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					Super CB Series Clutch/Brake Packages
Longer Life, Extra Performance, Solenoid Operated Units
High torque in small package. Actuating solenoid is AC or DC operated. Brake engages automatically when de-clutched. Maintenance-free self-lubricating hubs are 18% oil by volume. Hardened thrust washers on input and brake end. Sintered metal hub offers easy machining for custom drive attachments. Hardened and ground shaft. Hub mounting holes for simple pulley or sprocket mounting. Hardened crossover points on input, output and brake hubs provide increased life. Steel tip insert on control cam collar. Single or multi-stop collars control rotation, ± 1/2° stop repeatability.

Super CB series combination clutches and brakes accurately start and stop loads driven by a continuously rotating power source. CB units operate from a single AC or DC pulse, stopping the load within ±1/2° noncumulative at speeds up to 750 RPM, depending on size. Each unit is pre-engineered and preassembled for easy installation. Super CB clutches and brakes provide 3 to 5 times longer life! The five sizes of Super CB clutch/brake packages offer extraordinary performance and durability for those applications requiring long life under high load, high duty cycle conditions. Will retrofit standard CB-5, CB-6, CB-7, CB-8, CB-10.

s Available in 5 sizes s Cost-effective design s 3–5 times longer life than Standard

s Split cam design sizes CB-5, CB-6,

CB-7, CB-8
s Adjustable control collars for easy

and accurate output stop position setting
s Load over-travel or back-up is


s s



eliminated since Super CB units lock the load in both directions when the solenoid is off Anti-overrun feature prevents the output from running faster than the input Roller bearings never need adjustment for wear Bring loads up to speed in 3 milliseconds and stop within 1.5 milliseconds Easy interface to PCs and other controls including Deltran PT Photoscanner photoelectrics AC or DC operated—other voltages available

s See pages 63 and 64 for controls,

Typical Applications
s Riveters s Punch presses s Packaging equipment s Conveyor drives s Heavy duty machinery s Rapid cycling equipment

power supplies s Direct retrofit for Standard CB-5, CB-6, CB-7, CB-8, CB-10 s 1-, 2- or 4-stop collar standard; up to 24 maximum available s Heavy-duty industrial grade coils
s High cycle rate capability s High torque to size ratio s Repeatable positioning within ±1⁄2°

Super CB Series

Super CB Series
Static Torque Maximum anti-overrun holding capability Maximum anti-back holding capability Inertia, rotating parts Maximum radial bearing load at maximum speed Maximum operating speed Response time, voltage on at full speed Weight (mm) CB-5 250 (28.25 N-m) 45 (5.085 N-m) 160 (18.08 N-m) .195 32 lbs. 750 RPM 27 MS 3 lbs. CB-6 500 (56.5 N-m) 300 (33.9 N-m) 300 (33.9 N-m) 1.718 63 lbs. 500 RPM 45 MS 7 lbs. CB-7 1,500 (169.5 N-m) 600 (67.8 N-m) 600 (67.8 N-m) 6.75 lb. in.2 300 lbs. 400 RPM 50 MS 12 lbs. CB-8 2,500 (282.5 N-m) 600 (67.8 N-m) 600 (67.8 N-m) 12.84 300 lbs. 300 RPM 50 MS 15 lbs. CB-10 5,000 (565 N-m) 1,200 (135.6 N-m) 1,200 (135.6 N-m) 48.0 500 lbs. 200 RPM 70 MS 27 lbs.

RPM vs. Shaft Diameter
Shaft Diameter Std. Special in in (mm) (mm)*
/” (12.7)

Control Collars

How to Order
Super CB 1 -6 2 CW 3 24V 4 3/4" 5 2 6

CB–5 CB–6 CB–7 CB–8 CB–10

Max. RPM
750 500 300 300 200

— —
3/4” (19.05)

Retaining Ring

Drive Sleeve

Stop Cam

Coupling Sleeve

Brake Sleeve

/ ” or 1” (19.05 or 25.4)

(Size 5, 6, 7, 8 only)

1", 11/4”, 11/2” (25.4, 31.75, 38.10) 11/4”, 11/2” (31.75, 38.1) 11/2” (38.1)

Specify: 1. Series Super CB Imperial Metric 2. Size: CB-5, CB-6, CB-7, CB-8, CB-10

1”, 13/8” (25.4, 34.925) 15/8”, 13/4” (41.275, 44.45)

Retaining Ring

Stop Cam


(Size 10 only)

3. Direction of rotation: CW Clockwise CCW Counterclockwise 4. Coil voltage: 115 AC or 24 DC are standard 12 DC or 90 DC are modifications 5. Bore size: CB-5: 1/2" standard CB-6: 3/4", 1" standard CB-7: 1", 11/4", 11/2" standard 3/4" special order CB-8: 11/4", 11/2" standard 1", 13/8" special order CB-10: 11/2" standard 15/8", 13/4" special order 6. Stop collar: 1, 2 or 4 stop standard Other stop collars are special Example: Super CB-6, CW, 24V, 3/4" bore, 2 stop collar.

* Consult Factory

Dust Covers (Optional)
Easily installed enclosures protect clutch/brake units from dirt, contaminants and moisture. Helps to assure longer life.

Super CB-5, 6, 7 and 8 model clutch/brakes offer unique splined stop collars which can be adjusted radially in fine increments. This feature allows the user to reposition the output to comply with specified shaft and keyway placements. Standard stop collar positioning increments are shown below for all Super models. –5 –6 –7 –8 –10 1.8° Adjustable 1.8° Adjustable 1.6° Adjustable 1.6° Adjustable 1.5° Adjustable

Plastic (in all model sizes) Aluminum (Size 6 only)

Optional Multiple Stop Collars
A one, two or four stop collar is standard on Super Series clutch/brakes. A variety of stop collar configurations, up to 24 stops maximum, are available.* Consult factory for complete information.
*Note: 4 stop maximum with steel tip cam.

Pneumatic Actuation
Available on Super CB-5, CB-6, CB-7, CB-8 and CB-10 clutches.

Super CB Series

Standard Wrap Spring Products

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