FAQ about Volunteering with SAC NWGA by rrboy


									          FAQ about Volunteering with SAC NWGA
What is SAC NWGA?
      The Sexual Assault Center of NW GA provides free and confidential support services for
      anyone who has been affected by sexual violence.
      We are here to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
      We provide a 24-hour hotline service for victims of sexual assault, as well as other
      services for victims, survivors, and their families.
      The center is located in Rome, Georgia and serves Floyd, Chattooga, Polk, and Gordon

Our Mission:
     To facilitate healing for victims of sexual assault and their families through on-going
     crisis intervention services; to promote community awareness of the Center's services; to
     educate our students and community about the nature of sexual assault; and, to foster
     strong partnerships with all agencies involved in dealing with sexual assault.

Opportunities for women and men include:
     24-hour crisis hotline response
     Hospital accompaniment
     In-person advocacy
     Court accompaniment
     Community awareness

Why Volunteer as an Advocate?
     Being a volunteer with SAC is beneficial to both the people in the communities we serve
     and for those who learn crisis counseling.
     Many of the counseling techniques developed while being a SAC volunteer are truly
     invaluable lifetime skills, such as effective listening and empathy.
     It is also an opportunity to work with and learn from women who have a commitment to
     empowerment and putting an end to sexual violence in our society.
     Last, but certainly not least, it is an opportunity to provide support to women and children
     in the communities we serve who find themselves in their darkest hour, looking for a
     hand to hold and someone to listen.

What Do We Expect of Volunteer Advocates?
     Non-judgmental provision of support, information, crisis intervention, and a listening ear
     to survivors of sexual violence.
     Strict confidentiality
     40 hours of crisis response training, provided by SAC NWGA and available on-line
     A criminal background check
       A willingness to sign up for a minimum of 5, 12-hour on-call shifts per month (60
       A minimum of a 6 month commitment
       Regular attendance at monthly volunteer meetings
       Professional dress, manner, and response in crisis situations
       Must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer with SAC

What is “Hospital Accompaniment?”
      If a victim decides to report the crime to police, a forensic medical exam may be
      This exam can be done at the hospital or at the SAC clinic.
      Volunteers, also known as advocates, accompany the victim at either location.
      Advocates help the victim, or family and friends understand the medical process and can
      act as a liaison between the victim, hospital staff, and law enforcement.

Are There Other Ways to Volunteer?
      Volunteers can work behind the scenes by helping out at the office or at our fundraising
      We also present programs to the community and if you don't mind a little public
      speaking, you are welcome to help us raise awareness about sexual violence.

Do You Have Internships Available?
      Yes. Volunteers who are students can use this opportunity to complete their college
      credits in a specific class or just for the added experience in their chosen field.
      We are not able to offer paid internships.

How Do I sign up?
     Complete a SAC Volunteer Application following the presentation today
     Or, contact SAC NWGA at 706-292-9024 between 9AM and 5PM, Monday through
     Or, e-mail Ashley Kingsolver, Volunteer Coordinator at ashleykingsolver@bellsouth.net

What’s Next?
      If you complete a Volunteer Application, you will be contacted by SAC NWGA staff to
      confirm your interest in volunteering, and to schedule an interview/orientation meeting
      with the Volunteer Coordinator.
      If at that time, you are interested in making a commitment to volunteer as a crisis
      responder, you will be given all the materials you need to begin your 40 hour training.
      When you complete your training, you will begin taking calls, with the assistance of a
      current SAC Volunteer.

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