What is The Purple Cow & Friends by rrboy


									                                                How can you help us?
What is The Purple Cow?                                           •   We   need :                Adopt an animal:
                                                                      o    money             •    Adopt for as little as “ a dollar a day ”
                                                                      o    Farm foods              o For a year
                                                                      o    supplies                o For a month
                                                                      o    medical care            o Your choice
                                                                                             •    Adopt a pet
                                                •   Donations are tax deductible                   o Unlimited farm visits
                                                •   100% of donations used for the animals         o Feed, Clean, Love, Take pictures
                                                                                                   o Adopt out for qualified homes
The Purple Cow & Friends is a non-profit
organization. Their main focus is to rescue            Donate Generously
farm animals that no one wants. Ms.
Tiffany St. Ives founded it in 1992. It is                                                       Be a Sponsor:
located on a farm in the rolling hills of San                                                •     Donate $300 per year
Diego, California. A number of Newspaper                                                     •     Choose donation date and schedule
Articles, TV Programs and very reputable                                                     •     Choose how it should be spent
Civic Organizations have praised Tiffany for
her Compassion and her Self-Less work.

Our Mission:                                                                                     Be a Donor:
                    Our mission is to rescue                                                 •     Donate Money
                    the animals that no one     What is in it for you?                       •     Donate Trucks
                    wants, considered to be                                                  •     Donate food
                                                When you support us,
                    at the end of their                                                      •     Donate farm supplies
                                                •  You have saved a life.
                    “usefulness”, whose next
                                                •  You have saved it from starvation.
                    ride may be to a
                                                •  You have saved it from suffering.
                    slaughterhouse.                                                              Be a Volunteer:
                                                •  You have given it freedom.
                                                •  You have increased animal awareness.      •      Pick up food and supplies
Our Goals:                                                                                   •      Assist with fund raising
    •   Humane Treatment of Animals                                                          •      Repair trucks and equipment
    •   Excellent Wholesome Nutrition                    We go where no one else will go     •      Build animal shelters
    •   Complete Medical Care
    •   Promote Animal Awareness
    •   Safe, Free and Loving Environment

The Purple Cow and Friends____
P O Box 301175, ____
Escondido, CA 92030_
                                                            We pick up the pieces
         I want to pick up the pieces
            Adopt an Animal
            Be a Sponsor
            Be a Donor
            Be a Volunteer

  Address _____________________
  State   _____________________
  Zip     _____________________

Clip and Mail to :                        A non profit organization

The Purple Cow and Friends
P O Box 301175
Escondido, CA 92030

Tel: 760 749 4790
E mail :
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