadishead Primary School attended PSHE and invented board games in group, the theme of the morning was Halloween and the aim being to educate young children about anti-social behaviour at Halloween. They all did a great job, and their primary school teachers took the boards away to be worked on back at school! In History groups of pupils were given the task of building a castle and a shopping list of items. They had a budget and as a group they had to decided what to spend the money on and how to make the most defensive castle, they had to decide whether to have a drawbridge or should they invest in a well? The work they produced was excellent and they looked to be a group of real high-fliers!!

Taster Lessons

Anti Bullying Week
Monday 19th to Friday 23rd November will be the fourth annual event co-ordinated by the ‘Anti-Bullying Alliance’. This year’s theme is “safe together, safer wherever”. Its focus is on raising awareness of the important role that children, young people and adults can play to stop bullying by taking positive action when they see it happening.

The ICCHS Football teams have had a great season so far with some excellent victories. Year 7 & Yr 11 are leading the way for an outstanding season of success for the school. The top two teams go through to the knock out semi final in April. Followed by the finals in May that will be held at Irlam FC. Congratulations to Conor Byrne, Adam Icely & Jordan Norcross from Yr 9 who were selected to play for City of Salford School FA. They attended trials held at Manchester United’s Cliff training ground where over 150 boys attended. Well Done Boys!
Yr 7 Football League ICCHS St Patricks St Ambrose Barlow Salford City Academy Played 4 5 4 4 4 4 Played 4 3 2 2 3 4 Played 3 3 3 3 3 Won 4 3 2 1 0 0 Won 4 3 1 1 0 0 Won 3 2 1 0 0 Drew 0 1 0 1 2 0 Drew 0 0 0 0 0 0 Drew 0 0 0 0 0 Lost 0 1 2 2 2 4 Lost 0 0 1 1 3 4 Lost 0 1 2 3 3 Points 12 10 6 4 2 0 Points 12 9 3 3 0 0 Points 9 6 3 0 0

As part of ICCHS’s commitment to preventing bullying and to raise its profile the school has teamed up with Salford City Council and a number of schools within Salford and produced a website, students provided posters, poems, stories, messages, comic strips and short media clips. The website is accessible by anyone who has access to the internet and will be a permanent site which can be added to each year. Visit and take a look at the work produced. The anti-bullying wall was produced by Joe Ashton, Matt Ashton, Nathan Bancroft, Bradley Hulme, Christina Gilmartin, Nathan Callaghan, Lisa Duffy, Kayden Kay Williams, Nathan Lynch, Ross Canale, Ryan Marley, Lewis Smith, Heather Reigate, Lauren Gordan under the supervision of Mr Howarth. Victoria Marshall, Kelly Vernon Graeme Hunt, Sam Butterworth, Hannah Bloor made videos, comic strips, posters, poems and story boards. We are extremely proud of the contributions and efforts whilst working with other schools in Salford and have produced some excellent work.

Moorside Wentworth Yr 9 Football League St Ambrose Barlow St Patricks ICCHS Moorside Wentworth Salford City Academy Yr 11 Football League ICCHS St Patricks St Ambrose Barlow Salford City Academy Moorside

ICCHS was open for Visitors

How many will come? What about the weather? Well what did actually happen on 8th November, the day of ICCHS’s Open Evening? As in previous years we had a great many visitors to the school throughout the evening. There were scheduled talks in the Arts Theatre by Mr Lamb and all departments were open for visitors. There was a wide range of displays as well as the opportunity to see the type of work and activities that students are involved in. Our French department put on a very lively and interactive display. Our pupil helpers entered into the spirit of things by dressing up to look the part in stripy t-shirts and fancy The younger pupils were encouraged to make puppets speak French and were rewarded with chocolate euro coins. For the adults they set the task of labelling body parts in French, very interesting!!!! There were snacks provided to add to the flavour of the evening. “Merci beaucoup to all who took part” Madame Rouillon. The cast from Beauty and The Beast did a run-through of the production and took the opportunity on the night to perform in front of an audience. We received many compliments from visitors who greatly enjoyed their visit. Thank you to all staff and students who worked so hard before and during the evening to promote the best of ICCHS!

Careers Convention
This year we brought together over 20 organisations in the Sports Hall to answer questions and provide information about career opportunities in the local area. Listed are the names of some of the organisations that were there on the evening.
Higher Education Bolton University Salford University MMU Army Fire Service Royal Navy Work Solutions JTL YMCA Training ICCHS 6th Form Salford College MANCAT Aim Higher Connexions

Uniformed Services -

Training Providers (Apprenticeships) Further Education -

Prizegiving Evening
Our Annual Prizegiving Evening was held on Thursday 22nd November where we had the opportunity to celebrate the success of last years Year 11. Chair of Governors, Mark Halliwell, congratulated the students on a very successful year that has seen the school achieve great GCSE exam results. This was a wonderful evening, it was a true celebration of the school’s work. Prizes were given for student’s effort and achievement in all subject areas during 2006/2007.

Other Organisations -

The evening was a great success

Music Live @ NEC
The Year 10 BTEC music group went to Music Live at the Birmingham NEC in November to get a better idea of the opportunities that are on offer in the Music industry. Music Live is a ’hands-on’ exhibition, with demonstrations live performances, company stands and workshops with music specialists. It was a fantastic day and everyone came away with loads of free gifts.

Measure the speed of light!
Year 10 students tried to find the speed of light by using a microwave and Cadburys chocolate buttons. By putting the buttons in for 20 seconds then finding the buttons that melted and measuring the space between them we found half a wavelength, and then multiplied it by 2 to find the full wavelength. Once we had done this we multiplied it by the frequency that could be found on the back of the microwave. You then get the answer… the speed of a microwave which is the same as the speed of light. Try it for yourself!


Cross Country Championships
Pupils from ICCHS took part in the Cross Country Championships at Walkden on 7th November and did exceptionally well despite the poor weather.
Louise Wilson (Yr 7 Girls) finished 2nd Rebecca Foster (Yr 8 Girls) finished 4th Callum Catterick (Yr 7 Boys) finished 9th Adam Millar (Yr 8 Boys) finished 9th Laura Occleston (Yr 9 Girls) finished 4th



RE-OPEN Thursday 4th September

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Well done to all of the pupils that took part.

Monday 23rd February Monday 20th April Tuesday 5th May Monday 1st June Tuesday 30th June

Parent Governor Elections
Following on from the ballot for a new Parent Governor. Mrs J Hunt has been appointed to the Board of Governors

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