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Violating the Constitution and laws
Hassan Ali Karam


Calm after the stormy session
Nabeel Al-Fadel


irst of all, I’d like to congratulate His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed AlSabah on winning the confidence of the people in an unprecedented parliamentary session. I’d like to congratulate the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah on the outcome of the interpellation motion; the points in which were all unconstitutional. I’d like also to congratulate Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Fadhil Safar who challenged MP Al-Walaan and mounted the podium to face and beat the amateur politician. I also hope to congratulate Minister of Interior Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled Al-Sabah when the Parliament renews its confidence in him as it did before. It is unacceptable to allow one MP to impose his will on the people and the government in order to terminate a minister just because he had promised his electors that he would force him to resign. Who does Musallam Al-Barrak think of himself in deciding which minister should remain in office and who shouldn’t? Does he think that he is the Amir of Kuwait? I have confronted the gang of the forty scorpions and I will not stop crushing them if they think that they are the State. If Musallam Al-Barrak believes that he can impose his will on the State, let me tell him that he can only impose his will on the scorpions and his ardent followers. On Dec. 16, we will congratulate the people of Kuwait for crushing conspiracy through displaying national patriotism, just as the majority of MPs did when they renewed confidence in the prime minister and his government. Do the scorpions have the constitutional right to sign a non-cooperation motion before the interpellation session while the majority of MPs were not even given the opportunity to renew their confidence in the government? Was it a

It seems that there are very few people who feel ashamed or show any signs of gratitude.

crime and betrayal to renew confidence in the prime minister and his government?! When I read the response of the prime minister to the interpellation motion filed by Al-Mislem in the Al-Rai newspaper, which reported that Al-Mislem himself said that the responses of the prime minister were very convincing, I wondered how Al-Mislem submitted a non-cooperation motion in the first place. He has abandoned his political conscience as well as morals and values in order to join the gang of forty scorpions. It seems that there are very few people who feel ashamed or show any signs of gratitude. I suggest that MP Al-Walaan and MP Saadoun Hammad should establish a political club to train young politicians on civilized dialogue instead of fighting one another. I don’t think that we will have a break during the upcoming days as it seems that Kuwait will not be stable as long as the likes of Abu Abdulaziz are still breathing. The amusing gatherings led by Ahmad Al-Deein and Musallam Al-Barrak will continue because those people do not believe in the opinion of the majority as long as they oppose them. It will not be surprising to see them filing a number of interpellation motions in order not to make things calm down. On Wednesday, a writer at Al-Qabas said that each and every MP who voted against referring the government’s interpellation motions to the Constitutional Court shouldn’t run for any future elections because they will not win. The question is: “Who does the writer think he is? Is supporting the government an act of treason? I advise the writer not to exceed his limits. The gang of the forty scorpions was the biggest loser on Wednesday while the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) was the second biggest loser.


ver the history of Kuwait, we have never heard that lawmakers ever violated the Constitution and its laws as the current one is doing. The lawmakers have taken the oath to respect the Constitution and laws, defend and protect the interests of the people and do their work faithfully and honestly, but some MPs are the first ones who disregard the Constitution and its laws to seek their own selfish motives and personal interests. We would have accepted their attacks against the government and its head if they had violated the Constitution or the laws. The people would have supported the MPs who attack the members of the government and all government officials for violating the Constitution and the laws. But the government is acting in accor-

dance to the laws which have been enacted by the respectable lawmakers. Let’s take the demolition committee as an example. This committee is applying the laws on the protection of State property. The members of the committee are exerting great efforts to protect State property. Those honest people should be supported and encouraged instead of being attacked or impeding their work. They also have to put up with insults and abuses by the selfish and ignorant people who do not hesitate to lay their hands on State property. The committee is tasked with demolishing all encroachments on State property irrespective whether they are diwaniyas, livestock or any other illegal constructions. It is also tasked with uprooting trees and demolishing fences

and yards which block the vision of motorists resulting in accidents. I’d like to ask the citizens who violate the laws: “Why do you commit these violations and then ask the committee not to demolish those violations?” Is it acceptable? We are all in favor of questioning the prime minister and other ministers when they violate the Constitution or laws or when they do not apply the laws. But threatening to question the premier by some MPs because the demolition committee applied the law and removed the violations on State property cannot be acceptable. I ask the demolition committee to complete its work and not to pay any attention to all those who oppose its legal actions. May Almighty God protect our country from some of its own people!

Ali Farzat



Celebrating a historic achievement
Dr. Shamlan Yousef Al-Essa

Did the government emerge unscathed?
Ahmad Mohammad Al-Fahad


e would like to express our deep appreciation to His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah for willing to mount the podium and face the interpellation motion and respond to all the queries. As citizens, we should be proud of our small country because it is the first Arab country in which its prime minister is questioned by the Parliament and because 10 MPs submitted a non-cooperation motion against the prime minister who is a member of the ruling family. The non-cooperation motion will be up for discussion on Dec. 16. What lessons can we learn from that historic session in which the prime minister, two other ministers from the ruling family namely the Interior and Defense ministers, as well as the Public Works minister were questioned? The first lesson is that the government didn’t use its constitutional right to postpone or delay the interpellation motions and preferred to confront the situation instead of delaying or retreating. By doing so, the government has closed the door shut for rumors and political analysis, the pundits of which has earlier predicted that the government would postpone the interpellations until after the GCC summit. Secondly, the government has also broken the psy-

chological barrier and fear of interpellation motions and proved that it is able to face the lawmakers who always threaten to grill ministers in order to blackmail them. Thirdly, the government succeeded in winning the approval of more than 30 MPs to hold a closed door session which means that the wise MPs and the silent majority have finally decided not to be driven by the whims and fancies of the public or the screams of their colleagues who usually incite people on the streets to win their support. Fourthly, the opposition, especially the Popular Action Bloc, has committed a deadly mistake by attempting to defame the premier and calling for his resignation even before mounting the podium to refute the accusations. This urged the people of Kuwait and MPs to take a solid stance and this will be noticed during the Dec. 16, session. Finally, regardless of our opinion about the interpellation motions, we are proud of the performance of both the government and the opposition because they both committed themselves to the rules of the political game. The government has reinforced the idea of democracy in our country despite all attempts to foil it. We hope that the opposition will cooperate with the government in order to address the outstanding issues and pay attention to the development process.


he most famous annual training course that is held in Britain is one held under the theme: ‘Wake up your hidden power’ and is conducted by a US trainer called Antony Robins who was a homeless man in the past. He claims to have read more than 700 books which changed his life. He then went on to become an international lecturer who offers training to thousands of US, British, Asian and African people every year. Robins asks his trainees to break the barrier of fear by walking for two meters on a heated stone after signing an agreement to bear the responsibilities. He warns trainees of the seriousness of walking on fire and the damages it might cause. The people who wish to break the barrier of fear walk on cool marble for a while before they walk on the fiery stone as quickly as they can without being hurt. The point is to break the barrier of fear and become more courageous than Antara, Shamshoun and Muammar Al-Gadhafi. Our wise government has broken the barrier of fear from interpellations just like the trainees did. So, the government has won while there was a weak possibility that Musallam Al-Barrak would ever win. The government should be aware that it didn’t win because of its courage to face the interpellations or because of the weakness of the MPs who filed the

interpellation motions. The government won because the Kuwaiti electors turned from being allies of the MP into allies of the ministers who do not seek to create crises or political escalation. The courageous move taken by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah to mount the podium and face the interpellation was focused upon by all to the extent that all other interpellations were tasteless. The government, which broke the barrier of fear and faced the interpellation motions, is now required to implement development projects and take reformist steps in order to meet the aspirations of the people who trusted it. The respectable MP Ali Al-Omair has made a statement in which he said that his colleague Faisal Al-Mislem didn’t submit any checks during the closed door session. I wonder why Al-Mislem created such a great fuss and said that he had the checks but didn’t submit any of them during the session. In another situation, Kuwait has been playing host to the GCC conferences since a long time but the country has never suffered such a huge traffic congestion like the one that occurred on Wednesday which was a traffic disaster at all levels. Most people were stuck in the traffic while the Interior Ministry’s Spokesperson Mohammad Al-Saber told reporters that the drill was successful. I wonder what would have happened if the drill had failed for some reason or another.

Dealing with the Bedouns issue
Nabeel Al-Awadhi


hank God, we have managed to overcome a crisis which was about to impede many development projects and plunge the country into conflicts which would be against our best interests at this critical stage. I’d like to thank the lawmakers, the ministers and His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah who proved that they can be trusted to shoulder their responsibilities. I’d also like to thank the lawmakers who rejected to hold a closed door session to discuss the interpellation motions because they wanted the people to know the whole truth. Thursday’s session was the most important

session in the current legislative term. Fair and just people have since long waited for that session because it could change the lives of a hundred thousand people living in this land. Thursday’s session was set to discuss the human rights of thousands of people. No fair and just man can deny the fact that those people have rights but they are not entitled to enjoy them. The lawmakers were supposed to discuss the rights of the fourth generation of Bedouns (stateless Arabs) including fathers, mothers, children and grandparents. Many Bedouns have served in the Interior Ministry or the army for more than 30 years. Many Bedouns struggled and overcame the severe living conditions and managed to get the highest academic certifi-

cates. I really wonder how those people have been deprived of their rights since decades. Bedouns lived with us for decades and have the same traditions, customs and religion and speak the same language. However, they have been deprived of their rights. They do not even have official papers which prove that they exist. They are allowed to drive armored tanks to defend the country but they are not allowed to drive cars. They suffer because they see their children sick and need surgeries and might die because they do not have the right to receive medical treatment just because they are Bedouns. They face many troubles when they think of getting married because they are not allowed to get marriage certificates, not to

mention that they do not even have birth certificates. The State has deprived this crushed segment of their rights to work to earn their living not only in government institutions but also in private institutions and even in charitable organizations. Bedouns are not allowed to travel abroad and even the Zakat House has been instructed not to give them any money. The State has deprived Bedouns of even education which should be offered by any government which believes in human rights. As a result, many Bedouns are illiterate because not all parents can afford to send all their children to private schools. I know a Bedoun who sends his children to school in rotation. In other words, he sends one every year while the other stays at

home. Bedouns cannot register anything under their names even if it is a cell phone since they do not have identity cards. The world is now dealing with human rights as the most important issue upon which the countries’ commitment to international agreements can be judged. Oppression and injustice are forbidden in Islam. We must be fair and just in order to deserve Almighty God’s blessings such as stability, security and peace. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has ordered us to serve justice and be kind not only to people but to animals as well. We hope that this historic session will serve justice to this oppressed segment in order to make Kuwait a leading country in protecting human rights.

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