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filling the gap
in 2009
Banjuu is suffering.
Like very many children in the world, she has untreated dental caries. If they remain untreated her now painful decay can lead to a serious infection, early tooth loss and possible disfigurement. Banjuu’s physical and mental development could be significantly impaired. I would like Dentaid to be there to help Banjuu and millions more like her in the developing world through our training, prevention and treatment programmes.

The gap
Without partners to support us, especially those in the dental profession who understand this situation, our ability to do so much more for children like Banjuu and her community is severely limited. That’s why I am asking you or your practice to support the important work being done by Dentaid and help us to make people’s lives so much better and healthier.

The filling
A regular donation of just £20 per month will help fill Dentaid’s funding gap. Giving in this way over a period of time will help us continue to establish more oral health programmes for children like Banjuu and other disadvantaged communities and children. As you will appreciate, a regular gift will help me to plan and utilise the resources of Dentaid more effectively, as well as knowing we have a core of solid support taking us through 2009 and into the future. A future in which with your support, for Banjuu and all like her, I hope prevention will be more prevalent than cure. Please

actbynow and returning our “Partners in Action” form overleaf. completing

With thanks and appreciation

Andy Jong

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