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                                                          A newspaper article called “Linda’s             Society for Human Advancement
                                                          Window on the World” started it all.
SHARE Foundation                                                                                          through Rehabilitation Engineering
UMass Dartmouth                                           Les Cory, a professor of electrical and
                                                          computer engineering at UMass Dartmouth,

285 Old Westport Road
                                                          read this incredible story of a young woman
North Dartmouth, MA 02747
                                                          who communicated with her family by
(508) 999-8482                                            staring at individual letters on a Plexiglas
                                                                                                                 F O U N D AT I O N , I N C .
                                                          board. Linda Texceira, born with cerebral
                                                          palsy, could not speak or use her hands;
NAME                                                      yet, she could spell out her thoughts to
                                                          her mother, who tracked the movement
ADDRESS                                                   of Linda’s eyes.
                                                          Convinced that a computer system could be
                                                          created to enable Linda to communicate
                                                          more effectively, Professor Cory enlisted the
                                                          expertise of colleague Phil Viall. The two
CITY                                                      designed a unique system tailored to Linda’s
                                                          abilities and needs. Equipped with a voice
STATE                       ZIP                           synthesizer, the system not only made
                                                          Linda a writer, but allowed her to “speak.”

E-MAIL                                                    Soon more systems for other people with
                                                          disabilities followed. The growing demand
                                                          for such equipment led Cory, Viall and
       I am pleased to make a donation and have           another engineering professor, Richard
                                                                                                                 Providing specially adapted
       enclosed my check for $___________.                Walder, to incorporate the nonprofit
                                                          foundation SHARE, which today supports                 computer systems for
       I can give a few hours as a volunteer.             the innovative work done at the UMass
                   (     )
       Call me at _____________________________.          Dartmouth Center for Rehabilitation                    people with disabilities
       Please send me your newsletter, SHARE Notes.
                                                          Since its beginnings in 1981, SHARE and
                                                          the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering
       Please send me a copy of the award-winning
                                                          have helped more than 2,500 children and
       SHARE video. I have enclosed my gift of
                                                          adults communicate with the world around
       $10 or more.
                                                          them by providing them with adaptive
                                                          equipment and services.
Imagine the frustration of having                        what                                              helping
ideas and dreams which you cannot
express to others.
                                                                                                               SHARE others
                                                            We help people with many different                 As a non-endowed, nonprofit organization,
        Imagine being unable to tell                        disabilities, including cerebral palsy, ALS        SHARE relies upon donations of money and
        someone your needs, get an education,               (Lou Gehrig’s disease), multiple sclerosis,        equipment from individuals, businesses, and
                                                            visual impairments, and accident or stroke-        organizations.
        or earn a living.
                                                            related conditions.
                                                                                                               SHARE also depends upon its dedicated
                                                            When a person who is disabled comes                volunteers, who help with technical work,
        The SHARE Foundation has                            to us for help, we evaluate that person’s          fundraisers, and client services.
        imagined those scenarios and, for                   abilities and needs in consultation with
        more than 20 years, has been putting                the individual and members of the
        the imaginations of engineers to work               individual’s support group.

        to enable people with severe disabilities           Then our Client Services staff may recom-
        to express their thoughts and needs                 mend appropriate commercial equipment
                                                            or work with the engineers and technicians
        through the power of computers.
                                                            of the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering
                                                            to design or modify equipment to suit the
                                                            abilities and needs of the person who has
                                                            requested our help.

                                                            Each system is controlled by a user-suitable       Engineering students learn hands-on
                                                            set of switches. Some switches are hand or         skills while helping SHARE provide
                                                                                                               adaptive computers for disabled
                                                            finger operated; some are controlled by
                                                                                                               children and adults.
                                                            facial muscles; others are activated by the
                                                            raising of an eyebrow or by sipping on a
                                                            drinking straw. Some people control their
        Linda Texceira at her first SHARE-provided          systems by talking to them or simply by            To find out more about SHARE, become
        system in 1982. On the cover, Linda is working      gazing at a special control screen. New            a volunteer, become a supporter, or have
        with her latest equipment, a dual-computer                                                             us speak to a civic group, send in the
        system that allows her to use any Windows-
                                                            systems and new ways of controlling
        based software. Advancements in technology          systems are being developed as new                 form on the other side or e-mail us at
        have opened up new opportunities for Linda,         technology becomes available.
                                                                                                      You may also visit our
        including those afforded by the Internet.                                                              website at

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