Information about the RHS Media Center by rrboy


									Information about the RHS Media Center
                            Media Center Hours:

 Rickards' Media Center is open on school days from 7:30 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.
 You are invited to come in to the Media Center during these hours to check out
books, use the computers, read and do research, or simply browse the collection.


 If you are coming to the Media Center from a class, you must have anagenda
 book signed by your classroom teacher. If you wish to come during lunch, you
 must have a signed agenda book from any teacher. Please show your agenda
            book to the media staff when you enter the Media Center.

                            Materials Checkout:

 Most materials circulate for a 2-week period. We do not charge overdue fines,
  but we ask that you return the materials on time as a courtesy to other users.
 You may renew items unless they are needed by another borrower. You may
 check out five items at a time. You may NOT check out or renew more items if
    you have anything out which is overdue. Periodicals can be checked out
              overnight and must returned the following school day.

                              Computer Usage:

Each person must have a properly completed Internet Permission form on file
in order to use the computers. You also must sign up at the front desk before you
                              can use a computer.

                          Media Center Etiquette:

                     Please respect others and work quietly.
                All of the school rules apply in the media center.

     Please do not hesitate to ask the media staff for help when you need it.

                          This is YOUR media center!

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