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									                Information on Chemical Removal
EPA's web-based School Chemical Cleanout Campaign Tool Kit

The EPA's web-based tool kit helps schools start chemical management programs that will improve their
chemical management practices by:

      Removing inappropriate, outdated, unknown and unnecessary chemicals from schools;
      Preventing future chemical mismanagement issues in schools through training,
      curriculum and policy change, and long-term management solutions; and
      Raising awareness of chemical issues in schools and promoting
      sustainable solutions.

Documents in the SC3 Tool Kit CPSC and NIOSH School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide is a safety
guide for high school science and chemistry laboratories. It provides practical safety information in a
checklist format useful to both groups to reduce chemical injuries in a laboratory environment.

Pollution Prevention Measures for Safer School Laboratories, developed by EPA Region 8 and Roche
Colorado, is an easy to read tool kit offering tips on maintaining an inventory, chemical purchasing,
storage, and labeling, and pollution prevention.

SC3 Public Service Announcements are posters promoting school chemical cleanout information to K-12
school and community partners.

Chemical Management Resource Guide for School Administrators is a guide to help your school reduce
the use of dangerous chemicals and install safer chemical management practices.

Building Successful Programs to Address Chemical Risks in Schools: Recommendations from and
Evaluation of Selected Schools Chemical Management Programs addresses the problem caused by
unneeded, excessive, or dangerously mismanaged chemicals in K-12 schools; recommends ways to
address the problem; and provides "lessons learned" from state and local chemical management

Building Successful Programs to Address Chemical Risks in Schools: State, Tribal and Local School
Chemical Cleanout Programs Matrix and Summaries summarizes successful programs to address chemical
risks in schools.

Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign describes EPA's program to protect students and staff through
responsible chemical management.

Industry Leaders Are Part of the Solution describes how industry can help reduce chemical risks in

Environmental Health & Safety in the Arts: A Guide for K-12 Schools, Colleges and Artisans

Environmental Compliance and Best Management Practices: Guidance Manual for K-12 Schools

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