What is a US Citizen by rrboy


									                                                    What is a US Citizen?

On the 4th July 1776, everyone in the US became sovereign, as sovereign as a country or King. It was understood that not all
people in the US at that time agreed with the revolution and their views had to be respected. So everyone's status was equal as
a sovereign individual. It was then open for people to form a group and write the constitution, which would only apply to those
that volunteered to be subjected to it, after all, who are they to assume that they can right a constitution on my behalf without
my agreement. The constitution in fact is a set of rules that the government has to abide by, not the people. And notice that
they are called the people, not citizens. This position was never fully written down because it was taken for granted. Later,
with the 13th Amendment, it written down, and the 14th Amendment was written to get around the safeguards in the 13th. So
what this means is that anyone born in the US is born into the United States of America and is sovereign because the 13th
Amendment guarantees that a person cannot be in servitude. However, the 14th Amendment states that you can volunteer to
be a citizen of the United States, but if you do so, you have volunteered to pay off the national debt and loose all your rights as
a sovereign person. You become a corporation governed by a corporation. That is why your name on all government
documents is in capital letters. Do you also see that as a US citizen you are not protected by the constitution. Now how did you
get to the position that you volunteered to be a US citizen? You did it when you accepted a social security number, something
you don't need to be able to work. Or when you applied for a driving license because you signed that you are a US citizen. You
see, you are tricked into it, and are kept in the dark as to what your real status is at that time. Also, when you are born and
your parents get the birth certificate, again something you don’t need and not required in the constitution, you become a US
citizen. However, because you are below the age of responsibility, there has to be a way out. That is provided at the age of 18
where anyone can state in writing that they do not wish to be a US citizen. To show you how powerful this is, if they ever
reintroduce the draft as is likely in the coming years, if you are called up, go to the medical and wait till it is time to swear in.
They will tell you to step forward and swear. It is the act of stepping forward that is the volunteering act, even though you are
given the impression that you have to by law and threat of imprisonment, if you do not step forward and demand to know what
rights you will lose by stepping forward, they will finish with everyone else and then deal with you by allowing you to go home.
Why is this? It is because you are sovereign and not a US citizen, and if this were not honoured, they would be committing
treason. Knowledge is everything. Did you know that the government collects old books that explain these rights and destroys

Who created the 14th Amendment, and for what purpose?

The U.S. Congress, via the 14th Amendment, created a "citizen/subject" status, which gave equal/civil rights (privilege) to the
"freed (enfranchised) slaves" and others who could not qualify to be Sovereign/Citizens. These people could not qualify to be
Sovereign/Citizens of the Republic because they were/are not members of the "Posterity" of the "One People" spoken of in the
first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. Therefore, Congress created a Democracy for them! We have a
government within a government and a constitution within a constitution, beginning with the 13th amendment.

How can 14th Amendment citizen/subjects (which is a statutory creation of congress) exercise sovereign powers through elected
representatives, or in person, when Congress created their citizenship? Remember, Maxim of Law, the created is never greater
than the creator. Could that be the explanation why a federal judge could put a freeze on the voters'' decision to not give free
education or medical attention to illegal aliens, and the President of the U.S. could send a representative to Mexico to apologize
to the President of Mexico for what those voters in California did?

What is the De Jure Citizenship, and where did it come from?

De Jure Citizenship is the heritage (birthright) of the Posterity of "We the People" who ordained and established the
Constitution for the United States of America, to secure the "Blessings of Liberty" to themselves and their "Posterity". Congress
could not create a citizen/subject status for the Posterity because the Posterity held DeJure Citizenship as their birthright.
They inherited the Citizenship status of their parents and ancestors.

How did it happen that so little is known about the De Jure Citizenship?

Little by little, year after year, the De Jure Citizenship has been "presumed" to be the same as the 14th Amendment (de facto)
citizen/subject status, and the Unalienable/5Inalienable Rights secured by the U.S.Constitution (1787) have been "presumed"
to be the same as the equal/civil rights of the 14thAmendment. However, equal does not mean same.

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