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2 Tiered Stand
Square, porcelain

3 Tiered Stand
Square, ceramic

2 Tier Cake Stand
Stainless steel with matt finish easy assembly

CODE: 40195-00
24 x 24cm / 15 x 15cm (base to top), 25cm H

CODE: 40194-00
34 x 34cm / 25.5 x 25.5cm / 16 x 16cm (base to top), 45cm H

CODE: 40180-00
dia 17.5cm / 24.5cm, 28cm H

Fruit Spiral
Chrome plated wire structure stainless steel bowl

CODE: 40189-01
dia 27.5, 32cm H

CODE: 40189-02
dia 32cm, 53cm H

Rotating Cake Stand
Stainless steel matt finish

2 Tiered Stand ‘DINNER’
Round, clear glass

3 Tiered Stand ‘DINNER’
Round, clear glass

CODE: 40181-00
dia 30cm, 7cm H

CODE: 40179-01
dia 21cm, 22cm H

CODE: 40179-02
dia 27.5cm, 33cm H

Polystyrol Cover for 40181-00

CODE: 40182-00
dia 30cm, 9.5cm H


Cake Platter
Round, porcelain

2 Tiered Cake Stand
Round, coloured glass dia 24/32cm, 25cm H

CODE: 40192-01
dia 13cm, 7cm H

CODE: 40192-02
dia 29cm, 13cm H

CODE: 40178-00
sky blue

Glass Cloche

CODE: 40177-00
waterlilly pink

CODE: 40193-01
dia 11cm, 11cm H

CODE: 40176-00
lime green

CODE: 40193-02
dia 27.5, 13.5cm H

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