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									Population in U.S.A

Fact →United States has the world’s third largest population after china and India →Recently, several couples produced 6 to7 children per pregnancy, and three’s
wide acclaim for these parents.


→Cities like Atlanta which used to be very nice and enjoyable to live hardly 25 years
ago, have expanded so much. Nowadays, people living there life is become unpleasant. →The huge population and its rapid growth are very serious problems (in USA and in the world) Instead, a good deal of research supported by these agencies, tends to worsen the problems. →The big contribution of the huge population in USA is from the immigrants, both from legal or illegal immigration. >For some years now, legal immigration has been at an average rate of over six hundred thousand/years. While the illegal estimated eight and a half to eleven million mostly from Latin America.

Asian Immigration 1. China 2. Japan The Rumanian immigrant 1. Austria 2. Belgium 3. Bulgaria 4. Denmark 5. England 6. Finland 7. France

8. Germany 9. Greece 10. Holland 11 Ireland 12. Italy 13. Norway 14. Portugal

15. Russia 16. Scotland 17. Spain 18. Sweden 19. Switzerland 20. Wales

Population in British

Fact → In the mid of 2007, the population in British was around ± 60.975.000 → From age 73 onwards , the population of female is more than male population(it proves that many males died during second world war). → 62% of the total population are = people of working age, 52% of that number are below 40 years old, 48% are aged 40-64. → A sharp tapering of pyramid for people aged 30-36 reflects the low fertility in the late mid 1970, 5-19 also show the tapering of and pyramid → Early ethnic groups in Britain (Iberians, Celts, Anglo-Saxon, Normans) → Anglo-Saxon conquered the land(The Celts remained in Wales, Scotland , Ireland and west country→ Where the Celtic language still used.) But now, the separation has been broken down through the Intermarriage. → In 1066, The Normans, French speaking invaders of Norse origin conquered ……… → adding yet in the culture component. → In the 17th Century → …….. came to the England. → Sailors from African ……. Came in 18th . → Jews from central and eastern Europe migrate in the late 19th century during 1930 and…… → The minorities immigrants came to England after 1945 : Chinese , Indian, Pakistan, Africans, and Caribbean people of African ancestry. Immigration from Asia has been stabilized, but from Africa rise continuously. → they live in urban area → London – Birmingham – Leeds. Since 1991, the census in U.K. classified the populations into their origin. In the late 2007, the government on force the new law about immigrants →there are new standard about it : → threes hold point for entry →awarded points according to the ………………

→ low skilled workers of outside U.K totally denied. → Towards the end of 19th and 20th century , the mortality rate in England in low, the birth rate are stabilized.→ ………. Country →British population 89% …….. in urban areas, 11% …….in …….area. → 5 cities in U.K with highest population rate : > London > Birmingham > Leeds > Glasgow > Sheffield

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