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									LIGHTING MANAGEMENT Lighting solutions
Studio 2+
A high power single channel stand alone dimmer for simple dimming applications. This set-up comprises a remote dimmer (which is best installed in a cupboard or above the ceiling) and a silent grid slider control which is used to operate the lights. This slider control is mounted on a white Eaton’s MEM plate ready for installation, or can be installed on another grid plate. Studio 2+ is a kit that contains: • One remote dimmer pack. • One single module grid slider dimmer, push-on/push-off, mounted on a 1 gang, white moulded Eaton’s MEM grid plate. • Adaptor collars for grid systems – Eaton’s MEM Grid, MK Gridplus & Gridswitch, Crabtree Rockergrid and some Wandsworth Series 2 configurations.

Studio 2+ Kit

• For use with tungsten and tungsten halogen lighting. • Suitable for electronic transformers compatible with leading edge resistive or inductive load dimmers. • Suitable for wire-wound laminated or toroidal transformers. • May be used with dimmable cold cathode/neon lighting incorporating a dimmable wire-wound transformer. • An option of on/off switching from multiple positions can be achieved by using a momentary grid switch (product code HA5293). This can be installed in all the grid systems mentioned above. • Not suitable for use with high frequency fluorescents with either analogue 1-10V, PC-A Digital or DALI digital ballasts (see Studio 3 range). Also not suitable for dimming discharge lighting.

• Single Channel. • Variable and switched live outputs. • Single module grid slider control (supplied) dimensions – 89mm x 89mm. Required a standard BS wall box – minimum depth 41mm (not supplied). • Studio 2+ can only be used for dimming from one position, however use of a secondary switch (eg.HA5293) may be used to permit switching (but not dimming) from multiple positions. • Optional push on/off momentary single module switch (product code HA5294 – not supplied). Requires a standard BS wall box – minimum depth 41mm. (Wall box, grid and faceplate not supplied).


• The slider control is connected to the dimmer pack via twin and earth cable – minimum 0.5mm2 (cable not supplied). • When dimming low voltage lighting, remember to allow for transformer losses. Total circuit load must not exceed maximum dimmer rating. Typically, total circuit load = total lamp was +20% (or 15% for electronic transformers). • Dimmer pack dimensions – 272.2mm x 173mm x 100mm.



Studio 2+ 10A universal dimmer pack 200/250V AC 50Hz.

This two part system is designed for high-power stand-alone dimming requirements, having a grid slider control which runs cool and silent at extra-low-voltage and a dimmer pack which is mounted in a remote location, such as a distribution cupboard or above the ceiling. Designed for ease of installation while simple cabling requirements assist retrofit applications. Supplied complete with grid slider control (HA5292) mounted on a white plate, plus collars to suit various grid systems, will suite with other “Grid” dimmers. (For further details relating to grid controllers, refer to earlier section titled “Grid Dimmers”. Disregard the standard Grid dimmer wiring details. As the HA5293 grid slider controller does not generate heat, the connected load of this unit can be ignored when calculating the plate loading rules). Only one switch/slider control (HA5292) can be used per dimmer pack, however, simple on/off switching can be carried out from multiple positions by means of further momentary push-switches, e.g. HA5293 grid switch. Note, suitable switches must have gold plated momentary action contacts, where each press of any switch causes the dimmer pack output to toggle between the on and off states, where ‘on’ is the light level called for by the current setting of the HA5292 slider. After a power interruption, lights stay off, regardless of their prior state, until an on/off switch is pressed.


Studio 2+ 20A universal dimmer pack 200/250V AC 50Hz.


Adaptor collar pack for non-Eaton grid slider controls. Pack contains MK, Crabtree, Wandsworth.


Adaptor collar pack for non-Eaton secondary grid switches.


Studio 2+ 1-10V grid slider control with Eaton colour matched collar.


Studio 2+ 2W secondary grid switches with Eaton colour matched collar.

Feed from Suitable MCB LNE 230V SPN To Load 10/20A Dimmer Pack HA7008/HA7009

Diagram 2.2

Push On/Off Slide to Dim HA5292

Push On/Off Switch Only HA5293

Maximum Total Length of Control Cable - 300m Standard Twin & Earth Cable Minimum 0.5 2mm

To Further HA5293s (As Required)

Incorporating a permanent soft-start feature, these dimmers are suitable for Tungsten, mains voltage Tungsten Halogen, Low Voltage lighting incorporating dimmable toroidal and laminated wire-wound transformers and certain dimmable ‘leading-edge’ type electronic transformers and dimmable fluorescent luminaires incorporating either UDT or EL-FD control gear. Remember to allow for transformer/ballast/control-gear losses. (Refer to relevant technical sections above for full details relating to dimming of Tungsten, Low Voltage and Fluorescent lighting). (For typical wiring schematic see Diagram 2.2).

Install standard 1-way or 2-way wall switches in the feed to the dimmer pack and the HA5292 slider controller elsewhere. Now, when commissioning the system, power up the dimmer pack and press the small button marked ‘PS1’ (in dimmer pack) for 1 sec, this will override the HA5292’s on/off function. Now, when a wall switch is turned on the lights come on straight away to the level as set on the HA5292 slider.

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