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Canon Michael J Fitzpatrick St Osmund’s 95 Exeter Street Salisbury SP1 2SF 01722 333 581 Deacon John Proctor 01722 501 586 Chapel of the Good Shepherd Barford Lane, Downton Salisbury SP5 3QA Holy Redeemer Fotherby Crescent Bishopdown Farm Salisbury SP1 3EG Parish Office Monday - Friday 9.30 - 12.30 01722 333 581 Websites Fr Thomas Dubois St Gregory’s 44 St Gregory’s Avenue Salisbury SP2 7JP 01722 334 496 Deacon Stephen Godwin 01722 501 854 Chapel of the Holy Family Southampton Road, Whaddon Salisbury SP5 3EE
Year C Weekday Cycle 1 Psalter Week 4

SATURDAY 19 December SUNDAY 20 December

6.00 pm 6.00 pm 9.00 am 9.00 am 9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am 7.15 pm 8.45 am 9.00 am 9.00 am 7.00 pm 9.00 am 9.30 am 9.45 am 9.00 am 10.00 am 11.00 am

Holy Redeemer Holy Family St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s Good Shepherd St Osmund’s St Osmund’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s Holy Redeemer St Osmund’s


Ian Hunter RIP People of the Parish

Morning Prayer MASS Special Intentions MASS Mervyn Lloyd Walters RIP MASS Ellen Orr RIP MASS Doris Phelan RIP Youth MASS Tommy and Joan Wentworth RIP Morning Prayer Mass Pauline Burke RIP Holy Hour Penitential Service Holy Hour Morning Prayer MASS Shelia Webb RIP MASS Mike Lamb RIP MASS Sons and Daughters of Little Faith Funeral Mass of Jim Presley RIP

MONDAY 21 December

TUESDAY 22 December WEDNESDAY 23 December

Christmas Eve - Thursday 24 December 4.30 pm St Gregory’s Carols 5.00 pm St Gregory’s Vigil MASS 5.40 pm St Osmund’s Carols 6.00 pm Vigil MASS 8.00 pm Holy Redeemer Vigil MASS 11.30 pm St Osmund’s Carols 12.00 midnight St Osmund’s MASS Christmas Morning - Friday 25 December 9.00 am St Osmund’s MASS 9.30 am St Gregory’s MASS 11.00 am St Osmund’s MASS 11.00 am Good Shepherd MASS SATURDAY 26 December St Stephen 10.30 am St Osmund’s MASS

Shaun Thomas RIP Kevin and Pat Mooney RIP Mary and Kieran Downes RIP People of the Parish Special Intentions Bill Monogue RIP Lydia Conio RIP People of the Parish In Thanksgiving

S AC R AM E N T O F R E C O N C I L I AT I O N St Gregory’s: Fridays 10.30 am St Osmund’s: Saturdays 11.00 am Holy Redeemer: Saturdays 5.45 pm Also by request, please contact one of the priests.

LITURGY OF THE WORD– Fourth Sunday of Advent
First Reading Psalm Response: Second Reading Gospel Acc Gospel Micah 5:1-4 Out of you will be born the one who is to rule over Israel. Psalm 79 God of hosts, bring us back; Let your face shine on us and we shall be saved. Hebrews 10:5-10 Here I am! I am coming to obey your will. Alleluia, alleluia! I am the handmaid of the Lord: Let what you have said be done to me. Alleluia! Luke 1:39-44 Why should I be honoured with a visit from the mother of my Lord? THIS WEEK’S PRAYER INTENTIONS (20 to 26 December) Clifton Diocese - With the rest of the Clifton Diocese, we pray this week for All HM Forces Chaplains in our Clifton Diocese Salisbury Churches Together - With the Christian Community of Salisbury, please remember in your prayers Sharing and giving of hospitality Please Remember in Your Prayers Jim Presley, whose funeral takes places this week, as well as his family and friends. Lydia Conio, who died this week, and her family and friends.

Dear Friends in Christ, Each day the newspapers list the names and ages of some famous people whose birthday it is. It normally is some famous actor, actress or singer. But December 25 will be different. It always is. Jesus Christ, a former carpenter turned street preacher, who died a criminal’s death at age 33. On that day our world will pause and celebrate and take notice twenty centuries later. Why? Because people are seldom what they seem at first. Jesus, the street preacher and healer, is actually the Son of God, born human like us, born of his mother Mary. We believe that God became human so that we could become the adopted daughters and sons of God. We are brothers and sisters to one another in Christ, now in this life, and forever with Him, and His Father, and the Holy Spirit of their love. Jesus was born, lived, died and rose again so that we could share God’s life in Him. Christmas is every Christian’s birthday. Because Jesus was born, each of us can be born again, with the promise of eternal life. But there is a condition: we must recognize Jesus and respond to him. And that response is not automatic or easy. The shepherds and the wise men did recognize how special Jesus was, and did respond to him. Others did not. Still others, like Herod, resisted and attacked him. That was true all over again while he went about preaching and healing as a man. The lesson of Christmas for us is to be sure not to miss Jesus; but to recognize him and respond to him. We recognize Jesus and respond to him: in other people’s needs. Sometimes people’s needs are so great, they frighten us off: so many hungry, homeless people, and so little each of us can do; what to say to someone who is seriously ill or angry or bitter and alienated. In those situations we do not know where to begin. At other times the needs are so simple we miss them. Whether the needs are great or small, we need to give of ourselves whatever we can, knowing that Jesus measures the caring of the heart. We give thanks, then, for God’s gift to us at Christmas and we give thanks for our own birth into the life of heaven that comes to us through the birth of the infant in the crib. A joyful Christmas to all of you, and, in a very real sense, Happy Birthday! Yours in Christ

Canon Michael J Fitzpatrick and Fr Tom Dubois

ADVENT PENITENTIAL SERVICES We are having penitential service for Advent at St Osmund’s tomorrow 21 December at 7pm. Confessions are also available at the regular times listed on the front of the newsletter, or ask either Fr Michael or Fr Tom who would be very happy to hear your confession at any other time. LIFT UP YOUR VOICES Choir practice tomorrow 21 December at 6.30pm, for midnight Mass. ST GREGORY’S CHRISTMAS EVE MASS Will be organised by the Children’s Liturgy & children of the Parish. All children are encouraged to attend Mass dressed as Nativity characters. EPIPHANY PARTY will take place form 3pm to 5pm on Sunday January 10th at St Elizabeth Hall. We would ask Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to take invitations to those they visit. Invitations are available in the church. If you would like to come, please fill in an invitation, either for yourself or for a friend. We can arrange transport for anyone who needs it. URGENT UPDATE-CHURCH CLEANING As there is a funeral now at 11am on 23 December at St Osmund’s church cleaning & flower arranging will be from 1pm, PLEASE come along & help. CHRISTMAS MASSES IN SALISBURY Please take one (or more) of the ‘Christmas Mass Times’ cards for your family as well as your friends and neighbours or friends who may want to know these times. Maybe you know someone who has stopped attending mass regularly? If you feel shy, drop it through their letterbox. Christmas is a time when some people consider returning to the Church, let’s make sure they find a warm welcome in our churches. Please look out for visitors and make sure that they are made to feel ‘at home’. EVANGELISATION GROUP Next meets at Holy Redeemer 8pm Monday 18 January 2010. New members are most welcome to help us plan evangelisation initiatives for the parish. WHAT WAS NEWMAN LIKE? Following the tremendous success of our previous introductory talk, Newman scholar and Parishioner, Dr Joyce Sugg has generously agreed to give us another talk in the Parish rooms at 7.30 pm on Friday 15 January. YEAR OF THE PRIEST As part of our celebration of the year of the priest, we will be having a special session with Deacon Matt Anscombe from 3-4 pm on Sunday 24 January, in which he will share his journey to the priesthood, and answer any questions. There will also be a time of prayer for him and the other students for the priesthood for the diocese.

TRAIDCRAFT STALL is at St Osmund’s Presbytery 10.00 am to 11.00 am today Sunday 20 December ST OSMUND’S CHRISTMAS RAFFLE. A very special thank you to James & Marta Slade for the very kind donation of the homemade Christmas Hamper which raised £28 towards the building fund.. FESTIVE LUNCH in St Osmund’s Presbytery at 1.00 pm today Sunday 20 December. Anyone aged 18-40 is most welcome to join our friendly group. ST GREGORY’S CHRISTMAS CONCERT was a successful & enjoyable event. Chris Francis would like to thank everyone who performed & gave so generously of their time..£160 was raised & will be divided between Salisbury Hospice & Salisbury Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. A big thank you to everyone involved. SALISBURY HAMPER BRIGADE The Salisbury Hamper Brigade works with the Trussell Trust to raise money to buy food parcels for many local families in financial difficulties. Please come and join in with the packing in St Osmund’s Parish Rooms from 10.30 am Tuesday 22 December and delivery in the afternoon. THE ALPHA COURSE begins on Sunday 3 January 2009 at 7pm at St Gregory’s. This fantastic course is open to anyone who would like to deepen their faith and have the opportunity to discuss it with others. Further info from Tim & Sarah Varney 01722 410985 or email

DEANERY CONFIRMATION PROGRAMME 2010 The confirmation programme begins on 12 January and is open to anyone in Year 9 or above. Application forms are available from all our churches. If you would like to join the programme please return the forms to one of the priests by today (Sunday 20 December). THE SOURCE The next meeting is on Wednesday 13 January. More details from Fr Tom. YOUTH SVP will meet next on Friday 15 January. THE UPPER ROOM A new group for 14-18s is launching on Monday 18 January at 5pm at St Osmund’s presbytery. Do join us for a chance to chat over coffee with other young catholics. GOODBYE to Rob Windsor, who leaves us for his new job working for Ten Ten Theatre with our grateful thanks for all he has done here, and our best wishes and prayers for his new role.

Year C Weekday Cycle 1 Seasonal Proper SATURDAY 26 December SUNDAY 27 December HOLY FAMILY 6.00 pm 6.00 pm 9.00 am 9.00 am 9.30 am 11.00 am 11.00 am 7.15 pm 8.45 am 9.00 am 9.00 am 9.00 am 9.30 am 9.45 am 9.00 am 10.00 am 9.00 am 12.00 pm 9.00 am 10.00 am 7.00 pm 9.00 am 10.30 am Holy Redeemer Holy Family St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s Good Shepherd St Osmund’s St Osmund’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s Holy Redeemer St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s St Gregory’s St Osmund’s MASS MASS Harry Fleming RIP People of the Parish

Morning Prayer MASS Josephine Kelly RIP MASS People of the Parish MASS Patrick John Maloney RIP MASS Josephine Kohlhofer RIP MASS Christmas Blessings for Eileen, Joan and Mary Morning Prayer MASS Mary Robson RIP Holy Hour Holy Hour Morning Prayer MASS Holy Hour MASS Holy Hour MASS Holy Hour MASS MASS Holy Hour MASS Private Intentions Marie Therese Farley

MONDAY 28 December Holy Innocents TUESDAY 29 December

WEDNESDAY 30 December THURSDAY 31 December FRIDAY 1 January Mary, Mother of God SATURDAY 2 January

The First Reading, Psalm, Second Reading and Gospel Acclamation from Year A may be used. First Reading Psalm Second Reading Gospel Acc Gospel Samuel 1:20-22 24-28 Samuel is made over to the Lord for the whole of his life Psalm 83 They are happy who dwell in your house, O Lord First letter of St John 3:1-2 21-24 We are called God’s children and that is what we are Alleluia, alleluia! Open our heart, O Lord, to accept the words of your Son. Alleluia! Luke 2: 41-52 Jesus is found by his parents sitting among the doctors THIS WEEK’S PRAYER INTENTIONS (27 Dec - 2 Jan) Clifton Diocese - With the rest of the Clifton Diocese, we pray this week for all Hospital and Prison Chaplains in our Clifton Diocese Salisbury Churches Together - With the Christian Community of Salisbury please remember in your prayers Eco- congregations, Wiltshire Agenda 21 and for our care of the environment. EXPRESSION 2010 This is an exciting new venture by and for the young people of the Salisbury parishes. It is a weekend that will be held in Salisbury from 16-18 April 2010, for people aged 14-25 from Salisbury and other parts of the South of England. If you are aged 14-25 and would like to be involved in planning and preparing for the event, please contact We are planning to launch Expression 2010 to the parish on Thursday 11 February. People of all ages are invited to come to support our young people. We would also ask for your support through prayer for this event. You are also invited to a time of prayer for this event on Friday 29 January from 7:45pm to 8:45pm.

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