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					SEO When you have a website, you expect people to visit the site. The purpose of having a website may be to sell an idea, or a service or a product. No one wants to buid a website just for the heck of it. How do you drive people to your website? It is here the role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes precedence over every other thing. SEO can help bring web traffic to your site, by optimization, so that various search engines take notice of what is happening on your website. Exclusively SEO refers to the approach or modus operandi through which a particular site on the internet can get increased qualitative traffic, part of which can be potentially turned into a customer base. There is no meaning in getting people to visit your website who are only passing time, or just readers. They may not be interested in the services or products you are offering. The traffic will be meaningful only when the visitors can become customers, so that your sales can improve and consequently ROI. How to get such traffic to your website in increased numbers? It is here SEO strategies are useful. SEO helps direct traffic, which has potential to become a customer base, to your website. In fact without SEO plans, it is not possible to conduct online business expansion. There are two types of plans which SEO has, which include on page and off page plans. Before understanding the importance of these plans, you must be aware of what SEO means and what it tries to accomplish. To enable search engines to locate and prescribe ranks to your site, the headers of your website are of prime importance, which exhibit the webpage in different search engines. Once the headers are attractive and has words to catch the search spiders on the web, your website gets a ranking. But that’s not enough. The website should have a layout which holds attention. Layout should be designed to attract the attention of the visitors immediately. It should be organized, user-friendly, and serve as a guide to lead the customers towards buying your product/service. When your layout is designed to give information in an organized way it will help customers. Keywords play an important role in helping searching engines to trail your site on the internet search results. Not very long ago, spammers used the keywords to make their website ranking to go up, but these days search engines like Google have changed their norms for website ranking, reducing the density of keywords to a mere four per cent. Google has gone to the extent of blocking website which does not adhere to this regulation. It is therefore of utmost importance to find out the helpful keywords for your site, ensuring that it meets the standards of density prescribed by Google. To get the website content correctly indexed, it is necessary to use these keywords in “Meta tags”, which are the concealed tags designed to help easy navigation to your website. When you have proper keywords in these Meta tags, your website content can get catalogued properly, which in turns means by using them carefully you can make your website visible to search engines

Visibility of your website is certainly different from settling on the top. In view of the intense nature of competition in the online marketing arena, it is necessary to continuously optimize website content, in order to draw the attention of the customers consistently towards your site. SEO is of prime importance in the online business strategies. Success and ROI are hugely dependant on how SEO techniques adopted by your website are working. Constant revisions and providing new content to help build links to get better of competition should be the aim of any website owner if he has to succeed in this field.