Summary of the GHAAC Minutes September 11 2007 by danman21


									Summary of the GHAAC Minutes September 11, 2007

Following an August recess, the Greater Hansville Area Advisory Council (GHAAC) met
September 11 to hear Committee reports and map out strategies for undertaking two
major planning activities in the coming year.

Chairperson Judy Foritano opened the meeting and welcomed Kitsap County
Commissioner Steve Bauer and County representatives Phillip Fletcher, Senior Planner;
Steve Mount, Code Enforcement Supervisor; and Dusty Wiley, Public Works Traffic

In a comprehensive presentation, Wiley explained the rationale for lowering the speed
limits on the Hansville highway. He said speed limits and location of related signs were
based on statistical data and engineering studies but promised to review some members’
concerns that the signs near Ecology Way might be sited more appropriately.

Mount provided a review of the County’s Public nuisance abatement program. He
summarized the history of the Eyer’s junkyard case, and the County’s efforts to resolve
the matter. Later in the meeting, members voted to write a letter to the Board of County
Commissioners urging them to accelerate the process of cleaning up the site and to make
it a priority to obtain a warrant to abate the site.

The following Committees gave reports on their activities over the summer and plans for
the coming weeks: Road Safety Advisory, Saltwater Parks, Energy, Greater Hansville
Sign, and Elder Friendly Housing.

Kinley Deller, North Kitsap’s representative on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee,
reported on programs and events planned by the Committee.

Referring to an outline drafted by the Executive Committee with the assistance of Senior
Planner Phillip Fletcher, Chairperson Foritano led a discussion of how best to approach
the work of the two Committees established to draft the plans for the “village” of
Hansville and for the Greater Hansville Area. While this work will be challenging, it can
launched from the solid foundation provided by the Hansville Futures Study. This means
Hansville planning committee members have both clear directions and a comprehensive
data base, giving them a significant head start over similar efforts underway elsewhere in
the County. She urged members to become involved in this exciting work, and to contact
others in the GHA community to encourage their participation.

The next meeting if the GHAAC will be October 9, 7:00pm at the Greater Hansville
Community Center.

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