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									Business Opportunities - FAQ
Will I receive support and training?
YES! Our Certified Field Training program is designed to give you
"hands on" experience in learning how to present the membership
and share the opportunity with others.
What would I actually be doing?
A number of marketing options are available to fit your lifestyle and
     schedule, but in a nutshell:
    You show others the Pre-Paid Legal plan.
    You sign them up.
    You send the enrollment to the corporate office for processing.
    You can get paid every day. 1
When the membership information is received, commissions are
deposited into your bank account. This is not another "get rich
quick" scheme. But, if you submit new business every day, you can
get paid every day!
Business Opportunities - FAQ
 How can I make money from this opportunity?
  Prepaid Legal Plans are timely and in demand!
  Altogether, seven in ten U.S. households (71%)
  report experiencing some event in the past twelve
  months that might have led them to hire a lawyer.
  The most common events are:
      Real estate transactions
      Mortgage refinancing
      Damage to property or automobile
      Creating of wills or estate plans
      Moving traffic violations
      Trouble with creditors
   You are more than twice as likely to be in court than you are to be
       - National Center for State Courts, 2002/American Hospital Association, 2002
       Public Perceptions of Lawyers Consumer research findings, 2002, Published by section litigation -
       American Bar Association.
Business Opportunities - FAQ
 What does it cost to start?
It costs $249 to start your own business with Pre-Paid Legal.
This includes:
      Sales aids and materials to help you get started immediately.
       Certified Field Training.
      Support from those on your team.
      Home office support via our Marketing Services Team.
      Access to a wide range of marketing supplies.
      Online Associate Services, including communications and
       business documents.
Business Opportunities - FAQ
 What if this doesn't work out?
  You're doing research now by learning about what this
  opportunity is all about. If you decide to invest $249 into your
  future, we believe we can provide you with a legitimate
  opportunity to make a living while making a difference.

  However, consider this: If this were a large franchise offering an
  opportunity to own your own business, you might consider it. If it
  cost $249,000 to start, you'd have to ask yourself, "What if it
  doesn't work?".

  At just $249 (promotional cost now $149) to start your Pre-
  Paid Legal business, most people ask themselves, "What if this
  DOES work?" It's not by luck that you will succeed at this
  business. If you work your business as if you've invested
  $249,000, you can succeed by your efforts and the proven
  business model presented to you through training and support.
         About Prepaid Legal, Inc.
             established: 1969   traded on the NYSE: symbol PPD

Pre-Paid Legal Services®, Inc. was one of the first companies in
   the United States organized solely to design, underwrite and
   market legal expense plans. For a low monthly fee, the
   Company's legal expense plans (referred to as memberships)
   offer a variety of legal services in a manner similar to medical
   reimbursement plans or HMOs.
The Company currently provides legal services to over 1.5 million
   families across the U.S. and Canada. Plan benefits are
   delivered through a network of independent provider law firms.
   Members have direct, toll-free access to their provider law firm
   rather than having to comb through a yellow-page style directory
   for a referral. Provider firms are carefully selected and the
   quality of service is closely monitored to maintain the high
   standards of Pre-Paid Legal.

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