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									Best Hotel Spa 2002 & Finalist 2007 presented by Professional Beauty Awards Finalist - Condé Nast Johansens 2006 ‘Most Excellent Spa in Great Britain & Ireland’ Condé Nast Publications Hotel of the Year 2005 presented by East Midlands Tourism

Whittlebury Hall Hotel and Spa, Whittlebury, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8QH Fax: 01327 858 987

Reservations Tel: 0845 400 0002 Email:

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Welcome to The Day Spa


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You are about to embark on a journey of Spa experiences that will relax, rejuvenate and refresh both your mind and body...

Welcome to The Day Spa at Whittlebury Hall
From the moment you arrive, we will take you out of your daily routine and into ours. You will experience a host of stimulating heat and ice treatments, complemented by wonderful therapies. The Day Spa offers the ultimate in pampering with treatments from the houses of Elemis, ESPA, Jessica and Jane Iredale cosmetics. Our team of therapists are dedicated to your needs. Whether you are with us for the day or decide to stay on a spa break for one or more nights, we are sure you will have an experience that will make you want to return time and time again.

Foot Spas Hydrotherapy Pool Ice Cave Roman Salt Steam Sanarium Tepidarium Traditional Sauna

Spa Ancient Bathing Rituals
Within The Day Spa, you have the opportunity to select treatments which incorporate the ancient bathing rituals associated with our: Hamman Chamber Rasul Soap Massage Room

Our Heat and Ice Experiences
These experiences are taken in the bustling atmosphere of the spa and provide body sensations as a result of different temperatures. Move through the treatments increasing your body’s temperature before stepping into the Ice Cave to stimulate your circulation and senses, whilst aiding the elimination of toxins and exfoliating your skin. Your body will feel invigorated and your skin will feel soft, smooth and hydrated. Aromatherapy Crystal Steam Caldarium Experience Showers

For those seeking exercise
Visiting The Day Spa can be as relaxing or as energetic as you wish and during your visit you can make full use of our Leisure Club: 44 station Cybex™ Gymnasium 19 metre Pool with Bubble Jets Sauna Steam Room Whirlpool Spa


Heat and Ice Experience
optimum conditions for relaxation. But steam baths are also especially beneficial for the respiratory system and for rheumatic complaints. Salt Steam has the added benefit of a salt water atmosphere, which is great for cleansing and toning the skin and stimulating the circulation.
Shower Warm Footbath Caldarium Steam or Salt Steam Cool Down and Relaxation Shower

Heat and Ice Experience
One of the main treatments is still the traditional soap foam massage* that is carried out on the ‘hot stone’ massage table. Repeated dousing with lukewarm water between the massages and a long rest afterwards, turn the hamman into an extraordinarily relaxing bathing experience.

Cool Down and Relaxation Sauna Warm Footbath

If you find a classical Finnish Sauna too hot or too dry, the Sanarium offers the ideal alternative. A temperature of around 60°C and a controlled humidity of not more than 55% creates a particularly gentle and temperate climate in which to relax and feel good. Relaxing in the Sanarium is the ideal way to recharge your batteries. The unique blend of heat followed by a stimulating shower boosts the body’s natural defences and promotes the circulation, shifting your entire metabolism up a gear. A Sanarium bath also cleanses the skin and tones up the body’s tissue.

Suggested Bathing Plan
Always start with a thorough shower, removing all makeup, deodorants and perfumes. Dry thoroughly. A warm foot bath will open the blood vessels and promote circulation. The Caldarium is your main starting point as this is a lower temperature than the other units and is often used as a warm up. After the Caldarium, you can go either into the Sauna or the Sanarium, and this will depend on heat preference. After a treatment in each unit, it is important that you cool down (showers and Ice Cave) and relax (warm benches, bathing, Tepidariums or even back in the Caldarium) for at least 20 minutes. You can then repeat this cycle 2 or 3 times (in the Sauna or Sanarium). It is important that you enter the units dry, not wet from the showers or spa as this stops you perspiring and therefore does not have any real beneficial effects. After, you should move on to the steam bath and repeat the same cycle – bathing, cooling, relaxing and repeat. Before getting dressed and leaving, it is important to cool off properly (putting clothes on straight away could make you feel a little unwell). It is important that you drink plenty of water or fruit juice throughout the day to aid rehydration

Sanarium Cool Down and Relaxation

Warm Footbath

These experiences provide unique body sensations brought about by dramatic changes in temperature. A combination of heat experiences derived from ancient Roman, Greek, Turkish and Finnish rituals.

The beneficial effects of perspiring in specially designed facilities have been known for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew and used the therapeutic effects of perspiration, although the modern practice of savouring a Sauna in a log cabin, at high temperatures and low humidity, originated in Finland.

Caldarium – Roman Hot Bath
Large-scale warm air bathing rooms, or ‘caldaria’, were a central feature of Roman lifestyle: a lifestyle that was both luxurious and healthy. A typical feature of the Caldarium is the even, beneficial, radiated heat that emanates from the stone walls, floors, seats and reclining areas. The intensive warmth of the Caldarium penetrates the body very deeply, stimulating the circulation and regenerating the body’s natural energies. This powerful effect has often been regarded as having healing benefits. Tense muscles relax, the skin becomes smoother, stress melts away and joint pain is eased. These are the perfect conditions for anyone wishing to avoid extremes or looking for a delightful form of deep relaxation in the bustling atmosphere of The Day Spa Heat and Ice Experiences.

Its low humidity means that bathers can stay in the Caldarium for a relatively long period of time (up to 45 minutes).

Steam Bath (& Salt Steam)
Steam Baths have a history behind them that dates back centuries. They were very popular in ancient Greece and the ‘sudatorium’ was a central feature of Roman bathing culture. The Romans also took the steam bath with them to the Eastern Mediterranean, where Turkish steam baths still thrive today. Steam baths have also been common in Northern Russia for centuries. Not only are they enduringly popular, steam baths are also extremely good for you. It is all about perspiring pleasantly as you would in a sauna, but in a totally different climate – not so hot but a good deal more humid. For many people the lower temperatures of around 43 – 46°C and 100% humidity are the

Ice Cave
The Ice Cave is a great place to cool off after your Sauna or Sanarium, providing an unforgettable cooling experience. Grab a few handfuls of the fresh rock ice and rub it over the skin to provide instant cooling. Mix in a cold shower in the Ice Cave and you will have truly cooled down, contracting your blood vessels, stimulating your circulation and oxygen intake.

Just like the Roman Caldarium, the Hamman has a history centuries old. Also known as the ‘Turkish Bath’, it is a traditional public bath in the countries of the Orient.

*at an additional charge


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The Day Spa Packages
The Day Spa Experience
Relieve the stress of everyday life with a great massage and soothing facial, ideal for those in need of a pick me up. Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage* (25 minutes), immediately followed by: Energising Express Facial* (25 minutes) Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café

The Day Spa Packages
The Day Spa Rejuvenation Day
This package totally immerses you in two of the most relaxing therapies available today as you benefit from tension release and skin rejuvenation to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Elemis Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap Sensory Foot Massage Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café

The Day Spa Celebrations Day
Whatever your reason to celebrate together, come and enjoy our facilities, some treatments to pamper, lunch to satisfy and champagne to toast.

The Day Spa Deluxe Day
For the ultimate in relaxation, this luxurious body package eases away all the stresses and strains of everyday, leaving your body and mind in complete harmony. ESPA Holistic Back, Face and Scalp Treatment with Hot Stones Therapy Jessica Luxury Manicure Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café

Choose a Day Spa Package at The Day Spa, Whittlebury Hall, enjoy the full range of Heat & Ice Experiences, The Leisure Club facilities, relaxation areas and lunch.

We suggest that you arrive as early as possible to ensure you make the most of your day. The Day Spa provides with our compliments, the use of a robe, towels, slippers, hair and body wash, and hairdryers for your comfort. We recommend you bring swimwear and suitable exercise clothing if you plan to use the gymnasium or join in of any the exercise classes. A full range of liesure breaks are also available, please visit our hotel web site at Our Gift Card provides an ideal gift for all occasions and can be purchased directly from The Day Spa or online at

The Day Spa Packages
We have put together the following packages for your enjoyment. All combinations are carefully chosen to ensure that you get the most from your visit. All our Day Spa Packages include full use of the Heat and Ice experiences and the Leisure Club facilities. Please book individual treatments early to avoid any disappointment as all are subject to availability. For full descriptions of all treatments visit our web at:

Energising Express Facial* (25 minutes) Body Polish* (25 minutes) Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café Glass of Champagne Book for a group of five or more (maximum 12).

The Day Spa Indulgence Days
These packages offer you the indulgence you deserve, and relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life, just relax and unwind. Mid-week only - Valid Tuesday – Thursday inclusive

The Day Spa Design Your Own Experience
For those of you who can’t decide what package to have, then why not design your own by choosing three of the treatments below. Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café Choose three treatments from the list below; Sensory Foot Massage Express Facial Body Polish Scalp Massage Make up Application** File and Polish** Two treatments will be carried out back-to-back as a 50 minute treatment unless marked with a **. (Allow 25 minutes for each treatment) *These treatments are carried out back-to-back as a 50 minute treatment time

Bronze Day (minimum two people)
Use of Heat & Ice Rasul for two Sensory Foot Massage Lunch Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café

The Day Spa Relaxation Day
This package allows you to enjoy the body sensations brought about by the changes in temperature you experience, allowing you time to relax and revitalise. 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities

Silver Day
Use of Heat & Ice Dry Floatation Whittlebury Hall Massage, Lunch Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café



The Day Spa Packages
Gold Day
Use of Heat and Ice Elemis Skin Specific Facial Manicure, Lunch Full use of Heat and Ice Experiences and The Leisure Club facilities 2 Course Buffet lunch in The Terrace Café You may check in any luggage when you register at the hotel reception before making your way to the spa reception, where you will be given a Spa bag and medical questionnaire, your appointment and lunch schedule, locker key, robe and slippers for the day. For guests who will be using all the spa facilities a short tour will be given, including the location of the gym and leisure pool and luncheon arrangements. If you are visiting for individual treatments or a hair appointment your therapist or stylist will welcome you. For further details on our range of treatments and services visit

Treatments for Men

Won’t you stay, just a little bit longer?
All our packages can be upgraded to include an overnight stay, with Dinner, Bed and Breakfast for £69 per person sharing a standard room, £84 per person sharing a Club Room and £99 for a single room. So make more of your spa break and relax and enjoy an overnight stay. When you arrive to stay with us on your spa break, please have your swimwear and other daytime essentials easily to hand. We will look after your luggage until your room is ready, which will be after 3pm.

In a world of equality, The Day Spa is designed to inspire harmony across the sexes. So, discover the difference our treatments can bring and enjoy a whole new world of experience for body and mind.

Spa Bathing Rituals
The origin of the term spa remains a mystery to this day. However, one explanation comes from translating the Latin letters S, P and A, frequently found inscribed on the marble walls of Roman public baths, meaning ‘Salude Per Aqua’ – health or healing through water.

Most of the treatments in our brochure are suitable for men and women; however, we would like to highlight a few that have been specially designed with the modern man in mind; Elemis Skin IQ+ Facial ESPA Aromatherapy Sports and Fitness Massage Elemis Urban Cleanse Facial ESPA Relaxing and Deep Cleansing Back Massage Treatment For your comfort we recommend underwear or swimming attire to be worn.

Hamman and Soap Massage
The Hamman also known as the “Turkish Bath” is a centuries old public bathing ritual. The room climate is similar to the Caldarium and the traditional Soap massage is carried out on the hot stone table designed for wet treatments. The heat stimulates the circulation, which purifies and detoxifies the body. The extraordinary relaxing bathing experience leaves you feeling relaxed and revitalised. Allow 40mins

The Rasul is a traditional Arabian cleansing ritual that uses mud, heat and steam. Medicinal Chakra Muds are self applied to specific areas of your body; relaxing in the warmth the respiratory system benefits from the steam infused with pure herbs while the Muds intensely detoxify. A gentle shower relieves the tensions and washes away the muds. The skin is nourished leaving you revitalised. Our Rasul may be booked in pairs or up to four guests in one session. Individual hire is subject to availability. Allow 45mins


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Facial Treatments

Body Treatments

At The Day Spa we offer award winning facial treatments with influences from all around the world through Elemis and ESPA.

Treatments for the body, mind and inner-self

Whether you are looking for age defying, deep cleansing or something completely new, maybe with a touch of Eastern charm and you want to feel relaxed and revived with a fresh look, then you will find facials for all skin types and needs. You will be looked after by your Spa therapist who will give you a thorough consultation before your treatment followed by a full prescription of your skin type and what they recommend is best for your skin, so you can continue your spa facial experience when you return home. For a few ideas to get you started why not try one of the following: Elemis Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial ESPA Super Active Facials Elemis Skin Specific Facials ESPA Deluxe Facial with Firming Eye Treatment For all our facial treatments and further details visit our website.

The Day Spa is a place to relax, rejuvenate and unwind from the day to day stresses of life. To get you started why not try one of our many body treatments that have been put together by leading experts. Whether you want to relieve aching muscles, hydrate your skin or eliminate unwanted toxins, you will find an array of treatments to help you achieve just that. Why not try: ESPA Holistic Aromatherapy Total Body Care Elemis Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap ESPA Restorative Mud Envelopment Elemis Exotic Coconut Rub and Milk Ritual If you are finding it hard to choose then why not try some of our simple combinations like: The Day Spa Sampler ESPA Holistic Back, Face and Scalp The Day Spa Well-being Massage

An Alternative World
The Day Spa Alternative Therapies are the ideal selection for those in search of something a little different or for the novice Spa goer. Indian Head Massage Reflexology Hopi ear candle therapy Our signature treatments also offer excellent value providing a combination of treatments, which you can use to create your own Day Spa or Spa break, or indeed just to enjoy a few hours of complete indulgence or relaxation. These treatments will utilise ESPA and Elemis product house ranges and your therapist will select the most appropriate products to suit your needs.



Hands and Feet / Beauty Essentials

Hair Studio

Your hands and feet will never feel the same again once you have treated them to a Jessica Luxury treatment.

Why not take advantage of our hair studio, a perfect way to end your Spa Day. Whether it is for a quick wash and blow dry, ready for the evening or why not take the opportunity for a complete style change for the ‘new’ you.

The award winning prescriptive range of manicures and pedicures will treat your hands and feet to a wonderful range of luxury oils, masques and creams that will hydrate and replenish the skin leaving them feeling invigorated, soft and nourished. Your therapist will analyse your nails and skin and prescribe the corrective treatments that will give you nails you never thought you could have. Why not try; Jessica Luxury Manicure Jessica Luxury Zen Spa Pedicure

Beauty essentials
Beauty essentials are also provided for you at The Day Spa at Whittlebury Hall, for those little things you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t had the time. Whether it’s waxing or an eyelash tint we have it all. If you just want to put a little sun back into your life then why not try our revolutionary spray tan system that will have all your neighbours thinking that you have jetted off to sunnier climates for the weekend.

Our highly experienced team will be more than happy to give you a consultation and a few ideas to make you look and feel amazing. Our aim is to provide a high quality service within a relaxing environment. We do advise that you book in advance of your visit but if you have forgotten then check with us when you arrive as there may be some appointment availability* *if you are staying in the hotel then just dial 752. For prices, please refer to our price list or visit: Cancellation of The Hair Studio appointments will incur a 50% charge 48 hours prior and 100% charge within 24 hours.


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The Hair Studio Your Day Spa Guide

Cancellation Policy
To enable our guests to have maximum treatment time available to them for pampering and relaxation, we have the following cancellation terms: Individual Treatments not booked in conjunction with a Day Spa Package require Credit Card confirmation. A 50% cancellation fee will become payable 48 hours prior to your appointment. Prepayment on Day Spa Packages is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. We will however extend an option to change your date and rebook another date when this request is made a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your arrival. The full cost of the Day Spa Package is payable for cancellation within 2 weeks of your appointment. Cancellation of Hair Studio appointments will incur a 50% charge 48hrs prior and 100% charge within 24hrs. To cancel or change your booking please call our reservations team on 0845 400 0002.

relax, unwind, refresh, indulge, savour, enjoy
At The Day Spa and Whittlebury Hall Hotel, there is an experience waiting for everyone and a Gift Card entitles you to try some of those experiences. Using your gift card is easy, decide what you would like to enjoy and call to book, quoting your Gift Card number and we will do the rest. or by calling:

0845 400 0001.
To book
Our Reservations Team are available on 0845 400 0002 to take your calls from 8am to 8pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 5.30pm Saturday and Sunday. Outside of these times your call will be dealt with by our Hotel Reception Team and will be confirmed to you by our Reservations Team when the office re-opens. For full details of all The Day Spa packages and treatments, along with a full price list and our latest special offers, please visit our web site at: or Alternatively, you can email our Reservations Team with your enquiry at:

We have

Please note that The Day Spa can accommodate group bookings for up to 12 guests.


Payment Policy
The Day Spa packages must be prepaid in full to confirm your visit.

all wrapped up!


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