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The Key for Long-Life Cakes

Pentaor introduces the multi-functional cake improver, PentaCake, which is the key for maintaining the freshness and stability of battercakes. By using the PentaCake, industrial bakeries can produce pre-packaged preserved cakes, with extended shelf stability, followed by a quality similar to the quality of fresh homemade cakes.

- Microbial contribution: Inhibition of the mould growth, due to - Physical contribution: - High specific-volume leavening. - Prolonged softness. - Persistent moist texture. - Non-disintegration during slicing. These physical characteristics are achieved by the existence of the right balance of the emulsifiers, stabilizers and leavening agents. acidity balancing and water activity reduction, increasing the effectiveness of the preservative.

- Chemical contribution: Characterized by the prolonged durability of the “clean” flavors, due to the antioxidant combination.

Basic Recipe Ingredients: Sugar - 25.8% Wheat flour - 23% Water - 15% Eggs - 15% Oil - 15% PentaCake (5201) - 5% Glycerol - 1% Potassium sorbate - 0.24% Flavorings - as required Instructions: • • • Heat the oven to 170°C. Dissolve the potassium sorbate in the water and pour into the mixer bowl. Add the eggs, the oil, the glycerol, the sugar and the flavorings to the mixer and mix thoroughly, until the sugar is dissolved. Add the remaining ingredients. Mix for 1 minute. Wait 2 minutes. Mix again for 2 minutes. Pour a 2 cm layer into the trays. Baking time for English cake trays: 40-50 minutes.

PentaCake (5201) - Specification
Description: Off-white powder. Smell: no typical smell. Flavor: acidic, bitter, salty. Application: Multifunctional industrial admixture for: 1. Antioxidant protection of oil/fat used in the baking of long-life battercakes, having at least 15% oil/fat content. 2. Elongation of battercake shelf-life and improvement of the physical characteristics and the specific volume of the cake. - To be combined with oil/fat in a PentaCake:fat ratio of 1:3. - Recommended concentration in the final batter: 5%. - Not to be sold as a final retail product. Ingredients:
Name sugar dextrose cornstarch disodium diphospahte sodium hydrogen carbonate monocalcium phosphate mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids citric acid polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate sodium carboxy methyl cellulose xanthan gum salt butylated hydroxyanisole BHA propyl gallate EEC code CAS Registry 000050-99-7 E450i E500ii E341i E472e E330 E435 E466 E415 E320 E310 007558-79-4 000144-55-8 007758-23-8 977051-29-8 000077-92-9 009005-67-8 009004-32-4 011138-66-2 025013-16-5 000121-79-9 FDA CFR code 184.1857 182.1778 184.1736 182.8217 184.1101 184.1033 172.836 182.1745 172.695 172.110 184.1660

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Basic Cake - Pricing Estimation*
Ingredient % Price €/Kg 0.50 0.30 0.00 1.20 0.60 4.50 1.50 5.50 €/Kg batter 0.129 0.069 0.000 0.180 0.090 0.225 0.015 0.013 0.72 0.76

Sugar 25.8 Wheat flour 23.0 Water 15.0 Eggs 15.0 Oil 15.0 PentaCake (5201) 5.0 Glycerol 1.0 Potassium sorbate 0.24 Approx. €/Kg batter: Approx. €/Kg baked cake:
* Rough approximation only.

Remarks: 1) Maximum total amount of phosphates in the PentaCake (disodium diphosphate E450i, monocalcium phosphate E341i), expressed as P2O5: Less than 15% (less than 0.75% in the final cake). 2) Maximum amount of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate E435 in the PentaCake: Less than 4% (less than 0.2% in the final cake). 3) Maximum total amount of propyl gallate E310 and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) E320 in the PentaCake: Less than 0.05% (less than 0.02% of the oil content in a 15% oil/fat cake). 4) Purchaser's responsibility to ensure the conformity of the product and its application to the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it may be implemented. Shelf life: At least 12 months in closed original package, while stored in proper conditions. Storage: Dry, cool and light-protected conditions. Packing: 25 Kg cartons with inner polyethylene bags.

Disclaimer: Any recipe, advice or technological assistance related to the implementation of the PentaCake is given by Pentaor or its representatives as a gratuitous general advice for further trials to be done by the bakery. There is no guarantee to the shelf life period of the final cakes. It is the responsibility of the bakery to ensure the conformity of the products to the laws, regulations and patents in force in the countries where they may be implemented.

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