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Christmas Tree, proper tree shape, Fully decorated with baubles & Tinsel £7.99 Christmas Cake/marzipan top & fruits £3.15 Christmas Cake, white iced, Holly trim & red ribbon £3.15 Christmas Cake, white iced, Gold holly & gold ribbon £3.15 Roast Turkey, sausages/ stuffing On oval platter £7.54 Potatoes/dish Carrots/dish Sprouts/dish £3.15 £3.15 £3.15

C7 C8 C9 C10 C13

Christmas Pudding Christmas Pud portion/ small plate Mince Pies/plat

£3.15 £2.28 £3.15 S1 S2 S34 S6 S60 S48 S13 S35 Crate, double depth £1.88 Cash Till & 2 supermarket baskets. Would also use as small L shaped Counter RED GREEN WHITE £19.50 S42 S40 Shop Shelf Unit . Choose from RED GREEN WHITE £12.60 Pallet. Takes 4 stacks of cartons £6.67

C1/F124 Christmas Dinner/plate £3.15 C2a C2b C16 C4 C5 C6 C14

1 Mince Pie/small plate £2.28 Christmas Cake Icing Board. Cake Marzipan top, Fruits on plate, Rolling pin, all on Board £8.20 Santa’s Snack. Mince Pie, Glass Of Sherry, Carrot, on tray £5.05 £2.11 £2.11 £3.15 Fruit Box, single depth £1.27 Cardboard Carton, empty £0.90 Wood Drawer Till Insectocutor Digital Shop Scales blood-stained top ! £6.30 £12.60 £11.33 £16.45


S6M Modern Electronic Till £6.30

C12a Slice of C2a on plate C12b Slice of C2b on plate C15 Yule Log, decorated,

Butcher’s Block, distressed & Butcher’s Display Slab. White with blue/white Animal tile Panel. Our original. Holds 9 trays & parsley trim, Or our new F247 Marble Slab of Meats £18.80 Fishmonger’s Display Slab. White With blue/white Fish tile panel Our original. Holds 9 trays & Parsley trim, or our new F196 Fish on Ice Display £18.80 Confectionery Display Stand. white with our Original colourful cakes & sweets tile Panel. Takes 9 trays £18.80 Greengrocery Display Stand.3 steps. Green. Holds 18 wood boxes, or 9 printed cartons, or a combination £26.00


PBW White Paper Bags. On String , to hang in shop £1.76 PBB Brown Paper Bags. On String, to hang in shop £1.76 M19 Market Stall. Striped Awning. Colours vary. Built & ready To go £21.75 M19P Market Stall. Green. With Matching awning. £26.65 M20 Paved Baseboard for Stall. Well they always overflow onto The pavement! £6.58 S469 Ice Cream Poster Laminated. £2.50


S50 CC1 Ladybird birthday cake £5.99 CC2 Teddy, bow colours vary £5.99 CC3 Teddy in Bed, blue cover £5.99 CC4 Teddy in Bed, pink cover £5.99 CC5 Chocolate Box Cake CC6 Round 2 Tier, blue decoration CC7 Round 2 Tier, lemon decoration CC8 Round 2 Tier, pink decoration CC9 Round 2 Tier, all white £5.99 £5.99 £5.99 £5.99 £5.99 CC10 Square 2 Tier, blue decoration £5.99 S38

CC11 Square 2 Tier, lemon decoration £5.99 CC12 Square 2 Tier, pink decoration £5.99 CC13 Square 2 Tier, all white £5.99 CC14 Square Birthday Cake, blue decoration £5.99 CC15 Square Birthday Cake, lemon decoration £5.99 CC16 Square Birthday Cake, pink decoration £5.99

M39 Hole in the Wall Minibank. Sorry, no cash ! £7.54 S461 Meat Posters, set of 3 £2.50 S466 Fish Posters, set of 4 £2.50

S382 Greengrocery Display Stand. 2 steps. Green. Holds 12 wood boxes, or 6 printed cartons £17.60 S38M Upright Mirrored Greengrocery Display Unit £58.75

M37 Biffa Bin with rubbish £15.15 M38 Midi Skip Yellow & Rusty ! M68 Internet Cafe Unit £15.15 £32.90



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