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									 What is Colon Hydrotherapy?
 Colon Hydrotherapy has been around in one form or another for thousands of years.
In the 1800's and early 1900's almost every Hospital and Clinic in the U.S. was
offering Colon Hydrotherapy as an integrated part of the wellness protocol. When the
Pharmaceutical industry gained power in the mid 1900's Colon Hydrotherapy was
pushed to the background. Today with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many other
Colon issues once again Colon Hydrotherapy is recognized as an important and vital
part of regaining and maintaining optimal health.

  Since the 1800's Colon Hydrotherapy has came along way. Now with FDA approved
closed systems you are sure to get a safe and effective treatment. Given that the
system we use is closed there is no exposure to smell or waste. During your treatment
you will lay comfortably gowned on our heated treatment table. At that time a one time
use sterilized speculum kit will be inserted gently into your rectum. This you may do
yourself. When you are ready to begin warm filtered water will slowly flow throughout
the entire colon. We use the Slo-Fil method that is the gentlest process of colon
cleansing available. We flow water 6 seconds at a time to your comfort level. When you
feel ready to release your Therapist will set the instrument to empty and you will see
your fecal matter travel through a clear viewing tube. Don’t be surprised to see gas,
mucus, undigested food or even parasites. This process will be repeated several times
for approximately 30 mines. You will find that your Colon Hydrotherapy experience at
CHT of Stowe is a very relaxing and calming experience. The therapeutic benefits from
Colon Hydrotherapy are numerous and include, improved muscle tone, reduced
stagnation, reduced toxic waste absorption and thorough colon cleansing and
balancing. Your safety and comfort is very important to me. Please feel free to contact
me if you have any question regarding your upcoming CHT Treatment.

Katrina Ryan
Misty Meadows Holistic Health

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