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					                        …protecting the land that protects our quality of life

What is the Santa Fe Conservation Trust?

We are a non-profit organization preserving the unique spirit of place of Northern New Mexico
by working with communities and landowners to protect natural lands, enhance wildlife habitat,
create trail systems, and preserve the traditional landscapes of our diverse culture.

How does the Trust operate?

We’re a practical, on-the-ground resource and tool for private landowners and communities
wishing to permanently protect the conservation values of their land—undeveloped natural
areas, clean water, scenic views, rivers and streams, trails, prehistoric and historic sites, and
working ranches and farmlands.

It’s been shown that a balanced portfolio of natural versus developed land in and around
communities strengthens local economies, raises quality of life, instills community pride, attracts
higher-paying businesses and industries, supports healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation,
keeps children in touch with nature, and preserves the intertwined heritage of landscapes and

We own no property; our primary means of protecting land is to work with willing landowners to
create permanent voluntary land protection agreements (conservation easements) on private
property. Created in 1993, the Trust currently holds 70 such agreements on approximately
31,000 acres in Santa Fe and other counties, and has been a partner in the development of trail
systems such as the Santa Fe Rail Trail, the Dale Ball Trails, and the planned Arroyo Hondo
Open Space trails. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We monitor these beautiful, protected lands in perpetuity, ensuring they will stay forever natural
and increase in value to society over time as growth comes to the Land of Enchantment.

What are the Santa Fe Conservation Trust’s current projects (2007)?

Regional Trail System
    Leadership in the development of Santa Fe’s hiking and biking trails by working with local
    government, private landowners, and partner organizations to improve existing trails, add
    new ones, and secure the connections for a county-wide trails network.
    Convening the first-ever Trails Summit to initiate coordination between city, county, and
    community trail planners.
    Creating a user-friendly online trail resource for hikers and bikers in the Santa Fe area.

Upper Pecos River
    Partnership with the newly-formed Upper Pecos River Watershed Association to protect
    and enhance the breathtaking beauty of the Pecos River and the wildlife it supports, and
    support recreational activities that promote conservation.

            Santa Fe Conservation Trust…protecting the land that protects our quality of life.
Galisteo Basin
     Ongoing work with landowners, communities, and partner organizations in the 730-square-
     mile Galisteo Basin due south of Santa Fe—a regional ecological and archeological
     treasure facing intense development pressure.
     First-ever conservation map of the Galisteo Basin, identifying priority areas of focus
     (where natural, scenic, and cultural resources occur in high concentrations)

Outreach Program for Professionals and Landowners
     A sustained education program to make landowners, the professionals who advise them,
     key local officials, and the community at large aware of the role conservation easements
     can play in preserving our unique landscape now and for future generations.
     Achieving statewide recognition as the “go to” organization for all legal aspects of
     conservation easements

Support for Conservation Legislation
    We’re supporters of HB 990, the Real Property Transfers Tax Credit (NM Rep. Peter
    Wirth). This visionary bill will encourage New Mexican landowners to conserve
    landscapes, particularly those owned by rural landowners and traditional multi-
    generational families who are “land rich/cash poor.” By preserving their working
    agricultural lands, New Mexico farming and ranching families will be able to continue
    owning and working their land; to pass it on to their children without risk of loss due to
    inflated property values; and to help the Land of Enchantment retain the beauty of our
    traditional landscapes.

How can I help the Trust preserve northern New Mexico’s’ spirit of place?

Consider supporting us with a tax-deductible gift
  Please contact Rici Peterson, Executive Director, at rici@sfct.org or 989-7019. You may
  also make an online donation at www.sfct.org.

Explore the possibility of placing a conservation easement on your land
   Please contact Matthew McQueen, Director of Conservation Programs, at
   matthew@sfct.org or 989-7019 for more information.

Visit www.sfct.org
   …for downloadable publications, program information, and to sign up for announcements
   about special events, tours, activities and partnerships.

Share your knowledge
   Help us spread the word about the Trust and our work to protect quality of life in our
   communities. We’ll send your friends a free newsletter.

Contact us for other ways to get involved
  We love hearing from people who share our love of the land.

       Santa Fe Conservation Trust
       PO Box 23985, Santa Fe, NM 87502

           Santa Fe Conservation Trust…protecting the land that protects our quality of life.