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1. Is all your inventory purchased through one source?
   No, I purchase from a few different sources. For every product that I sell, I have
   found the cheapest manufacture/wholesaler/distributor for that product, in my
   research. This information will of course be shared with the winning bidder.
2. About how much do you spend on adwords/other PPC per month?
   This varies by month as every month I try different tactics to bring in more
   customers. It has ranged anywhere from $0-$120 a month. I generally don’t advertise
   on adwords at all.
   For more information on net profit, please look at the Profit section in the attached
   PDF file.
3. Do you have a reserve/BIN?
   The BIN is set at $18,000. This is also the reserve price. This price also includes the
   free $4,000 (valued at cost) worth of inventory. Reserve is set at $17,500.
4. Does the amount you charge for shipping cover shipping and supply costs?
   The amount I charge for shipping to my customers? Yes, of course! It covers actual
   shipping costs plus shipping supply costs. You can change the handling fee in admin
   to cover your own handling fees as well.
   If you're talking about me shipping the products to you after the sale, I will cover all
   those shipping fees as stated :)
5. Is the site software home grown or built on a customized shopping cart?
   Highly customized osCommerce. Installed well over 30 add-on's, many needing
   customized installs. The original StinksNThings site I built myself using pure HTML,
   but I wanted a dynamic site so I re-did it completely. For more information on
   osCommerce, please visit their website at: www.oscommerce.com. There you will
   find a huge list of thousands and thousands of user-created, open source contributions
   that can be added on. There are already over 30 contributions installed and working.
6. Do you only use paypal or would you need credit card processing?
   I use paypal for all transactions. Paypal is already installed securely and processes my
   orders, including "Pay with Paypal" and all Credit/Debit card purchases. The
   customer enters their card information directly on the site, the site uses paypal to
   contact their credit card company to verify funds, charges the card on the spot, and
   the order goes through. The customer is never brought to paypal (if paying with
   Credit/Debit card) and never knows Paypal charged their card. Their card is billed as
7. How easy is it to make changes to the site? I'm very web design illiterate, but I
   would like to implement a few ideas.
   To add a new product, takes about 30 seconds, start to finish - price, description,
   image, etc. To edit a product, same. To add a category or to move products around,
   not more than a minute. If you want to make other changes, such as layout (shouldn't
   be too hard since it is osCommerce-built), colors, etc., I will give you the name and e-
   mail of my coder. He is absolutely amazing. He fixes things as soon as I ask him, and
   he is the cheapest coder I have ever worked with (which have been a lot!).
8. Approximately how much space is needed for your inventory storage / packing
    and shipping area?
    For the products themselves, you can keep them unorganized in 4 fairly large boxes.
    If you would like to keep them organized, approximately 3 6' high shelving units
    (which I have and can ship to you, if you want, and include in the auction since I
    won't need them anymore) plus the empty boxes (which come all unfolded) to ship
    materials. If you have an empty wall in your home, that would work perfectly. Or if
    you don't have room, you could rent out a storage facility for $40 for a 5' X 10' and
    have more than ample space there, and call it your "office" :)
9. What SEO has it been done on this site? How are the visitors finding your site
    type in or referrals? If it's 5-10 hrs a week why would you sell it? What are your
    major competitors in this niche?
    The website has been optimized for SEO - as you will see, each product page has the
    title and category/subcategory multiple times, each page (both product and non-
    product pages) have META tags, title's have been optimized, speed as well, etc.
    Regarding the META tags, there is a add-on already installed and being used so you
    can add/edit meta tags for all pages automatically (all at once or one by one) and then
    edit them manually (all at once or one by one). Other than that, I suggest using a
    phenomenal free SEO program called WebCEO for further optimization. Visitors are
    finding the site by either repeat purchases (10% of orders are from repeat customers),
    Google or Yahoo! shopping services, or through the business' ebay store. While yes,
    it does only take 5-10 hours a week, since I have done this for many years and now
    want to focus on my new job coming up (which will be about 50-60 hours a week), I
    am looking to sell it. I do have some competitors, but stink bombs are definitely my
    #1 seller, and I am the largest stink bomb retailer in the world, selling over 100,000
    stink bombs each and every year.
10. How much % of business is repeat business?
    10 %

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