General guidelines for �Works Cited � pages� by rrboy


									                      General guidelines for ‘Works Cited ‘ pages:

   •   Begin each entry with either an Author’s last name, topic, or name of web page.
       The topic or web page names would be in quotes.

   •   List entries alphabetically. DO NOT NUMBER YOUR ENTRIES

   •   With a book, don’t forget to include the place of publication:Publisher, and date
       of publication

   •   On Web sites, in addition to the title of the page, include the organization, like
       National Institutes of Health, or American Cancer Society, or University of
       Southern California.

   •   For web sites you need the complete , accurate URL.

   •   Also on web sites, you need a date of some kind. If NO DATE is anywhere on the
       page, include the date that you retrieved the information.

General format for a book entry:

       Authors last name, first name. Title of book in italics or underlined. Place of
              publication : publisher. Date.

 Notice that the first line of the entry ‘sticks out’ and the 2nd line is indented. Single
 space between those lines, but double space between entries on the page.

 General format for an online or CDrom encyclopedia:

 “topic” or Authors last name,first. [author is your first choice]. Name of encyclopedia,
       in italics, like Encarta or Britannicca. Follow the name by either online or
       CDROM, whichever applies. Then include the url for an online entry, and the
       publisher if a CDROM, finally the date.

 General format for a web page:

 “topic” or Author’s last name. Name of organization backing the web page. Complete
       url. Date.

 General format for a magazine article (online or hard copy):

 Author’s last name, first name. “Title of article in quotes”. Name of Magazine in italics.
      If the article was online. Say ‘online’ and list url. Then date. If hard copy, just put

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