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									             What is NOPP?
NOPP was established by P.L. 104-201 in FY97:
• to promote national goals – national security,
  economic development, quality of life, and
  science education & communication – through
  improved knowledge of the oceans; and
• to coordinate and strengthen corresponding
  oceanographic efforts through the establishment
  of partnerships among federal agencies,
  academia, industry, and other members of the
                            How is NOPP organized?
Annual Report to Congress

                                                                            US GOOS SC
                                    EXCOM(9)         Ocean.US(4)
                            N                                               DAC SC
                            O                        NOSB

                            R       IWG(14)          BAA/RFP Awards Issued

                            L       ORAP
                                                     National Security(4)

                                    FOFC(13)         FOFC WG

                                        Program Office              (Number of agencies involved)
                                    Currently managed by CORE
        NOPP Proposal Solicitations

• If two or more agencies agree on a NOPP topic
  of interest and are willing to provide financial
  support, an RFP or BAA is issued.
• Proposals are mail and/or panel reviewed.
• The IWG recommends specific proposed
  projects to be funded.
• The NORLC formally concurs.
• Overall, NOPP has provided a total of $94M for
  81 projects up to and including FY02.
                   NOPP Funding and Distribution
    FY1997                 FY1998                 FY1999                   FY2000                 FY2001
55 proposals          72 proposals            70 proposals              47 proposals           34 proposals
11 Projects funded    12 Projects funded      13 Projects funded        18 Projects funded     15 Projects funded
$12M research         $16M research           $14M research             $20M research incl.    $18M research
Partner ‘costshare’   Partner ‘costshare’     Partner ‘costshare’       Sloan Foundation       Partner ‘costshare’
= $27M                = $15M                  = $15M                    Partner ‘costshare’    =
                                                                                               = $7M

                                                                                                 FY 2002
     80                                                                                       48 proposals
                                                                                              12 Projects funded
                                                                                              $14M research incl.
%    50
                                                                                              Sloan Foundation
                                                                                              Partner ‘costshare’
     20                                                                                       = $9M
            1997          1998        1999          2000        2001           2002

                      Academia   Government     Industry   NGOs/Other
        What has NOAA involvement
         been in these solicitations?
• FY99 – Argo initiated by ONR with OAR.
• FY00 – first year of new OAR funding for Argo with
  ONR (continuing).
• FY01 – altimeter and scatterometer operational
  demonstrations with NESDIS & NASA (3-yr activity).
• FY02 – surface vector wind & in-situ surface
  temperature demonstrations with NESDIS, IPO &
  NASA (3-yr activity).
        – cost-benefit studies of coastal observations and
  ocean science teacher resource center with OAR/NOS
  & other agencies.
• Total FY02 NOAA support for NOPP is $7.8M.
         What NOAA involvement
          is planned for FY03?
• GODAE RFP to be released with NOAA (OAR,
• Continuing cost-benefit and teacher resource
  activities with OAR/NOS & other NOPP
• Pending joint work in the Gulf of Mexico
  between the Ocean Exploration Office and
             Census of Marine Line
• CoML is an international effort to assess the diversity,
  distribution & abundance of life in the world’s oceans.
• In FY00, NOPP & the Sloan Foundation initiated
  development of CoML’s Ocean Biogeographic
  Information System (OBIS) – an online, open-access,
  globally-distributed network of systematic, ecological,
  and environmental information systems.
• In FY02, support for OBIS has been expanded, with a
  total of more than $7 million to date.
            What is Ocean.US?
• Ocean.US Office – serves as the national focus
  to integrate ocean observing system activities.
• Ocean.US Office was formally established by
  MOU in 10/00 & doors opened in 8/01.
• Director: Eric Lindstrom, NASA; Deputy: Steve
  Piotrowicz, NOAA/OAR.
• Total staff numbers: 7 full- and part-time; others
  from NOAA: Muriel Cole/HQ, Roz Cohen/
  NESDIS, and Tom Malone supported by NOS.
               Ocean.US (cont.)
• Nowlin/Malone & Frosch Reports in 99 & 00
  established need & conceptual approach for an
  integrated, sustained national ocean observing system.
• Ocean.US has two reports coming from the Airlie
  House Workshop (March 10-15, 02) focusing now on
• The first report is awaiting OSTP clearance for
  transmission to Congress.
• The second report is in preparation and is intended to
  accompany the submission of the President’s FY04
  Budget to Congress.
              Ocean.US (cont.)

• A follow-up meeting will be held in the spring to
  harmonize regional implementation of observing
  systems in the context of a national system.
• Efforts are underway with the Data and
  Communications Steering Committee to plan the
  data management infrastructure to complement
  the observing systems.
         What is the longer-term
      opportunity that NOPP offers?
• Serves as an interagency mechanism to respond
  to those recommendations coming from the U.S.
  Commission on Ocean Policy which will require
  an interagency involvement in the development
  of responses.
• If NOPP isn’t there as an effective vehicle to
  assist in responding, such recommendations may
  either languish or other NOPP-like structures
  may need to be created to act on them.
                 ORAP Membership
•   Marcia McNutt *, MBARI         •   Donelson Wright ‡, VIMS
•   Nancy Rabalais, LUMCON         •   Andrew Clark ‡, Maritime
                                       Comm. Services
•   Lee Alverson, Nat. Res.
    Consultants                    •   Marlon Lewis ‡, Satlantic
•   Paul Kelly, Rowan Co.          •   William Wright ‡, Royal
•   Lawrence Dickerson*, Diamond
    Offshore                       •   Jesse Ausubel ‡, Sloan
•   Denise Stephenson-Hawk *,
    Stephenson Group               •   Terry Garcia ‡, national
•   Matthew Gilligan ‡, Savannah
    State                          •   Valerie Chase ‡, ex-National
•   Philip Merilees ‡, NCAR
                                   •   Stephen Weisberg ‡, So. Cal.
•   Ellen Prager‡, Storm Center
                                       Coastal Water
•   Richard Seymour ‡, Scripps     ‡ Pending appointment
                                   * Pending re-appointment

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