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What is a Brokerage?
      A brokerage is a method of providing transportation that matches riders with appropriate
      transportation providers through a central trip-request and administrative facility. The
      transportation broker may provide vehicle dispatch, record-keeping, vehicle maintenance
      and trips.

Where will Medicaid implement the Brokerage?
     At this time, the State Plan for the Medicaid Brokerage system includes Twin Falls,
     Pocatello, and the Idaho Falls areas. Initially, Medicaid is planning to begin a brokerage
     demonstration project in Pocatello – Region 6. After implementation and project analysis,
     we will then review whether we will move on to Twin Falls or Idaho Falls.

When will Medicaid implement the Brokerage?
     The brokerage demonstration project, in Pocatello - Region 6 only, will be implemented
     in early 2007. After implementation and project analysis, a decision will be made on the
     time frames for the implementation of brokerage models in Twin Falls and Idaho Falls.

Why switch to a Brokerage model?
   Increased efficiency through transportation coordination.
   Improved productivity (trips per month or passengers per vehicle hour).
   Through coordination, a brokerage can improve access to transportation by serving
     larger groups of people.
   Through coordination, transportation services can be expanded to areas with previously
     insufficient transportation.
   Improved management of the Transportation Program.
   Ensure Safety and Training requirements.

How will the Brokerage affect my business?
     The first Brokerage demonstration project will be implemented in Pocatello – Region 6.
     The broker will have the option of subcontracting with existing transportation providers,
     but those providers must meet the same requirements placed on the broker. The
     brokerage will not affect Individual and Agency providers, only Commercial providers.
Medicaid Brokerage
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How will the brokerage affect Medicaid Participants?
     Although a participant may be required to change their Commercial transportation
     provider, a participant’s transportation benefits will remain the same. This will not affect
     participants who use Individual or Agency transportation. Participants will be notified
     about any changes in December 2007.

Thank you for your participation in the Medicaid Transportation Program. If you have any
questions or concerns regarding the Brokerage Program please contact the Medicaid
Transportation Unit at (208) 287-1171.


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