Empirical Research – An Overview

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					Empirical Research – An Overview
Jim Ridgway Durham University Jim.ridgway@durham.ac.uk

Socio-cultural factors • Very big national differences Poland -- England
– – – – Beliefs in essential differences Political campaigns Parent pressure or support for autonomy Supportive or unsupportive employment legislation

Pedagogical factors • • • • • • Portrayal in texts Gendered courses (cookery vs woodwork) School behaviour
– Work hard, persist, engage, are systematic and neat, help friends

Classroom behaviour
– Disrupt, volunteer, ask questions, are diligent, competitive

Teacher beliefs (Poland) in inherent differences Teacher questioning

Impact of the digital divide

• Computer studies is ‘male’ • ICT not much used in mathematics (despite the rhetoric) we need to explore this further…

Decision making • ‘pull’ and rational decision making are common claims • Big national differences in the perceived influences of parents, other students, cultural influences such as the acceptability of a ‘career woman’

Implications for Action
• Monitoring educational changes
– STEM and the rest

• Engaging policy makers (e.g. Greece, France) • Better employment legislation • Revised curricula (school and university)
– the rest, as well as STEM
• content and pedagogy