York University International Exchange FAQ by danman21


									                  York University International Exchange FAQ
Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about York Exchanges.
Do I get academic credit for my studies abroad?            goode International administered programs.

    Credits earned while on exchange are transferred           • If you are only applying to Osgoode Interna-
    to your York degree. Grades for courses taken at           tional administered exchange/s, please use
    external institutions are not listed on your York          the Osgoode International’s application only
    University transcript and are not included in the          (see Osgoode International’s website)
    calculation of your York grade point average.
                                                               • If you are only applying to York International
Why should I participate in an exchange program?               administered exchange/s, please use York
                                                               International’s application only. You must at-
   Participating in an exchange program provides               tend a York International Exchange Program
   you with the opportunity to gain a varied per-              Information Session in order to receive an
   spective on your course of study. You will gain             application.
   global competencies that will enhance your
   marketability and provide you with a competitive            • If you are applying to both Osgoode Inter-
   edge. Everyone has their own reasons. Explore               national administered and York International
   yours!                                                      administered exchanges, you must fill out
                                                               BOTH application forms. References can be
Who can participate in an exchange program?                    submitted with the application that is your
                                                               first choice.
   • Undergraduate students in an Honours program
   and graduate students of any discipline.                • Glendon College students can apply to both York
                                                           International administered and Glendon College
   • Students who have a minimum B average (6.0            administered programs.
                                                        Why is it preferred that I study abroad during my
   • Students who have proficiency in the host coun-    third year?
   try’s language (if necessary).
                                                           By third year, you should have adapted to the
   • Part-time students at York may participate,           demands of university life and have the skills
   however, you must study full-time while abroad.         required for study in a foreign teaching environ-
                                                           ment. Students finishing their first year of studies
   • It is recommended that you apply during your          often do not have the prerequisites to pursue
   second year to spend your third year abroad.            studies at the host institute. Those in their final
                                                           year have less flexibility in course selection and
   • Some exchanges are restricted to certain disci-       may have difficulties finding courses abroad.
   plines.                                                 There may be exceptions to the above. Attend an
                                                           Exchange Information Session for more informa-
What about students in the Schulich School of Busi-        tion.
ness, Osgoode, and Glendon?
                                                        Where do I start the application process? How do I
   • Students in the Schulich School of Business can    get an application?
   apply only to exchange programs offered by
   Schulich.                                               In order to receive an application you must at-
                                                           tend an Exchange Information Session. Sessions
   • Osgoode Hall Law School students can apply            are offered regularly between September and
   to both York International administered and Os-
   December.                                                  • Student service fees at the host university

If I only speak English, can I still go on exchange?    Is there any financial assistance for students on
   Yes, the language of instruction at many of York’s
   partner universities is English. Some partner uni-      • OSAP recipients retain their eligibility.
   versities offer intensive language training before
   or during the semester to improve your language         • The York International Mobility Award is avail-
   skills. By planning ahead, you could start lan-         able to all students who demonstrate financial
   guage training in your first year and enhance it        need.
   through immersion at a foreign university in your
   senior years. Specific language requirements are        • There are major awards valued from $1000-
   noted on each university’s profile.                     $4000 for participating exchange students who
                                                           have demonstrated academic excellence.
How long will I be away?
                                                           • Students remain eligible for York’s undergradu-
    It depends on the program. The majority of stu-        ate bursaries and scholarships.
    dents spend one academic year abroad, however,
    it is possible to participate for one semester.
Will participation in an exchange delay gradua-         How are students selected for exchange?
                                                           A York selection committee reviews the applica-
   Study abroad planned appropriately and in               tions and interviews qualified applicants. Can-
   consultation with your academic department is           didates are ranked and offered placements at
   intended to be an integral part of your degree          partner universities based upon:
   program without delaying graduation. Students
   wishing to pursue interests outside their degree          • Academic ability
   program through a year abroad may need to ex-
   tend the duration of their degree program. Please         • Seriousness of interest
   note, however, that if you go on exchange in the
   final year of your degree, your graduation will           • Personal adaptability
   probably be delayed due to the time required for
   processing transfer credit.                               • Suitability of the host institution’s program for
                                                             degree requirements
How much will it cost to go on an exchange?
                                                             • Participation in university and community life
   You will pay tuition fees to York based on your
   student status.                                         The number of placements varies from school to
                                                           school and year to year.
   Other expenses include:

      • Airfare and travel

      • Health and travel insurance

      • Fees for visa, passport and other documents

      • Accommodation, food, entertainment, books
      and general living expenses. The cost of living
      in your host country may be higher or lower
      than Canada’s.

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