10 Things You Should Know Before Travelling

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					10 Things You Should Know Before the Holidays
Doing a little research before you travel is an important thing that is often forgotten. By doing research we can find some things we need to prepare before coming to a particular destination. However, many people are often confused about what things to know before you go. Here are 10 important things you must know before going to vacation. 1. Learn as much as possible about the place to be visited. What are the attractions and places of interest there. That way you can determine the priority of the places where it should be visited. 2. Make sure what the weather in a place that will be visited. Thus, you can adjust the appropriate travel plans, for example regarding the wearing clothes, medicines must be prepared. 3. Both also find out the latest political and social conditions in place. Do not until you get stuck in the airport due to sabotage the demonstrators. 4. Find out whether you need a passport for entry into certain countries. Make sure your passport is still valid. Some states do not allow strangers in if the passport validity period of six months to live. Extend your passport at least six months prior to expiration exhausted. 5. Besides a passport, check whether you need a visa or not to enter certain countries. 6. Be sure also document what you need during the trip. 7. Find information about the plug that is used in the country you are visiting. Some countries have a different plug types. Indonesia using the plug two-legged, while the three-legged in America. If you visit the country that uses a three-legged plug means you need a converter. 8. If you want to travel alone or did not join the party a certain travel agent, look for information about the local cost of local transportation. That way you can plan a good trip costs. Do not forget also to ensure tax collection and customs tips in place. 9. Find information about the value of currencies of the countries will be visited. This is important to plan the necessary travel expenses. 10. It’s good to find out if there is a national holiday during your visit to that place. Because, usually a number of public service offices are closed on public holidays. Do not let that happen because you'll be confused if the public service offices closed while you are forced to complete an interest there.

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