AQUATICS - LEARN TO SWIM
 Swim Lesson Information                                          Station 1 - “Seahorses”                     6 yrs & older
 If registering for multiple sessions, plan to repeat the same    Children new to the water learn breath control, water
 class level at least twice. When your child passes, contact      adjustment, kicking, gliding and turning over with support.
 pool managers for upcoming classes. Participants may             Class combines games, activities, and water safety skills.
 register immediate family members only. See Guidelines
 for Safe Pool Use on page 30 prior to your first class.          Station 2 - “Puffer Fish”                   6 yrs & older
     Swim Lesson Testing - Confused about which class to          For children who have passed Station 1 or Preschool
 register? Contact centers for a free assessment and class        Advanced. Learn front & back crawl, intro to elementary
 level recommendation.                                            backstroke & rotary breathing, and sitting/kneeling dives.
     Special Needs - Reasonable accommodations are made
 for those with special needs. Contact the Aquatic Recre-         Station 3 - “Rays”                          6 yrs & older
 ation Specialist prior to registration.                          For children who have passed Station 2. Skills learned
                                                                  include front & back crawl, breastroke kick, elementary
 Class Descriptions                                               backstroke, sidestroke kick, butterfly kick/body motion,
                                                                  standing dive, and water safety.
 Parent Tot                             6 months-2 years
 Introduce your child to the water using games and songs in       Station 4 - “Marlins”                       6 yrs & older
 this program. One parent per child is required.                  Class is for children who have passed Station 3. Skills
     Level A - “Clams”                                            learned include refining front & back crawl, butterfly,
 Class is an introduction to the water. Skills include water      breastroke, elementary backstroke, sidestroke, open turns,
 adjustment, leg action, exploring buoyancy in a front and        treading water, and water safety.
 back position, breath control, direction change, and
 personal safety. (6 months-young toddler)                        Station 5 - “Sharks”                        6 yrs & older
     Level B - “Starfish”                                         Passed Station 4? Sharks learn coordination of all six
 Additional skills help tots to be more comfortable in the        swimming strokes, flip turns, treading water, shallow dives,
 water. Skills learned include leg and arm action on front        increasing endurance, and advanced water safety skills.
 and back, floating with support, blowing bubbles, rolling
 over, and basic safety. (young toddler-2 years)                  Station 6 - “Barracudas”                    6 yrs & older
                                                                  Competitive Skill Development - This hour long class is for
 Preschool - “Jellyfish”                          3-5 years       children who have passed Station 5 and have interest in
 Class is for children new to the water. Skills learned           developing skills for swim teams. Starts and turns, stroke
 include breath control, water adjustment, kicking, gliding       work to improve efficiency, speed, strength, endurance and
 and turning over with support. Class incorporates games,         overall swimming philosophy, terminology, and discipline
 activities, and water safety skills.                             included. Class offered at the Swim & Fitness Center only.

 Preschool Advanced - “Lobsters”                  3-5 years       Diving - “Dolphins”                         6 yrs & older
 For students who have passed Preschool Jellyfish.                Fundamentals of Diving - For children who have passed
 Includes kicking, floating, gliding, front & back crawl and      Station 5 and have an interest in learning to dive. Skills
 turning over without support. Introduction to deep water.        include safety, approach and hurdle, pike and tuck dives,
                                                                  and basic diving principles. Class offered at the Swim &
                                                                  Fitness Center only.

                                  Adult Learn to Swim - Swim & Fitness Center Only
                Want to learn how to swim or develop/refine your strokes? Class is non-threatening and can be
                            customized to meet specific swimming needs. Age: 14 years and older

                                         Registration Information - Pages 60-61
                           SWIM & FITNESS CENTER - AQUATICS
               Monday/Wednesday                                                          Saturday
                                   25 min      *55 min                                                 25 min            *55 min
Session 1         Jan 11-Feb 10    $34/$41     $68/$78           Session 1         Jan 16-Feb 13       $21/$26           $34/$41
Session 2         Feb 15-Mar 17    $34/$41     $68/$78           Session 2         Feb 20-Mar 20       $21/$26           $34/$41
Session 3         Mar 29-Apr 28    $34/$41     $68/$78           Session 3         Apr 3-May 1         $21/$26           $34/$41
    Class         Time       Ses 1        Ses 2        Ses 3         Class         Time          Ses 1        Ses 2       Ses 3
Par/Tot A    6-6:25pm      514110-1A    514110-2A    514110-3A   Par/Tot A    10-10:25am       514110-1B    514110-2B   514110-3B
             5:30-5:55pm   514121-1A    514121-2A    514121-3A                9-9:25am         514121-1E    514121-2E   514121-3E
             6:30-6:55pm   514121-1B    514121-2B    514121-3B                9:30-9:55am      514121-1F    514121-2F   514121-3F
             6-6:25pm      514122-1A    514122-2A    514122-3A   Preschool
Pre Adv                                                                       10-10:25am       514121-1G    514121-2G   514121-3G
             6:30-6:55pm   514122-1B    514122-2B    514122-3B                10:30-10:55am    514121-1H    514121-2H   514121-3H
Station 2    5:30-5:55pm   514132-1A    514132-2A    514132-3A                9-9:25am         514122-1E    514122-2E   514122-3E
*Station 1   6-6:55pm      514131-1A    514131-2A    514131-3A   Pre Adv      9:30-9:55am      514122-1F    514122-2F   514122-3F
*Station 4   6-6:55pm      514134-1A    514134-2A    514134-3A
                                                                              10:30-10:55am    514122-1G    514122-2G   514122-3G
*Station 5   6-6:55pm      514135-1A    514135-2A    514135-3A
                                                                 Station 1    9-9:25am         514131-1D    514131-2D   514131-3D
                                                                 Station 2    9:30-9:55am      514132-1C    514132-2C   514132-3C
                 Tuesday/Thursday                                Station 3    10-10:25am       514133-1B    514133-2B   514133-3B
                                  25 min            *55 min      Station 4    10:30-10:55am    514134-1B    514134-2B   514134-3B
Session 1         Jan 12-Feb 11   $34/$41            $68/$78                  9-9:55am         514131-1E    514131-2E   514131-3E
Session 2         Feb 16-Mar 18   $34/$41            $68/$78     *Station 1
                                                                              10-10:55am       514131-1F    514131-2F   514131-3F
Session 3         Mar 30-Apr 29   $34/$41            $68/$78     *Station 2   9-9:55am         514132-1D    514132-2D   514132-3D
    Class         Time       Ses 1        Ses 2        Ses 3     *Station 3   11-11:55am       514133-1C    514133-2C   514133-3C
Par/Tot B    6-6:25pm      514111-1A    514111-2A    514111-3A   *Station 4   11-11:55am       514134-1C    514134-2C   514134-3C
             5:30-5:55pm   514121-1C    514121-2C    514121-3C   *Station 5   11-11:55am       514135-1B    514135-2B   514135-3B
Preschool                                                        *Station 6   10-10:55am       514136-1B    514136-2B   514136-3B
             6-6:25pm      514121-1D    514121-2D    514121-3D
             5:30-5:55pm   514122-1C    514122-2C    514122-3C   *Diving      11-11:55am       514137-1A    514137-2A   514137-3A
Pre Adv                                                          Adult LTS    11-11:55am       514151-1B    514151-2B   514151-3B
             6:30-6:55pm   514122-1D    514122-2D    514122-3D
Station 1    6:30-6:55pm   514131-1B    514131-2B    514131-3B
*Station 1   6-6:55pm      514131-1C    514131-2C    514131-3C                                Sunday
*Station 2   6-6:55pm      514132-1B    514132-2B    514132-3B
                                                                                                           25 min        *55 min
*Station 3   6-6:55pm      514133-1A    514133-2A    514133-3A   Session 1         Jan 17-Feb 14     $21/ $26         $34/$41
*Station 6   6-6:55pm      514136-1A    514136-2A    514136-3A   Session 2         Feb 21-Mar 21 $21/ $26             $34/$41
Adult LTS    7:15-8:15pm   514151-1A    514151-2A    514151-3A   Session 3**       April 11-May 2 $17/ $21            $28/$33
               *Class is 55 minutes long                         **Session 3 fees prorated, no classes on Easter, April 4.
                                                                     Class         Time          Ses 1        Ses 2       Ses 3
                                                                 Par/Tot A    9:30-9:55am      514110-1C    514110-2C   514110-3C
                                                                 Par/Tot B    10-10:25am       514111-1B    514111-2B   514111-3B
                                                                 Preschool    9:30-9:55am      514121-1I    514121-2I   514121-3I
                                                                 Pre Adv      10-10:25am       514122-1H    514122-2H   514122-3H
                                                                 Station 1    9:30-9:55am      514131-1G    514131-2G   514131-3G
                                                                 Station 2    10-10:25am       514132-1E    514132-2E   514132-3E
                                                                 *Station 1   10:30-11:25am    514131-1H    514131-2H   514131-3H
                                                                 *Station 2   10:30-11:25am    514132-1F    514132-2F   514132-3F
                                                                 *Station 3   10:30-11:25am    514133-1D    514133-2D   514133-3D
                                                                                *Class is 55 minutes long

                                       On-Line Registration Information - Page 61                                               33

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