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Site Description
What is your editorial mission?
From breaking news, to current headlines, to live weather conditions, we provide news
that affects consumers' lives. Our local sites deliver highly relevant content to a loyal

What are your content channels?
Sites are organized in navigation tabs in the following categories:
National News Stories            Weather                          House and Home
Local News Stories               Traffic                          Family
Video                            Health                           Food
Entertainment                    Politics                         Sports

What are the sites signature features?           Video segments from Newscasts
Updated Local and National news stories          Community involvement, contests and
Variety of news topics                           slideshows

Is your news site an Associate News Publication?
IB generates some original content and uses associate news articles when appropriate.

Is news content repurposed online?
Yes, some content is repurposed online.

Is your site subscription or registration based? If subscription based, please send
subscription price. If registration based, what are the requirements?
No, our content does not require a subscription.

Compared to your competitors, what makes your site/network unique? How is
your site position your site amongst your competition?
Advertisers take advantage of the relationship the multimedia options that connect their
brand with consumers. Through television and online convergence, viewers take the
brand experience from introduction to action. The sites benefit from the strength of each
affiliate behind them and the online expertise to deliver a successful campaign. Our
visitors seek news that hits home from sources they trust.

What is your core demographic group?
We provide a desirable demographic that is upscale, engaged, and unduplicated. Our
audience is national. The audience is comprised of working women, moms, business
decision makers, Hispanics, and Upscale Gen-Xers. They are real people with a desire
for close-to-home relevance.

Demographic Overview:                                    49% $75k+ HH income
     55% female                                         28% $100k+ HH income
     45% male                                           75% own homes
     73% age 25-54                                       64% white collar professionals
What are your audience’s viewing trends?
In general IB’s Internet audience spends more than 20 hours a week online. Sites are
habitually viewed throughout the workday from their office desktops. They’re engaged,
checking in with us many times a day for updates. And they’re exclusive; more than
half do not visit other major sites.

What kind of targeting opportunities does your site offer?
                                             Geotargeting: YES - Geotargeting is
Demographic targeting: NO - We do            available on sites. The geographic
not target specific demographic.             audience can be precisely targeted by
                                             city name and state, zip and domain.
Content targeting: Content targeting
naturally extends from the core              Day-parting: YES - Daypart schedules
properties of the sites. A wide range of     are available to run in specific hourly
viewers go to local news, weather and        timeframes. We can target by Time of
traffic, while a smaller segment of the      Day (by hour), Day of Week
audience looks up entertainment on the
site.                                        Behavioral Targeting: NO - this is not

Connection     Browser                            State                    Zip
Speed          DMA                                Country
ISP            City                               Area Code

Unit Descriptions:
Large Unit Ads:Skyscrapers, Leaderboards and Display Ads, rotate throughout the site's
pages with local and national advertisers.

Email Bounce –Backs: Email campaigns are not measured by impressions. Average
Industry Open Rate is between 25% and 35%. An email campaign is however evaluated
by viewer’s opt-ins to receive information from the advertiser. Email bounce backs do
not support rich media ads with dart tags, or rich media banners or flash ads.

Optin Lists: Optin lists are property of the advertiser. Email lists optins are provided to
the advertiser upon request. The lists are not used by IB or by any other advertiser.

E-Newsletters: Ad positions are offered in both HTML and text formats. These
positions vary by partner but include 468 x60, 10K, gif, and jpg and160 x600 20K gif,
jpg. Newsletters do not support rich media ads including ads with dart tag, rich media
banners or flash ads.
     150 Characters including spaces & punctuation.
     We can only third party serve ads in email newsletters if they are Redirect Tags
        for the image and linking url. No flash or HTML ads can be accepted.
     We can track impressions on Text Ads in email.
Rich Media
Floating Rich Media runs for the first 15 seconds on index pages of the site. The general
dimension for floating rich media is 300 x 250. Rich media can be enabled with pointroll,
eye blaster.

Flash & jpegs: 7 seconds no more than three looping segments, flash ads that
automatically play can be on all index pages except homepage and news

Key words sponsorship:We do not currently offer key word sponsorships.

Text link advertising: Some sites have text link advertising. Our sites refer to text link
advertising as bylines

Video- Pre-roll and Flash video: Usually runs in the 300x250 unit. The video has
controls to stop and play and sound can be user initiated.

Audio: Audio is not available as a separate unit. Audio can play within video.

Blogs: Sponsorship of moderated blogs on buffer pages is available. Blogs are not
instantly posted on site but go through an editorial process before the content is

Discussion forums: Discussion forums are not currently offered to advertisers. Slide
show voting offers a forum for viewers. Viewers choose their favorite user contributed
photos. Slideshow page opportunities are available to advertisers.

RSS Feeds: IB sites can be aggregated to our viewers. There are no advertising
opportunities tied to RSS feeds.

Production timelines
IAB Units: 7 Business Days                        Contests/Full Page Ad: 10 Business
Floating Rich Media: 7 Business Days
Pushdowns 10 Business Days                        Mobile campaign w/Mobile Buffer :15
                                                  Business Days
Video- Pre-roll: 3 days for digital, 5 for
a beta tape                                       Multi-Sponsor Station Program:
Flash video: 3 days for digital, 5 for a          Contact IB to set up project plan
beta tape
TV Production/Web Driver 10                       Mini Site: (5 page limit) 10 Business
Business Days                                     Days

Material Deadlines:
Completed ads - by COB next business day
Can Ads run through an iframe?
Yes, ads that are fixed to a page can run through an iframe. Javascript tags are

What format should we traffic the ads as?
Accepted ad formats for trafficking include: JPG, SWF, HTML, GIF

What ad server do you use?
All of IB ads are served through Dart/Doubleclick.

Do you guarantee delivery of campaign?
Past campaigns serve as a reference for viewer habits but do not determine the success of a
future campaign; Therefore impressions, clicks and CTRs cannot be predicted or

Can my competitors be on the same site?
Competing products will often times be displayed on site and on the same page.
However, arrangements for exclusive ownership of a page can be made for our
advertisers. A page can be road blocked by an advertiser. Road Blocking is defined as
tethered IAB Units that appear on the page at the same time with 100% Share of Voice
per page view are available to advertisers. Also takeovers can be referred to as
roadblocks when they are used for an over extended period of time.

Research Tools
Do you accept third party ad tags through Dart? Yes.

Do you accept 4th party ad serving?
Yes, 4th party ad serving is permitted, but we are not responsible for the accuracy of
reporting or any discrepancies seen with 4th party serving.

Is there a third party that provided statistical information and reports?
Advertiser measurements are taken by Revenue Science ,Webtrends, Dart and Nielsen.
These metrics are used in conjunction to evaluate the success of a campaign.

How often can the client get these reports?
Research reports are generated upon request. Viewership of sites is available once a

What research opportunities (surveys, etc.) does your site offer for advertisers to
gauge results?
IB does not use internal tools to generate information for our advertisers. Advertisers
are supported by third party research groups. Contests and slideshows are monitored
and analyzed for number of entrants and engagement levels using in-house resources.