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					K9 Electronics Corp

                                    RCIED JAMMER

                                       20Mhz – 6Ghz

 The KJ-AV10 is of the latest technology to VIP convoys against the threat of radio controlled
 improvised explosive devices.

 It is the top of the range unit covering the frequency band of 20Mhz through to 6000Mhz with no

 The main control unit of the RCIED Jammer is fitted in the vehicle boot while the magnetically
 mounted antennas are simply attached to the roof.

 The unit is powered from the vehicle battery and has a remote operator control panel for use in the
 passenger compartment

                               Technical Specifications

Operational Frequency                               20- 6000Mhz
Radiated Power Output                               >80W
Continuous Operation                                >12hrs
Operation Temperature                               -20 – 55 Degree C
Dimensions                                          528x528x138mm
Weight                                              34Kg